30 September 2016

Friday Follies...
Finally, the end of the week AND, the end of the month, not that it will seem like it.
It's got that "stuck for the last several days" kinda feel to it.
Well, we are still under the influence of that low-pressure area over the Midwest.
Our Hoosierland weather for today...check out any OTHER day this week...heh.
Same conditions prevail - temps into the mid-upper 60s, off and on rain throughout the day, possibility of a thunderstorm later on...told 'ya, it's like DEJA VU...all over again.
That doesn't mean we have to get the SAME drink to wet our whistle this morning, though.  Feel free to change things up a bit as we see what's been going on elsewhere...
*** First off the runway is our "What the hell happens today, Bob?" feature:
(just keep it off the damn bedpost)
(given the rain, that should be EASY)
(sorry, not cold enough outside for my liking)
(geez, do we have to be aware of everything?)
*** Now, since tomorrow begins a brand new month, I'll hold off on the monthly and weekly observances until MONDAY, so make a note. We will however provide this weekend's "activities" over the next 48 hours.
(first creepy clowns...now ghosts?)
(Dalmatians R Us)
(I'm still home-making brownies...maybe next month)
(cleaning up other people's crap for well over a century)
(been there, done that. Wifey has the SILVER STREAK and I have the BATMOBILE)
(now I could REALLY go for some of THOSE)
There we go then...plenty to do is you';re NOT busy running in the Fort 4 Fitness marathons in our city this weekend. Remember to observe wisely and always have a designated cohort.
*** Next up, and speaking of the Fort 4 Fitness run, this always seems to present a "challenge" when Wifey and I head out to the grocery.
See, the FWPD tends to block off Calhoun St, and that makes it a lot more difficult to go WEST and get to the Bluffton rd Kroger.
Sure, the Southgate one is within walking distance, but we STILL prefer to NOT be accosted, mugged or carjacked, so we take ourselves out of such opportunities for the riff-raff and assorted aborigines.
We'll see how it goes on the morrow.
*** Next up, more on that mother that killed her two kids earlier this week:
Okay, so she was addicted to "spice", and we already KNOW that crap can cause some SERIOUS behavior problems, right?
She was also no stranger to police which begs the question:
WHY the hell was she still mainstreamed with the rest of the populace?
This kind of thing REALLY tends to piss me off, because in times past, we had facilities for such people to not only get help (if that would indeed cure their particular problem) but also to keep them out of the regular population.
If neurological damage (chemically-induced or otherwise) was that severe so as to cause homicidal or even suicidal behavior, we would have them COMMITTED to an asylum and get them fitted for those nice jackets that buckle in the back and have extra LONG sleeves. Very stylish.
But being as we're such a more "empathetic" society and want  all the "feel good" things for everyone (at the expense of others, obviously), we allow them to remain in the general citizenry...
And then we have situations resulting in the demise of two innocent children...which COULD have been prevented with someone stepping the hell in and doing something other than nothing.
When WILL we learn?
*** Next, and if the advent of Halloween isn't enough to frighten people (along with all the crime on the SOUTH side of the city), we now have to worry about some scary clowns.
Definitely NOT a Jehovah's Witness. They come in PAIRS.
And you thought all the scary clowns were the liberals at City Hall...lol.
And some police are ARRESTING these sickos!
Yeah, this has happened in at least SEVEN other states and a couple cities in neighboring Ohio.
Here's the story about the "sighting" in Fort Wayne:
Some kids carry GUNS in the ghettohood.
What I find REALLY weird about all this, is that "someone" would dress up AS a scary clown to frighten school kids at a bus stop on the SOUTHEAST side...at WINTER and OXFORD Sts. Hell, I wouldn't stop my car in that neighborhood, if I didn't have to (and with good reason).
FWPD will be looking for these clowns.
As if the Stephen King novel and movie were not enough, right?
Hey, I used to like clowns...like Emmett Kelly and even Bozo. We had Happy the Clown back on Philly, too.
None of those were the least bit frightening.
Hell, even Red Skelton had one character (Freddy the Freeloader) that was clown-like...not the least bit scary (but very funny).
Red's dad  was a Hagerback Wallace circus clown, in fact.
And Red had a fantastic clown art collection (he painted them himself).
Not a single thing scary about ANY of that...at all.
This kind of action is making the pastime of being a REAL clown hard at best, Shriners are pulling clowns out of parades due to this stuff. Definitely not cool.
*** Next up, time for another installment of "The Hobo Chronicles"...
"What can I get into today?"
Yesterday was one of those "get some antics in between the rain showers" kinda day.
And I only wish I had someone else with a camera for what took place.
So, I'm out in the back yard, looking for dandelions I can pull (they love to sprout when it's wet outside), and I'm bent over with a knife, removing them, when out of the corner of my eye I see a white and gray blur coming at me.
In less than a second later...I had a cat ON MY BACK!
"Hey, that back looked like a place to perch."
(beats having a monkey...LOL)
And Hobo STAYED there, and I was still bent over...couldn't really walk that way. I tried.
He was up there for a good 20-30 seconds, before I started to stand up and he jumped off.
That would have been a great picture, had a third party been there to capture it.
Anyway, it was a day for eating, resting, and watching me putter about the yard and garden.
"Next time...have someone to take the picture."
A typical cat day. At least he wasn't getting soaked and stayed close by most all day (and night).
*** Last back to the hangar...I'm not making any bets on NO shootings in our city for the weekend.
Let's try for NONE for a change.
Recently, MOST weekends have seen shootings in Fort Wayne.
It's like these locals wait all week JUST so they can shoot someone over a weekend...like some of them have a job to go to all week, or something.
This is a disturbing trend and one which regular citizens need to be on guard for.
I tend to be of the persuasion that "as long as they shoot each other, that's a good thing".
(Fewer problems on our streets, right?)
Just say NO.
But there always has to be a "catch", and that is the fact that these morons with guns don't give a rip about innocent people, or the property of others, and will still empty a mag in the pursuit of some level of "manhood" and street justice.
Taking a life or destroying the property of people you don't even know speaks volumes as to the amount of brain cells you have functioning at any given time, and also says a lot as to how well you didn't behave in school.
If you're going to become a problem OF society, then it might just have to fall upon the shoulders of that society to take your sorry ass the hell down, and perhaps not waiting for the justice system to get off it's ass and attempt to do something. We call that natural justice, and it tends to work more efficiently and effectively than the red-taped bureaucracy we have in place that tends to protect the criminal and not the victims.
That will serve the public much better and protect a lot more innocent people in the process. Let that serve as a warning to those who cannot...or will not be part of a normal society.
Maybe we can then breathe a collective sigh of relief, but not before.
Have yourselves a good weekend.
Be well, make a difference to someone today, and as always...
Stay SAFE out there, America.
We'll see 'ya all next month.


Momma Fargo said...

The scary clown thing cracks me up. Muncie police just did a hilarious Facebook post. I about peed my pants. Love your cat. Personality plus, I can tell. Have a great weekend, Bob!

Bob G. said...

Momma Fargo:

---What I can't understand about the "clown" thing...the police REALLY can't do anything about it UNLESS there is an assault, robbery or battery, right?
You can't bust them for just scaring people or dressing like a fool.
If there is a VALID altercation, then you have probable cause to detain or even arrest.
That's the way it used to be.
---Hobo does NOT lack for personality, that's for sure...heh.
---And I didn't hear about you running in any of our FORT 4 FITNESS marathons up here...why's that?
(Hell, I'd wave at 'ya!)

Thanks for rolling up today and commenting.
You have yourself a good and safe weekend down there, Kiddo.

CWMartin said...

"geez, do we have to be aware of everything?"

No, just what effects our SITUATION, lol.

"Name your Car" has a DAY? That's it, I demand a national Chris Martin Day! You will all bow to me! BWAH-HAH-HAH!

Spice girl- I just wish we'd stop finding ways to be yet more self-destructive. I have a harder time with mercy every story I hear about this woman- both for her and the ass clowns that invented that stuff.

D tells me that claiming "clown" is the latest rage at school. Least they could do is have clowns doing some "ice bucket challenge" thing for charity if they have to be stupid.

Get the picture and I'll caption it for you, lol! It could be the makings of a new Dr Seuss book- a cross between Cat In The Hat and Hop On Pop!

Closing homily: wish I could read that at the next Vice Lords meeting, lol! I can hear the response now... "Uh, yuh talkin' bout US, honky?"

Bob G. said...

---I think the PC-merchants want us to be THAT aware.
(too busy being aware of suspicious vehicles and people in "da hood"...heh)
---I can work with that. And let's make it a MONDAY, so you get the day off.
---You have to admit that Satan ALWAYS seems to find new ways to mess people up. I can relate to attempting to "show mercy"...for those that have willingly chosen the FALL.
---An ICE BUCKET CHALLENGE...with a SOLID BUCKET freshly frozen - let's make it a REAL challenge for the numbnuts, hmm?
---ROFL...that would be BRILLIANT! I will do MY best.
---I didn't think it might be a tad BEYOND comprehension to MOST OGs and thugs...sorry abut that.

Thanks for stopping on by and commenting.

Have a great weekend and do stay safe up there, brother.