29 September 2016

Thoughts For Thursday...
If you thought yesterday was a bit on the lousy side as far as forecasting goes, you might like today.
We seem to have this low-pressure area parked squarely over the Midwest, and that means don't plan any outdoor activities that require a specified length of time, unless you prefer getting wet or staying damp.
Our Hoosierland weather will have us enjoying (?) mostly cloudy skies, with scattered showers through most of the day with the possibility of a thunderstorm this afternoon. Expect a high of around the mid-60s. Toss in some breezes, too.
Now, what say we get something hot to drink and take the morning chill away, as we see what has been going on elsewhere, okay?
*** First out of the microwave is the answer to yesterday's WHO SAID THAT? quote:
"If you would be a real seeker after truth, it is necessary that at least once in your life you doubt, as far as possible, all things."
This was spoken by another newbie (here) but but not a total stranger - one Rene Descartes (31 March 1596 – 11 February 1650), who was a French philosopher, mathematician, and scientist.
And here is his WIKI:
Dubbed the father of modern western philosophy, much of subsequent Western philosophy is a response to his writings, which are studied closely to this day.
It's a rather lengthy read, but it beats having to peruse all his collected works...lol.
If his name rings a bell or two, it might be due to the fact that he coined the phrase "COGITO ERGO SUM" (I think, therefore I am).
To quote the article:
((In his Discourse on the Method, he attempts to arrive at a fundamental set of principles that one can know as true without any doubt. To achieve this, he employs a method called hyperbolical/metaphysical doubt, also sometimes referred to as methodological skepticism: he rejects any ideas that can be doubted, and then reestablishes them in order to acquire a firm foundation for genuine knowledge.
Initially, Descartes arrives at only a single principle: thought exists. Thought cannot be separated from me, therefore, I exist - Discourse on the Method and Principles of Philosophy))
There you go then...plenty of brain-food for the day. I should warn you...reading this could have you coming away with more knowledge and insight than you had before...LOL. That's always a good thing, though.
*** Next up, we have our "What the hell happens today, Bob?" feature:
(and I have a fresh 1/2 gallon made...seriously, I do)
---And, it's NATIONAL VFW day
(my late father was a member of the VFW - good organization)
*** Next, the latest on that gun store "smash and grab". Here's the link:
A "bollard-free" zone?
Now, there's little more added to what I brought you yesterday.
What is troubling is that the "undisclosed number of guns" first mentioned turned into "several", including ARs, a .308 rifle (good sniper platform) and handguns. Sounds like a bit MORE than several to me.
When I first saw the pictures of the gun store, it was obvious WHY it might be targeted, regardless of whatever security cameras and alarms might already be in place.
Look at the picture...anything missing?
Keeps bad stuff from happening REAL well.
Let's try some concrete BOLLARDS in front of the place...to PREVENT a vehicle from coming through the windows.
Those are why vehicles don't make it onto secure grounds in our nation's capital.
Dept. of State - Washington, D.C.
But those found in D.C. are more "pleasing to the eye" and have been engineered to "fit in" with the historical aspect to the buildings.
Still, they DO prevent unauthorized entry, and that's the name of the game, right?
The PSA down by the old Southtown Mall site has RETRACTING bollards - normally they're street-level, but if a threat approaches, they can extend from the ground to rise to a good 4 feet. Try knocking THOSE the hell over. They could stop a damn Humvee with ease. ANY armored vehicle would be thwarted. Oh, and they have tire spikes that can be used (like the ones in parking lots that prevent you backing up) also.
THAT is called being secure, folks.
And they look very nice, too.
You watch, I will bet that ZX Guns puts those bollards in place very soon. Be surprised if they didn't.
Might have to stop up there...they've got some really GOOD prices on a pistol I'm wanting.
*** Next, further proof that some people don't know the first thing about cooking, but think they do.
Hope you're sitting down.
Here's the story link:
Not FIRE retardant, that's for sure
Yeah, cooking in a GARAGE (where's the damn kitchen, you moron?), and leaving whatever it was UNATTENDED.
There is something called PRIORITIES, as in watching what you're cooking and not leaving it to take care of itself.
And seriously...in an ATTACHED GARAGE?
This government-sponsored (because you KNOW it IS) brain fart took place yesterday around 1730 hrs in the 2500 block of Hoevelwood Drive (near Paulding and Werling), down in the (you guessed it)...SOUTHEAST SIDE of town. And the idiocy continues...
*** Next, it's the ladies' turn to dress for success, and I mean if trouble comes along.
Here's the article:
"Armed and Fabulous"...I like that.
If you're going to carry a concealed weapon (and who doesn't these days, except for libtards?), it's good to look your best, and this woman has got it "covered" with her line of items sure to make the bad guys never know you're packing.
(until it's too late for them)
Now, if we could just get those Indiana state house bills passed that would repeal handgun licenses.
(HB 1144 and HB 1056)
I mean, the bad guys aren't bothering to register themselves and their guns, and they have carte blanche to wreak havoc against the law-abiding folks...that doesn't seem fair. Time for some natural justice.
*** Next, Ohio passes a law against "zombie houses".  And it's got nothing to do with Halloween.
Here's the link:
Typical "zombie house" of Anytown, USA
Imagine that...speeding UP the process by which abandoned and vacant properties languish before they're razed.
Give that politician a cookie!
There are certain "factors" which will kick-start this process.
((Factors triggering the court process under the plan include disconnected utilities, boarded-up or broken windows, unlocked doors, accumulated trash, vandalism, a lack of furnishings or window treatments and clear signs no one lives there, such as uncut grass or mail piled on the porch.))
Sounds like a honest-to-God plan to me.
Let's NOT "meet the neighbors".
(( A Cleveland-based advocate for the law, Robert Klein, said one of the main issues leading to zombie properties is the length of the foreclosure process.
“A vacant property is not a bottle of wine. It does not get better with age,” said Klein, whose companies promote property preservation and fight blight. “Nobody wants to live in a neighborhood where properties have become blighted.”))
Amen to THAT one, pal.
Take it from one who "lives the adventure" (just like Remo Williams) daily.
*** Next up, another page of "The Hobo Chronicles"...
"What's that loud rumbling in the sky?"
(My nephew in VA, a fire department CAPTAIN emailed me about this...he's hooked...lol. God bless him)
Our intrepid kitty wasn't all THAT intrepid yesterday, and the rain took the wind out of his sails.
So, he stayed close by the "Fortress". Gave the birds a break.
Had a blue jay stop by along with some sparrows.
Hobo did get a bit SPOOKED (not hard in OUR neighborhood...lol) by the thunder from a storm, and looked about, wondering where it was coming from.
He stuck to that tall grass alongside the house near the patio door.
"I can still find the food. Thanks."
And he took to the temp shelter for eats later in the evening during "last call".
Sorry, no solar lights there (yet).
*** Last back to the blender...I think Descartes got it right.
People should not be afraid to doubt when the need arises. Being able to know WHEN to question something is paramount if one is to continue and nurture the learning process.
Think back to when you were really young (for me, that's becoming a stretch...heh).
You pretty much took for granted everything your parents told you, and with good reason; they were looking out for you and your safety. And at that age, it was the best way to proceed, right?
As you got older (hopefully wiser too) and started to make your OWN decisions, there also came the knowledge that some things might have to be called into question.
Goes well when questioning things.
You didn't have to shy away from the stove "because it's hot", IF you were careful and LEARNED how to prepare something to eat (properly). Some adults still have that problem, though.
The older we get, the more learned we become (hopefully), and with such learning comes wisdom and discernment. Life is a constant learning process.
Some people just ain't getting that memo, however.
Life's biggest and often easiest lesson.
Thing is, intelligent people will ALWAYS doubt (something or someone), and with good reason, but the foolish never seem to doubt anything, and in fact become emboldened by whatever doubts the learned folks exhibit.
Educating oneself...it's NOT just for the classroom...and never has been, has it?
Be well, make a difference to someone, and...
Stay SAFE out there, America.


CWMartin said...

I have known the Descartes quote ever since the Vision and Jarvis used it in a talk about love back in Avengers #99! How's that for "encyclopaedic knowledge of meaningless facts"?

Frankly, I think that gun shop should be put out of business for not protecting itself in the first place. I have little sympathy for those who think gun security is just a game, and IMHO, these idiots lost- and so did we.

Gotta admit, you have a dumbass winner there...

"A vacant property is not a bottle of wine..." Now THERE'S an intelligent thought! Who knew?

Closing last two sentences- that should be on a POSTER!

Bob G. said...

---There is just NO trying to put one over on another Marvel "true believer"...EXCELSIOR!
(amazing what you learn in comics, isn't it?)
---You make a VERY valid point, and like I showed, stores with NO guns have those bollards out front.
Any DECENT gun shop SHOULD have them to avoid JUST this scenario. There weren't even any BARS on the windows.
---Yeah, when it comes to dumbasses, our part of town is rarely lacking. City Hall runs a close 2nd...LOL.
---I read that and went "WOW!" That one got me, too.
Maybe our "king" should have it read to him?
---Like you, I am STILL learning and with faith, am growing a bit wiser along the way.

Hey, thanks for dropping on by and commenting today.

Stay safe up there, brother.