19 September 2016

Monday Musings...
Did it seems that this weekend just FLEW by?
I could swear (because I know all the words) that we were just here on Friday.
In any event, and no matter how time managed to rearrange itself, we shall press onward.
Our Hoosierland weather for today begins with nice cool temps in the mid-50s, but will once again rise to around 83 degrees by late afternoon. No chance of rain, as we will enjoy mostly sunny skies.
Sure beats rain on a Monday, doesn't it?
So, let's get that drink of the day poured, and make it a good one, as we see what's been going on elsewhere...
*** First out of the linen closet is our "What the hell happens today, Bob?" feature:
(many joke about this being an "old folks" dessert, but I've liked it since childhood)
(ARRGGHHHH...how could we EVER forget this one?)
*** Next up, and as is becoming the case in Fort Wayne, we had another SHOOTING over the weekend, and I'll give you THREE guesses where it occurred (and th first two don't count)...
Here's the story link:
Now, if you guessed this took place on the SOUTHEAST SIDE of the city, you get a gold star!
(given the majority of minorities there, don't they all?)
Police were initially called to the 3000 block of Plaza Drive around 0311 hrs. for a report of a woman  being shot and driving herself to hospital. At 0323 hrs, the victim called 911 and said she was taking herself to hospital.
She refused to pull over, give her location, or wait for an ambulance.
The victim did report that she was originally shot in the 4600 block of Oliver St.
After the woman arrived at hospital, she provided few details about the shooting (that sounds typical), but investigators believe the shooting to be a result of (another) domestic dispute.
The woman was transported to another hospital, where she was listed in critical condition.
The incident remains under investigation and police have not released any suspect information.
Okay, so a woman places her life in major jeopardy, rather than get treated by the EMTs in an ambulance.
How effed up is THAT person? Suppose she passed out while behind the damn wheel of her vehicle? Could have been a lot worse, and maybe injured others as a result.
And why do these people LOVE to "settle" arguments at the barrel of a firearm?
Lack of interpersonal skills? No doubt.
Always...in SOME neighborhoods!
People such as this present a danger to whatever neighborhood they decide to infest...it's that simple. That's one block (of many) that could be razed TODAY, and I would only smile.
If they're not burning down a damn house that they're not paying for (while attempting to cook) at 3AM, they're shooting one another around the same time. And if they're not doing either of those, they're robbing some convenience store.
I'll wager the majority of them (if not all) happen to be "government-sponsored" as well...
Helluva testimony to all those failed programs to help people OUT of their situation.
If anything, it's fostering it, allowing them to become more violent and ignorant along the way.
*** Next up, looks like we've got more people with nothing better to do but place improvised bombs in the NYC area. Here's that story;
After a marine charity race in NJ, where one device went off Saturday, another device exploded in lower midtown Manhattan, with a second similar device located and detonated by the NYPD later on.
Socialist mayor of NYC, comrade DiBlasio stated that "they were intentional"...talk about an UNDERSTATEMENT. But he didn't refer to either as being "terrorist" in nature (democrats hate to use the truth most times). Funny, one suspect IS from the middle east.
By definition, these pressure-cooker bomb devices (shades of the Boston Marathon) are terrorist in nature, simply because they force people to "change their routine or habits in everyday living". THAT is what a terrorist does. They get you to look over your shoulder, avoid certain places, go out of your way to change your lifestyle.
What needs to be found out NOW, is whether this terrorist is an Islamic national, a homegrown radicalized citizen of ours, or just some U.S. citizen with a bone to pick with government or anyone else like Ted Kaczynski.
(yes, you remember him...not an Islamic bone in his body, right? Just a whack-job lunatic with a lot of smarts)
*** Next,  Wifey and I had a nice and rather uneventful trip to Kroger this weekend (for a change).
Can't say much about some of the "customers" I'm noticing in the Waynedale store, though. Starting to see people who appear like they really don't belong in a nicer part of town visit the store, and I'm telling Wifey to "mind your handbag" more frequently. Used to be a much better shopping experience, and I'm sure the store personnel can see the change as well. At least no one is using English as a 2nd language just yet.
And, since it was raining early on, I got to figure out the whole "lights-wipers" thing on the Wifeymobile 2.0 aka the Silver Streak. Damn engineers moved stuff around.
Controls are right there...someplace.
That wasn't too difficult, but it's not something you can easily pull off "on the fly".
I set all the items BEFORE we pulled out.
It's like a damn  pre-flight checklist anymore...LOL.
I also got to stop by Wal-Mart for my copy of Captain America - Civil War. The display had it listed for $19.99 (not bad).
While trying to find a checkout lane (there were only TWO opened, and a third had computer issues), a woman let me AHEAD of her in line (I only bought the DVD and a bag of bird seed)...
I don't remember ever having that done FOR ME (I usually do it for other folks). A nice way to represent Indiana, I mist say.
Had a nice talk with the woman (we talked weather and cars, of all things) in line and thanked her.
After I got home, I then discovered that the DVD was NOT $19.99...but $14.96...!!!
Okay, so that (and that nice woman) made my day. It was the lowest price I found (Target had it for $15). Not bad at all.
Yes, I do tend to revel in what might seem ordinary and routine.
That's what most of life is about anyway, right, so why not come to appreciate it?
*** Next up, another installment of "The Hobo Chronicles"...
I'll guard the driveway, so it doesn't get away.
Well, it as an interesting weekend around the "Fortress", as our intrepid community cat chose to check out more of the "community" than I'm comfortable with. He didn't show up for his late evening snack (before we lock up), and th following morning (Saturday) he was M.I.A.
"I can see for miles and miles (sorta)."
Fortunately, I check his dish and found it cleaned off, so I know he came by.
He has this growing need to explore...up the alley, across the street. Doesn't really matter where (and doesn't care how that worries m, either...heh).
But when he comes back, he kinda makes up for it by being so damn cute...sometime, I really hate that...lol.
"I'm way over here...can you see me?"
He was also curiously missing when I mowed the back yard yesterday...no one to supervise me, but he as there when we planted some mums on Saturday.
"And while that cat's away..."
Yet, while HE was away doing God knows what, our squirrel buddy Patches is one to never let an opportunity pass on by, so he came around for peanuts and sunflower seeds...Saturday AND Sunday.
"I get a chance to eat and visit with that camo guy."
I know Hobo will chase Patches if he spots him (sometimes from across the damn street).
There is just no controlling the "kids" is there?
*** Last back to the broom closet...Why are good people becoming harder to find these days?
THAT is the gospel truth!
And, I'm not talking the boy-scout, never do anything bad kinds folks...just the regular, everyday have a drink now and then folks; the cussing when they have to people, and the don't like to bother others for no reason people.
People who were like my parents...and their parents. Those work hard and get by, know how to save money, learn to do for themselves people are becoming fewer and fewer these days.
At least it sure looks that way.
Those today, who are taking the place of such people are not instilling ANY real sense of relief in THIS person.
What I see are people with no real sense of "tomorrow". They live only for today, and have forgotten about whatever past they had, along with the past history that goes with it.
Maybe that's why they keep doing the same crap over and over...they have learned nothing from past experiences, yet believe themselves to be more knowledgeable than generations before them.
Well, they may be more technologically advanced than past generations, but that does not translate to BETTER PEOPLE...or even people AS GOOD AS those who came before them.
And perhaps that is where the best possibility for change can take place.
We have better "things", but we need to be better PEOPLE. A great many people today need to appreciate what we have and learn to be content in that regard, rather than keep demanding "stuff".
They need to accept WHO they are and learn to never settle for less, because opportunity to achieve is always there, if they just avail themselves of that.
And, they need to pursue a better course when it comes to morality, for the lack of that is causing many of the problems in our society...and the world.
Such practical ideas; ideas that people BEFORE us already knew and practiced.
Be well, make a difference to someone, and...
Stay SAFE out there, America.


CWMartin said...

Here's the thing(s) on the ambulance ride: Trying to avoid putting the "wrong" info on the police report; first responder "trust issues"; COST of that ambulance ride. Surprised more of 'em don't do it.

Doesn't mean she wasn't wrong, or that you aren't dead on. Just going to motivation, yer honor.

Lack of interpersonal skills: Mayhap, think I, that this is a HIGHLY important ignored feature of these incidents. The fruits of the way we're being raised these days (editorial "we", of course).

As you no doubt know now, the bombing asshat is an Afghani naturalized. BUT remember, that is NOT the same as a refugee, lol.

Ah, Wal-Mart. How may I serve you... you know, without actually opening a lane?

While there are fewer good people out there, two other factors are exaggerating the effect. One, the good people are hunkering down, not going out of their way to stand out... and two, even when they do stick their heads out, it isn't immediately obvious that they ARE good people, and we shy away. You met at Kroger an example of those that DO show their goodness. And you responded in kind. But what if neither of you acted? Would either know there was a good person near them? Comes down to it, good needs to be an ACTIVE thing. Which of course, was exactly your point. See how that worked out?

Bob G. said...

---A lot of shooting victims "prefer" to have another person drive them to hospital rather than standard transport via TRAA. We just don't hear about it, usually.
Like I said, she was LUCKY.
---Those "skills" are what keeps a LOT of folks from pushing up daisies...at least it USED to be that way.
I like MY gardening to be of the "actively alive and breathing" manner.
---Nah, he's not REALLY a refugee...just matriculated and democratized through "Libtard University", right?
---And Wal-Mart wonders WHY people walk out with stuff? Seriously?
Thank God for honest (and PATIENT) folks like US, hmm?
---I agree with your call on this on both counts (of heads and sticking them up and out, as it were).
I tend to get vibes from certain people, and I'm rarely wrong when I "sess up" a good person.
Must be all that parental upbringing?
Yeah, s'gotta be that.

Hey, thanks for stopping on by today and commenting.

Stay safe up there,. brother.