21 September 2016

Humpday Happenings...
Welcome to the mid-week crisis we refer to as Wednesday.
It will feel a lot like Monday, but only because our weather conditions will mirror that of the start of this week...and yesterday. I like to call these "ditto-days".
Our Hoosierland weather will  find us with mostly sunny skies, temps once again back into the lower 80s and no rain in the immediate forecast.
Must be great to be a weather person on days like these...just xerox the previous day and read that report...lol.
Anyway, let's all get ourselves a cup or glass of our favorite morning drink to bolster our resolve, as we see what's been going on elsewhere, shall we?
*** First out of the bird's nest is our WHO SAID THAT? quote of the week:
"If you look in general at people who live in anarchy, they have quite high rates of death from either homicide or warfare or both. Anarchy is one of the main reasons for violence, and it may be the most important."
It would seem that such words carry great power with them these days, not that we could do without all the violence surrounding us.
So, WHO said that? The answer at the top of tomorrow's post.
Meanwhile, back at the Center for Cognitive Neuroscience...
*** Next up is our "What the hell happens today, Bob?" feature:
(Haven't had me any pecan sandies in a long time. Might have to get some)
---It's also the U.N. International day of peace
(ROFLMAO...yeah, like that means anything to those jerks)
*** Next, yesterday was a pretty interesting day on the (...all together boys and girls...) SOUTHEAST side of the city.
(that's the area the city ignored all those years, and is not reaping the "benefit" of their ignorance).
Here's the latest:
The headline sort of says it all, but it SHOULD read  SOUTHEAST SIDE streets.
(for that is where all this minority mayhem took place)
Let's try and follow the time line...
---The first shooting took place around 1225 hrs in the area of Warsaw and St. Martins Sts, where police found a man suffering from gunshot wounds.
No report of his condition.
---The second shooting took place about 1245 hrs at a house located at 4033 Lillie St.
Police say a dark-colored car (possibly an Impala) pulled up to the house (black male driver, black female passenger), then the male got out and started firing at two men in front of the house, wounding them both, before driving away at a high rate of speed.
Both victims were taken to hospital and listed in critical condition.
---The third shooting took place around 2300 hrs at 4131 Avondale Drive, where police responded to a shots fired call and found one person dead at the scene.
Police said they heard shots before they were called to that scene.
Neighbors said the dead man was 56 and that the house had been shot at earlier in the day.
Okay kids, that now brings the total number of homicides in our fair city this year to 35 (that'sTHIRTY-FIVE).
And we've plenty of year remaining.
Please take the time to update your deadpools.
It would seem that in certain ethnic neighborhoods, anarchy (to some extent) is very alive and doing very well. Black lives don't matter there, that's for sure.
*** Next, it looks like two more cities in America are "under the gun" so to speak.
---First, a story from Tulsa, Oklahoma:
To this, I'd have to say that ignorance is no excuse for not obeying the law.
(and PCP was said to have been found in the victim's SUV)
This time, it was a female officer that pulled the trigger, and everyone who was not there at the scene needs to back off and allow the investigation to run it's course.
---And then we have another incident in Charlotte, NC:
Protests that turn violent...as in creating a state of anarchy. Imagine that.
Looting at a Wal-Mart there sure tells me otherwise when it comes to protesting anything.
Just another excuse for savage primates to go on another rampage.
In both cases, the victim WAS black...and "unarmed". The Charlotte officer involved is also BLACK, however.
Makes no nevermind to such riotous animals when it comes to having any opportunity to "get free stuff", using the facade of some sort of protest to cover their behavior.
Typical...so very typical.
Burning stuff on an Interstate doesn't help the cause.
You know, if you want to dismantle a police department using such tactics, you do it ONE OFFICER AT A TIME. Can't get rid of an entire department in one fell swoop. If we're not careful, this is exactly what will happen around the country.
*** Next, let's lighten things up with "The Hobo Chronicles"...
"Wow...what a nice repast."
Our little buddy sure loves his eats...and his "down-time".
"Ahhh...it's a wonderful life."
I admit to getting a little more used to his absences, but with the ethnics and their dogs (pit bulls) one has to be concerned, and that's an aside from the chronic speeders we have in the area (that police could catch if we had officers around more).
"And, I'll wait by the door right here."
As long as he keeps finding his way back here...well, that's the main thing.
*** Last back to the rabbit hole...there are many times when people in this country simply DO NOT REALIZE HOW WELL THEY HAVE IT HERE.
And, I'm not even talking about any immigrants...I'm referring to U.S. citizens, born and raised here.
We, as a society, have dismissed the appreciation we SHOULD be showing. Same goes for patriotism, and thankfulness for the liberties and freedom we enjoy here (and that many have come to expect in greater measure).
That is fast becoming a major issue here...EXPECTATIONS.
People "expect" much of what they're not willing to work for, or deserving of in the first place.
There is no "something for nothing" here. Everything has it's cost...or someone.
The anarchistic behaviors we're seeing on our OWN streets is testimony to those who expect something for nothing, and are willing to get it at any cost.
Got news for them, they may find that getting something is not as worthwhile a challenge as wanting it.
If we permit people to all but yell "FIRE!" in a crowded auditorium, we are setting ourselves up for a bad fall.
We love to pride ourselves on being fair...and just...and promoting equality, BUT...when we allow pride to supplant fairness, and make some people MORE equal than others (by allowing such people the freedom to wreak havoc and chaos), we diminish the meaning of what this nation is all about, as well as minimize our effectiveness as examples of a civilized society. This is NOT what the Founders intended for us.
If we root ourselves back in the realm of morality, we will be better able to address our problems, and thereby find the right solutions to them. To do less is to desire less, and that is something we cannot afford.
Be well, make a difference to someone, and.,.
Stay SAFE out there, America.


CWMartin said...

I'm going to take the slight clue at the end and the time period of my suspicion and say that quote is either Freud or Jung.

On death #3- multiple shootings reported earlier in the day, and yet he was sitting on the porch from what I hear when they finally aimed true. Was he DARING them? What idiocy.

Yep, another "good man" gets killed being stupid, and the cop is "unforgivable". Tip one people: KNOW the person you are talking about, really know them, so you don't look like a horse's ass when you tell us what a decent chap he was. Tip two: If you have been tasered once, prolly a good idea to take the hint and settle down, as you can guess what comes next. Tip three: If the black community wants to stop being treated like criminals in traffic stops, stop acting like one. Past history works both ways.

Charlotte: Blacks boycotting white businesses? Prepare to buy your groceries at liquor stores and cigarette shops, and the quickie mart if you aren't too bigoted.

You know, Thompson's quote gets me to thinking. You have an awful lot of people who want to bash American soldiery for the ulterior motives the politicians might have rather than being grateful for the blood they shed for freedom; and those same people would give to a cause like say Greenpeace, and when confronted with the violence that THAT group is known for causing, it's like, "But look at the good they do." You could use Planned Butcherhood in this analogy too. Point being, the individual gets blamed for the "hidden agenda" in one case, and ignores the agenda in the other. That, kids, is the definition of hypocrisy.

Wow, so much for the lighter side!

Bob G. said...

---You're definitely in the correct science, but the person is a bit more "contemporary". I never heard of him until yesterday.
---We've got people who don't NEED provocation to show off their "manhood" around here, that's for sure.
(talk about UN-natural selection)
---That's the ONE thing I've preached for years...DON'T ACT LIKE A CRIMINAL - NEVER give law-enforcement a REASON to be suspicious about you by ACTING suspicious.
These people cannot even figure THAT out, and that's the EASY part.
---Charlotte's had minority problems for years. We knew someone that was going to college there, and outside of campus, not much to write home about. And SHE was BLACK!!! She really disliked it, but got her degree in spite of the crap.
---Ah, you have found "the message beyond the message" my friend.
(I tend to liken hypocrisy to double-standards)
SO many people can't even define the message when it's defined for them, but you get the gold star today.
Fred knew his stuff both on and off the screen.

Thanks for stopping by to comment today.
(now back up and comment on Tuesday...LOL)

You stay safe up there, brother.