14 October 2016

Friday Follies...
Welcome to the end of the week...FINALLY.
Feeling a lot more like fall outside too, isn't it? We even have a "frost advisory" until 0800 hrs today. Won't be long before we're shoveling snow (again).
Our Hoosierland weather will have us with sunny skies and a high today somewhere into only the mid-60s. No rain or gusty winds predicted.
 Now, let's get this gig rolling, as we get outrselves that cup or glass of Friday Fortitude, and see what else has (and will be) going on elsewhere...
 *** First out of the tool shed, we kick things off with our "What the hell happens today, Bob?" feature.
(have a few...what the hell, right?)
(not exactly how I define freedom)
 *** Since we are at week's end, let's see what is going on in the 48 hours following today...
 ---Saturday is National Aesthetician Day, National cheese Curd Day, National I Love Lucy Day, National Grouch Day (a personal favorite of mine lately), National Latino AIDS Awareness Day, National Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness Day, National White Cane Safety Day, and National Sweetness Day.
 ---Sunday is National Liqueur Day, National Dictionary Day, National Feral Cat Day, and Department Store Day.
(sorry about the brevity here, but I am using a different system for the next few days).
 *** Next up, and JUST in time for the impending winter season, there's THIS story:
Now, WHY is this NOT a surprise to us?
We're told the price inceased...when we had a glut?
How'd that happen?
What? No Vaseline to go with this?
Oh, the higher prices are ALSO due to INVESTMENTS to modernize natural gas infrastructure to be safer and more reliable (all well and good when street crews stop poking through gas lines on the streets).
I'm sure that global warming has something to do with this ((snicker)).
 *** Next, the city parks board has a burr under it's saddle. Here's the story:
Hey, we've been THERE.
So, they THINK (heh, there's the problem right there) that having law-abiding citizens carry guns in parks is not a good idea.
Haven't been there yet.
How about flashers? Are they any better, because THEY roam the parks. What about drug-users? What about muggers? Bet THEY carry guns.
You mooks downtown LOVE the jerk your damn knees all the time, and for what?
*** Next up, Bob Dylan is awarded a NOBEL PRIZE?
Momma Fargo told me about this.
What the hell FOR?
Gimme a break.
I could see DYLAN THOMAS getting a Nobel...
And look who presents the award...none other than "Mr I got a Nobel for Doing Nothing" himself - da prez aka Obummer. Lots of nothing there.
A PEACE prize for a counter-culture musician...yeah, sure.
That works for me. NOT!
 *** Next, and since both the J-G and N-S websites are acting up, we're looking elsewhere for news, like HERE:
Two Boston LEOS were shot, but the suspect was killed. Again, this was another "domestic" that was more than it seemed, as many of them are.
*** Next up,  and, of course, there has to be some TNB tossed in regarding another story:
Yep, a 911 dispatcher who HUNG THE HELL UP on thousands of callers has been formally charged.
 Crenshanda WIlliams, 43, is only being charged with misdemeanor\ interference with emergency calls (damn shame).
 I guess her "catch-phrase" was: "Ain't nobody got time for this. For real.". Wait until SHE ever needs police and (should) get a similar treatment. I hope every other dispatcher hangs the hell up on HER from now on. She earned that much by placing lives at risk.
 *** Next, Anyone getting as PO'ed as I am over Obummer and his wife mouthing off about Trump?
She decries Trump's ALLEGED inappropriate behavior with women (where's the video of him groping and grabbing?)
Okay, there is AUDIO of his locker-room mouth...typical male behavior when they're with other males.
But what about Rev. Wright, the pastor that the Obamas knew for decades and attended HIS church while he spouted out (and has been videoed) God Damn America, along with other slurs against our nation?
How soon people seem to FORGET about that one.
Just STFU!
And we won't even get into the LIES (and scandals) from the Obummer administration, or the "bill of goods" he's sold to America in general as well as the entire world, right? Nothing to see there...bullshit.
Sure got one helluva double-standard working with these leftist morons, don't we?
What's posted about Trump is more hearsay than anything else, and I'm not defending him - just pointing out reality from fantasy here.
 *** Next, and changing gears, it's once again time for another chapter in "The Hobo Chronicles"...
Oh, we're playing later? Tell me more."
Our adventuring feline was present for his meals, and even stayed close by the "Fortress" for a change.
Since taking pictures is limited (I have found one roundabout way to upload them and resize them, so they're somewhat easier to store), I missed taking some pics of him jumping at some tall grass Wifey and I were shaking at him yesterday afternoon.
"You people are crazy, but I like you."
He had Wifey laughing and me smiling, until he pooped out and took to just watching US act weird, shaking that grass...lol.
 *** Last back to the repair bay...if there is one thing that every person should WANT to do, it's THE RIGHT THING.
And it doesn't matter what the situation is, either.
These days, we're just not seeing all that much of this, are we? People have become content to let whatever happens...happen.
(well, there are those rare times that galvanize people into becoming united, but it's usually some God-awful tragedy that causes such a change of heart)
Used to be a time when more people did what was right, even if it was unpopular, or meant sacrifice, or perhaps more. That's what two world wars were fought over.
Do we need ANOTHER such apocalypse to bring us together?
 God, I sure hope not. I'd like to believe we're better than that.
Yet, the evidence weighs heavily against such unification.
It has to be the lack of morality and compassion that drives such a society's "ambition".
When morality is lost, there can be only hope.
This isn't to say we're totally done for...not yet, anyway. But time will eventually run out.
There has to be a change in how people think, and how they believe,. and how they decide to practice something we call FAITH.
It's been said that faith can move mountains.
I'd settle for moving people to motivate themselves for a better society again...and a better nation...and, a better future.
Do have a good weekend.
 Be well, make a differencfe to someone today, and as always...
 Stay SAFE out there, America.


CWMartin said...

Halfway down the post before I noticed I hadn't said anything. (BTW, have I been over last night yet? I'll check in a bit.) So, anyway:

Bald Day: At this time o' year, that's not free, that's froze.

NIPSCO: I plan on revolutionizing the field by eating lots of beans and wearing a tube, lol!

Parks: I think anyplace the police will not ABSOLUTELY GUARANTEE your safety, you should be allowed to carry. Opens up a lot of places in FTW, no?

Dylan:I don't really have a huge problem with this. When you think of how de-valued they became when the POSUS got his, I figure Tiny Tim in literature would be a step up.

I see Ms Williams' parents used my "name the baby slot machine," yes? How do you get away with doing that THOUSANDS of times? About the time I lost a loved one because, she'd have found out just what she had time for...

Michelle O and her golden flapping yap: Let me share with you what I posted on FB when I got home:

"Hey, anybody out there know where it is the DNC is advertising the "top dollar for Trump grope stories"? I missed out when they pulled the same trick on Herman Cain (You know, so Obama could be the first black president) two election cycles ago and thought a "he touched the elephant's nose" story might pay off too!
(PS to Donald: Don't worry, I'll even it up by getting my 2 dead parents to vote for you.) #Sickofdemocratlieseveryelection #Getanewtrick"

Okay, let me bop back to yesterday and see what's up...

Bob G. said...

---We got 'ya covered on yesterday...just saw your post and published it.
---ROFL...oh, that won't be good at all.
---Opens up darn near EVERYWHERE in FTW, my friend. Point taken.
---Heck if they want to give a LIT NOBEL...give one to JIM STEINMAN! Now HE could write a song.
---It's this "new normal" we're having shoved down our throats... She was probably hired because of "affirmative action".
Nice, huh?
---That FB comment is PRICELESS...and so very true.
I remember the CAIN dust up back in 2008.
Well said.

Thanks for stopping by to comment today.

Have a good weekend and stay safe up there, brother.