05 September 2016

Monday Musings - Labor day Edition...
I trust your holiday weekend is going well.
I have to admit we started this past weekend here in Fort Wayne off with a BANG (and included several more over the past 2 days). We'll discuss that as well as our weekend (so far) in a bit.
Our Hoosierland weather will have us back in summer mode with temps reaching back into the mid to upper 80s, rising humidity, and mostly sunny skies. And I was really liking that cool down we had, too.
In the meantime, let's get ourselves a nice beverage poured and parked close by (I'm dosing mine with Kentucky Whiskey, purely for "medicinal purposes", mind you) and let's see what's going on elsewhere...
*** First off of the grill is our "What the hell happens today, Bob?" feature:
---Today is LABOR DAY
(more about that later as well)
(they HAD to put it on Labor Day? Why?)
*** Next, like I said, this weekend started out with a BANG in Fort Wayne, and here are the stories that concern all the minority mayhem.
Be thankful you don't have to put up with such aberrant behavior.
1) This crap all started on Friday. Here's the story link:
Once again Eden Green (SE, where the hell else?) was the setting and  near the same building as the previous shooting.
Jamal R. Anderson, 24 is our city's 27th HOMICIDE (this year), but police HAVE made an arrest in the shooting.
This took place in the 1400 block of Greene St around 2045 hrs Friday night.
Mylinque (another effed up name) Shaboz Wallace, 20  was the shooter.
In the black community, it ONLY matters when police do the shootings, otherwise with all the black-on-black crime that takes lives in droves, black lives don't seem to matter THAT MUCH, do they?
But wait, we're just getting started...
2) Our Next shooting happened yesterday (no adherence to the Sabbath in ANY way with these beasts). Naturally, as could be expected, it was on the SE side. Here's the story link:
This took place initially in the 4700 of Reed St near Pettit around 1400 hrs, but police had taped off another area at Capitol Ave and Winter St (they found evidence pertaining to the Reed St. shooting.
Call it a "two-fer" because TWO people were shot (one in serious, one in good condition).
No information relating to what led up to the shooting and no suspects have been arrested.
(good luck getting anywhere in THAT neighborhood)
Hang on, we're not done quite yet...
3) Another shooting occurred later, on the (all together kids)...SOUTHEAST SIDE!!!
Here's THAT story:
At least we KNOW what caused this one...possible drug deal gone south(east). Sure beats those impromptu arguments that escalate into gunplay, doesn't it?
This took place at a Phillips 66 service station located at Wayne Trace near Drexel around 1845 hrs.
FWPD taped off that area. It's unclear if the shooting took place inside or outside the store at the station.
At least one person was reported in serious condition.
A second shooting in less than 5 hours on the SE side...helluva tally being racked up, hmm?
*** Next, it wasn't a "bad" Saturday for us, grocery-wise. Spent more than usual, but that was for Sunday cookout.
Wifey and I did get a few mums for out front (a fall "tradition"). And they don't look bad where we stuck them.
All they have to do now is BLOOM!
We should get a couple more for accenting the side garden.
*** And, then we come to SUNDAY.
((...rolls eyes...))
We planned to have a cookout, and since it wasn't that bad outside with the weather, set up the patio table umbrella and eat out there...BUT, our newbie "neighbors" had other plans.
Party like you don't HAVE to work (as usual).
THEY started first, but it wasn't until late morning, sitting out, setting up cookers (yes, plural) and an umbrella, talking loudly (don't they ALL?), and then by afternoon, the tribe...I mean "family" started to arrive for the rest of the damn day.
And, just to make sure my calm was disturbed, the classical music station (WBNI) was OFF-AIR all damn morning (since midnight, actually). I mean it IS Classical Music Month.
Now, apparently, we have a male and female next door (older, but perhaps not as old as me), and they had the kids/grandkids (et al) running all about, kicking balls and such. It was where you couldn't hear yourself think outside.
That's not exactly how I envisioned our Sunday at the "Fortress".
Too many people at such a small house.
I was worried that Hobo would get curious and wander over, and then God knows what would happen. Fortunately, he stayed CLOSE to our house...I'll go into detail a bit later.
The "loud" continued until the sun went down and finally the tribe meandered back to thier vehicles (seven total) and left. I certainly hope this will not be a regular "event", but knowing such people as I do, I can only surmise that "visiting the grandparents" (and bothering the white people next door) will be high on whatever list these aborigines have.
With a house (next door) that is easily ONE HALF the square footage of ours (maybe less than 700 sq. ft.) it amazes me how these people will attempt to have over WAY many more than the property size should allow. We see it all the damn time around here. They must think they still live in some huge (government-sponsored) complex where everything belongs to everyone all the time...like Eden Green...I mean The Villages At Hanna.
*** Next up, and shifting gears AWAY from all the B.S...A few noteworthy items.
---This coming Sunday from 12-4PM out at Eagle Marsh is the annual MONARCH FESTIVAL.
We shall be in attendance, in case you want to do a "meet and greet"...lol.
This will mark the THIRD year we will be there. I really like it. A good way to "get away" from our part of the ghettohood for a spell. Nice to be out there just to walk around, see the exhibits, chat up some really cool people, and take some great pictures of anything that strikes your fancy.
---Later today on BBC America is a STAR TREK marathon (TOS), and I believe it will include the additional CGI footage.
***((Editor's  Update and APOLOGY - sorry folks. The Star Trek "marathon" begins THIS THURDAY EVENING...and they're going to show ALL 78 TOS eps.om subsequent nights))
Well, that seems more LOGICAL... sure beats a one-day affair.
Should be a blast to relive the past, right?
(and pays to double-check viewing schedules...heh)
---Also, premiering on FX this week is CAPTAIN AMERICA - THE WINTER SOLDIER.
This is a good movie, from the standpoint of a political thriller, as well as a superhero flick.
Obviously, this is being done as a run-up to the release of the movie CAPTAIN AMERICA - CIVIL WAR on DVD, which will hit stores on Tuesday the 13th of this month.
I know what I will buying on that day...heh.
---And, if that isn't enough, let's shoot for October 29-30 in Fort Wayne for FANTASTICON at the Grand Wayne Center.
Wifey and I haven't hit a con in way too long, so we're going to try to make it on Sunday.
I believe parking is free downtown during the weekend, too, but don't quote me.
One day passes are only $5, and the two-day pass is $12.50. Not a bad price if you like comics, anime, and such.
Oh, and yes, there WILL be a DEALERS ROOM, along with artists and others from Marvel, DC, and the like.
Did not see any celebs, though.
I DO know that artist Mike Grell will be there. I used to enjoy his artwork on Green Arrow and Green Lantern back in the 80s. Might dig out an old issue to have him sign...
*** Next up, we bring you another installment of "The Hobo Chronicles"...
Have to keep watch along the ramparts.
When last we left our intrepid feline, he was overseeing my mowing of the back yard, and did a commendable job making sure the cord to the mower did NOT get tangled (by lying on it)...lol.
Aside from that, Saturday was rather "tame" with plenty of time to stretch the kinks out
Yesterday found Hobo doing some exploring in the THIRD DIMENSION.
And by that, I mean UP into a tree...from which the view was nice.
But, he wasn't quite finished with his adventure...he also wound back UP on our garage roof!
Now, from there, the panorama had to have been spectacular.
He meowed when he was up there, but eventually found his way down on the tree near the garage.
From then on, it was stay closer to home, help me with the grill, and a good bit of nap time.
Because eating, guarding, helping and climbing IS hard work.
*** Last back to the hangar...today IS Labor Day.
Here's the WIKI for a quick "refresher course":
And here, from our OWN Department of Labor is THIS:
Now, we've already got our flags out (if you don't, get it out or shame on you), so we're both ahead of the game here AND are probably the ONLY ones in the area that DO display an AMERICAN FLAG...that's a sad commentary on society, but that's another post for another day.
This day actually has to do with the labor movement, as well as the social and economic achievements of the American worker.
The WIKI goes into greater detail about the history.
Labor Day was signed into law by Grover Cleveland back in 1894, in answer to the Pullman Strike of the same year, in which the deaths of workers at the hands of the army and marshal's service took place.
Labor Day almost marks the "official" end of summer.
And, of course, we couldn't forget ALL those Labor Day sales (and lawn party cookouts).
Personally, I always looked at it as a REAL day of rest for the working person.
And I also believe that every person who is too lazy to draw a proper paycheck should be MADE to work today...JUST to see where that government check is coming from...be a nice life lesson.
Labor Day used to mean more in the way of pride in this country, and it's a shame to not see that much (if at all).
If it were not for OUR workers throughout our nation's history, we would never be the country we have become.
Ask those who lived through WW2 (while you still can)...they could tell you.
Be well, make a difference to someone, and...
Stay SAFE out there, America.


CWMartin said...

And as I rolled down the log list, I saw I read no blogs at all yesterday- but thankfully, you were about the only one that I missed so it all worked out.

I'm sorry your Labor day didn't go as planned- when you got close neighbors, sometimes it just goes that way.

Bob G. said...

You must be channeling me. ..LOL!
(I had a "btw" in my comment back to you from today...heh)

Yeah, I suppose the era of GOOD neighbors might be at an end. All we get these days are LOUD ones, disrespectful ones, ones that have no sense of boundaries, and ones with a total lack of civility, and morality.
(those are the best of the dregs, mind you)

Got a REAL strong feeling this is NOT the EARTH I grew up one...but a parallel version where all that's good is regarded as blasphemy.
Yeah, BIZARRO WORLD...that's it!

Thanks for the follow-up comment.

Stay safe and keep cool up there, brother.