02 September 2016

Friday Follies...
End of the week at long last.
And the second of the two really nice days begins for us.
Yesterday was not bad in any way, shape or form. Today promises to be similar in nature.
Our Hoosierland weather brings us mostly sunny skies, lower temps, topping out in the mid 70s once again, and no precipitation of spoil the fun. Enjoy it while it lasts, folks.
Now, what say we all get ourselves some Friday Fortitude poured and parked close by as we see what's coming our way, shall we?
*** First out of the back yard, I don't know HOW the hell I forgot this, but back on 25 August was the TENTH ANNIVERSARY of this blog!!!
(sound the trumpets and loose the pigeons).
TEN frigging years already...wow, and I feel I've barely started.
If you want to read the FIRST post, check the archives for "In The Beginning"... August 25, 2006. Here's a link to make it easier:
Can't believe it's been THAT long so soon...Gotta be a timey-wimey sorta thing.
*** Next, is our "What the hell happens today, Bob?" feature:
(time to show off that blue/purple tongue, kids)
---It's also NATIONAL: V-J DAY
(victory over Japan - WW2. What else?)
(in our neighborhood that's EVERY day and EVERY "mom"...lol)
(the colors for the "College of Hard Knocks" are black and blue, BTW.)
*** And since it is the weekend, let's see what is taking place over the following 48 hours.
(better not find anyone tailgating me, either...oh, you mean the stadium parking parties)
(not to be confused with Bugs Bunny cartoons)
(those numbers of people that keep bowling lanes away from us every day)
(and do we have wildlife down where we live - 2 legged variety that is)
(doesn't include those at the curb that toss in the direction of your house)
(do they still give those out on flights?)
There you go then...enough things to keep one occupied (and not just on Wall St).
*** Next up, three people are arrested for running a drug house.
Here's the story:
Police had secured a warrant and searched the house back on 26 August, and inside they found a veritable Costco of drugs. In other words, lots of different stuff.
Garcia                 Rosa              Waudby
The three perps involved are Alphonso Garcia, 42, Rasheed Rosa, 36, and Sara Waudby, 32, all of the same address in the 6300 block of Mayfair Road (not that far west of the "Fortress" (less than 5 minutes away).
Wow, police got a spigga, a nigga and a wigga in the SAME catch. Talk about your diversity.
See, stupidity knows NO ethnicity or color, does it?
The location of the raid was between Calhoun and Lafayette Sts. You'd think it was a nice area and that would be true...it USED to be a nice area.
The crime from the SE has got to go someplace, and there it is, infiltrating the SW side of town with vigor. Been saying this for YEARS, too.
*** Next, and in keeping with the "drug" theme, there's this editorial in the J-G:
Yes, opioid use IS up...alarmingly so, and yet, little progress has been made over the decades to beat this bane against society. And we're not just talking about the over-medicating of America, but mostly the street-pharm market.
Used to be that such drugs (in powder form) were cut (to stretch the profit-margin) with confectioner's sugar, flour, baking powder or even gypsum (from drywall). Not any longer. That was kid's stuff compared to the "other ingredients" found in today's curbside crap that's for sale.
Fentanyl is becoming widely popular, and in "straight-up" form can be deadly. It's a synthetic form of opioid. Prince found out.
A horse tranquilizer, also know as "special-K" is also used (when available).
The fentanyl that can kill you is equal to TWO GRAINS of table salt. THAT is some potent shit.
In the last 3 weeks, emergency responders dealt with about THIRTY cases of overdoses...PER WEEK.
Yes, it's on our streets and in our neighborhoods. Could be as close as next door.
It's a sobering commentary on our society in general, and our city and county in particular.
*** Next, and to lighten things up, it's another chapter in "The Hobo Chronicles"...
Yesterday was great for hanging out with our furry buddy.
He's got his favorite spot in our garden where he naps.
(maybe that's why he smells like sage...lol)
And, there is always time to watch the world go by.
Sometimes, you also need to check out the property for the possibility of intruders.
Or, you can just be too damn cute.
*** Last back to the patio...life is (still) full of choices.
And those who make the wrong ones tend to find out soon enough...most times.
I know I've made my share of wrong choices in life, but you manage to work through it, and hopefully do some "damage control" along the way to smooth things out (often with help "from on high").
No one is exempt from this, and those who think they are are lying to themselves (and you).
And why people choose to not make better choices HAS to be one of life's great mysteries.
There is not one facet of humanity that does not require a valid choice. The simplest of actions by people mandate that a choice be made, otherwise none of us would leave our homes...or even get out of bed.
That wouldn't work out well for a lot of us, would it?
Yet, people WILL go out of their way to make bad choices, as evidenced by rising opioid use. And I'm not talking prescription abuse either. That can be a choice made BY others FOR others.
Perhaps the level of curiosity within the human species drives us to do what is forbidden.
Thing is, if we're not careful that curiosity WILL get us killed...if the liberals don't manage to do likewise with their dismantling of our nation and it's values and principles.
Now THAT is something to seriously think about over the Labor Day holiday.
(if we're not too busy partying hardy, that is)
Have yourselves a good weekend.
Be well, make a difference to someone today, and as always...
Stay SAFE out there, America.


Momma Fargo said...

OMG your cat is adorable and obviously starving for a belly rub. I want to know when Fargo day is. Please. It should be a day of donuts and cake.

Bob G. said...

Momma Fargo:
Oh, he gets PLENTY of those.
We spoil him and he's not really "officially" ours. He adopted US (and our yard and patio).

They call them "community cats"
They catch them spay/neuter them, clip one ear, "chip" them, then return them back to where they found them.
And then one of them finds US...lol.

Hey, ANY day can be FARGO DAY.
(donuts and cake...mmmmm!)

Thanks for rolling up and commenting.

Have a great weekend & stay safe down there, dear.

CWMartin said...

TEN YEARS! Congrats! I won't have 7 full until January...

Welsh Rarebit... good stuff!

Scrappy and I got as close as we've been here in a long time to a doe and two older fawns last night... and of course, the battery in the camera was dead...

"See, stupidity knows NO ethnicity or color, does it?" And you know, the reverse is true too. I was contemplating that the other day as we walked through the complex. The black kids and most adults 99% always treat you with respect and politeness. Whites usually do too, although there is a strong undercurrent of smartassery in the teens. The Hispanics are a touch stand-offish, and the South Asians treat you like you have green skin, horns, and your fly open.

In West Virginia, two weeks ago that crap (laced heroin) hit Charleston and they had 20 OD calls in TWO HOURS.I fail to understand the attraction in that crap.

Bottom Hobo pic... "That's a good boy, play dead..."

"...or even get out of bed." That was my BIG mistake today.

Bob G. said...

---Yeah, didn't seem THAT long ago.
Talk about yer "timey-wimey" stuff, eh?
---I'm always a fan of bread and cheese.
---Rule #1 of nature-walking: ALWAYS have spare batteries!
Rule #2 - refer to rule 1
---Yes, you are correct, In a decent environment, the overwhelming majority of most minorities WILL indeed be a lot more respectful and even (dare I say it?)...POLITE! The S. Asians are a unique bunch...give 'ya that.
Weird how that works, ain't it?
---I also will never find out what the "appeal" of smack, horse, whatever you wanna call it IS to some folks. Lack of self-esteem, no doubt.
They need one of Henri Nouwen's books!
---If THAT was playing dead, I dunno what to call it when he's "wound up"...LOL.
That cat can FLY! (needs a cape I suppose).
---I have similar days when refusing to be part of the human race feels about right.
Then, I figure, if not for ME...then who?
(Guardian Angel nudging me...gotta be it).

Hey, thanks for swinging by today and commenting.

Have a fantastic weekend (batteries INCLUDED), and do stay safe up there, brother!

gadfly said...


We have such a cat who decorates the low brick fence that fronts our yard. He showed up as a kitten a couple of summers ago, took over the yard and then disappeared for about six weeks. When he reappeared he was chubby and he had the tell-tale clipped ear. I can't get very close to him but he talks and talks and talks when he wants fed. So we thought about what you call a black and white cat when color names dominate your thinking (indoors we have Ginger and Smoky and outdoors, a feral female that is black with brown splotches we call Rusty) and his name became something black and white - Oreo. Too bad I didn't associate the "community cat" designation, else he surely would be have been named "CC."

Bob G. said...

Well, it sure is good to see you again.
That's so cool you have your "own' cat (that takes over your property).
Kinda surprised it won't let you get closer.
Hobo gets SO close to us. Loves to rub against your legs.
And, by the way we're feeding ours, he's getting bigger, too (no more climbing onto garage roofs...lol).
Ours will disappear for less than an hour, but always come back.
We're fixing to make some sort of shelter for when it gets colder. He does want to come inside (now).

He's such a pleasant diversion from all the noisy-ass "neighbors", too. I'm happy he doesn't find any of THEM worthy of his time.

I think there may be a grant program with the community cats. You can look into it (I know I will).

Hey, thanks for taking the time to stop by and share that story today.
Much appreciated.

Have a great weekend & do stay safe out there.