17 October 2016

Monday Musings...
I hope your week is starting off on a good note.
I have had better, believe me. And, I have a gut feeling it's not over yet.
More about all that in a minute...
Our Hoosierland weather for today will feel a lot like August, rather than October. Highs today will reach around 80 degrees (that's no misprint). We're looking at partly sunny skies, quite breezy, and rising humidity, which will be coming along for the ride.
So let's all get ourselves that morning drink poured (we're gonna need it), as we see what else has been going on elsewhere...
*** First out of the bathroom is our "What the hell happens today, Bob" feature:
---Today is National Pasta Day, National Mulligan Day, National Edge Day, Black Poetry day (no rappers allowed), National Clean Your Virtual Desktop Day, and Bosses Day.
*** Next, I got the old computer back Saturday...just needed a thorough blowout.
Never did get THAT bad.
There was nothing wrong with the system, so we dodged a bullet there.
I'd like to thank our newer system for "filling in" during the absence of the older system
(I only use this older XP system for photos and the blog anyway)
*** Next up...where to begin...well, Friday was decent enough, I guess.
Early Saturday morning, around 0540 hrs, I awoke to THIS out front:
I know I didn't do anything.
Yeah, about 6 FWPD cars, FWFD engine 11 and a TRAA ambulance were at the house NEXT door. I had heard loud thumps coming from the house before police arrived.
A black couple live there currently, and no one was taken away by anyone (that I saw). Might have been a domestic.
The police blotter listed it as a signal 59 (cutting-stabbing).
Haven't seen any activity there after that.
Helluva way to kick off a weekend down here, but typical of those involved.
---Later that day, for some reason, the blacks cribbing at 539 E. Maple Grove had 13 vehicles over to the house for a gathering (I call them NAACP meetings...heh).
Naturally, no one EVER carpools, so both sides of the street get used up real fast. While the party was on the vocal side, it wasn't ripe with bass-thumping rap music (thank God).
Still, it makes being able to enjoy YOUR house and patio that much more difficult.
People shouldn't have to listen to the lives and goings on of OTHER people...not with single family homes all over. That's ignorant as all get out. Buncha dumbass mooks.
But, we were just getting started...Our city had it's fair share of shootings over the weekend, and the final score was:
Wounded: 3
Deceased: 2
I believe that puts us OVER FORTY HOMICIDES for the year (41 I think, and we've got some year left to go).
---Here's the lowdown on the FIRST shooting:
This happened Saturday evening in the area of Colerick St. and Holton Ave. Police found a woman dead in a dark blue Impala. A male was seriously injured. Both were victims of gunfire.
---Here's the SECOND incident:
This took place at a local hospital not more than an hour later, as a male walked into the E/R suffering from a gunshot wound. He told police it happened in the 900 block of Forest Ave (near Northside Park). Police found shell casings in that area, as well as a vehicle that had been hit by bullets.
---The THIRD shooting was a "two-fer" and happened right DOWN THE STREET from the "Fortress". Here's that story:
This took place shortly after 1930 hrs last night at a house located at 4730 S. Warsaw St.
A woman was shot dead and a man was taken to hospital in serious condition.
Police think this may have been the result of a domestic.
I didn't hear ANY gunfire, so I would conclude any shootings took place INSIDE the house.
There was a Latino family living there, as far as I know, and we never heard anything from them. They seemed to keep to themselves. I know I saw children at the house, too.
They really weren't known for being a party house. The man there had a work van and he left EVERY morning...same with the kids going to school. I can think of several OTHER houses where gunplay could be an issue, but this house was a surprise. Police had the area lit up with red and blue for over an hour. The crime-scene van had IT'S light on for another hour. All was wrapped up by 2200 hrs. Then, it was dark and somewhat quiet once again (except for the vehicles with bad mufflers and boom cars)
*** Next up, and because this is about as FAR removed from the prior stories as possible, time for another page of "The Hobo Chronicles"...
Our community cat friend had a good weekend (thank God someone did). He spent most of it hanging around our house (and with the rain we had, he let us know it...heh).
There was plenty to eat, lots of leg-rubs of appreciation, and moments of cuteness.
I also had him leaping like a frog from Calaveras County with some tall grass I was shaking about. Tuckered his furry butt out doing so, in fact.
Then, it was time to catch up on some "napping".
*** At the other end of the feline spectrum, our 20-year old cat and my buddy, Rassie is getting closer to "the end of the line", as it were.
He used to love his "perch" in the window.
He hasn't eaten in days, won't even take a drink, and lies about all day. He can't even make it to the litter pan (but that's okay, I have cleaners and sponges). He can barely stand now, and it pains me to see him like this, just as much as it pains me to have him leave us, which may take place this week.
I know taking him to the vet might well turn out to be a one-way trip, and honestly, I am having a lot of difficulty dealing with that. Every time I come near him, he does lift his head and a small meow might come from him.
There are those decisions in life you wish you never had to make...much like we did a little over three years ago, when his littermate and sister, Penelope departed from us.
*** Last back to the linen closet...life can be many things to us and there are times when what we least desire to happen, inevitably will.
I suppose that's ONE way to look at it.
And we have relatively no say in the matter.
Time is funny like that when it "catches up" to you or those you love. It doesn't take long for a pet to become a part of a family, and the times you enjoy together are something that is specific to THAT particular pet. Each of them has their own unique "personality" if we can attribute a human aspect to them. They are as different as we are, and many times, take on traits specific to the family they find themselves living with.
Perhaps that's why it's so very hard to let them go...just as we would a relative, parent, spouse, or child.
Pets have a way of making us a bit more complete in that regard.
And when their time comes, there is nothing we can about it, except to allow them the dignity of leaving this life for the next. I want to believe that it's not the end, but a new beginning.
But, it is so hard to turn that particular page.
Be well, make a difference, and...
Stay SAFE out there, America.


CWMartin said...

EVERY Monday should be a Mulligan day...

I saw about your "morning escapade" on FB. As for the party, well, that's the sucky thing about life in the big city. If you get lucky and have quiet neighbors good on ya, but don't expect it. Even here you sometimes have a little "lack of respect" and you just have to say, "Well, maybe at some point I did this/will do this." Can't expect people not to cut loose on weekends- as long as they stay outta YOUR patch.

"They really weren't known for being a party house. The man there had a work van and he left EVERY morning...same with the kids going to school. I can think of several OTHER houses where gunplay could be an issue, but this house was a surprise." Just goes to show that crap can fall into anyone's life.

When we lost Fred, he couldn't move anymore, other than to look at me as if asking for help. That tore my soul right out, and I cannot say I am over it yet, even with as long as we've had Scrappy. I wish he hadn't had to suffer SO much, but it just hit so fast. IOW, I know where you're at- in that limbo between "I hope he just passes in his sleep" and "what if he doesn't? What if it takes forever?" If he hasn't ate in a while, I'd venture to say it's close enough to wait out. Fred might have hung on a week or more like that.

Bob G. said...

My friend, I think I need a Mulligan FOR my Mulligan on a Monday like this one.
---That's the thing with many of these people...they treat everyone else's property as THEIAR OWN.
It's not like "the old days" when people respected one another and their property.
Today - No respecting boundaries, and I think this precipitates a LOT of problems in today's world.
---I know about falling crap ALL too well these days.
(gonna need a larger umbrella)
---You called this one right (again)...the WAITING is just SO difficult, no matter who it might be. Mom and I had a rough year when Dad passed in '78.
You feel like you'd like it both ways...better to be OVER and DONE with it...oh wait, I still want them around for a while longer.
I'm prepping for those "5 stages of grief", because I know it (and they) are coming.

Thank you for taking the time to stop on by and comment today.

Stay safe up there, brother.