28 October 2016

Friday Follies...
End of the week at long last.
And for me, it WAS a brutally long week, and you all know why.
Yes, the "Fortress" is still without a cat.
Our Hoosierland weather will see us with gradually clearing skies, light breezes, temps reaching to the low 60s and no rain in our forecast.
So, let's all try and get things going with a cup or glass of Friday Fortitude, as we see what's been going on elsewhere...
*** First up is our "What the hell happens today, Bob?" feature:
---Today is National Chocolate Day, National Pharmacy Buyer Day, National Frankenstein Day, and National Breadstick Day
---Saturday is National Cat Day
(well, if that isn't a "finger in the old eye").
---It's also National Oatmeal Day, and National Hermit Day (there's something I can do these days)
---Sunday is National Speak Up For Service Day, National Publicist Day, and National Candy Corn Day (yuck!)
There we are then...plenty of things to keep you busy.
*** Next up, our highness, the royal "king" Henry (mayor forever of Fort Wayne, or so it seems), is getting into a bit of a financial bind (again???).
Here's one story about The Landing (one block of Columbia St near downtown) and how this new "vision" will have an impact on city finances:
So, WHO will pay for all THIS, hmm?
Add it to the entire Riverfront project, which is already predicted to cost more than whatever original number was pulled from someone's ass.
Maybe they should plant a few of THESE?
Plus, the PARKS DEPT. need money for all THEIR projects, as this story mentions:
But all the SE side gets is a nice (stinking small) new "corner park" (at Lafayette and Pettit)...for all the damn good THAT will do.
Meanwhile the ethnics continue to prove their savagery and anti-social behavior with another record-breaking year when it comes to homicide rates. You wait and see if we don't top 2013.
Give Henry a fiddle because that odor I smell in my part of the ghettohood must mean that "Rome" might be burning.
*** Next up, here's proof that taking in refugees might not be the best idea, even if they're from Burma.
Mang Suan (left) and Reginald Bowers
Now with a name like Mang Suan, I somehow get the feeling that he's a nationalized citizen and not from THIS country. I could be wrong, but that part of the SE side is getting it's share of those from Myanmar.
He's a thieving little shit as well...read the story and find out.
Sure, better to come to OUR country, do nothing, but steal from others so YOU can have a nice life.
Sorry, doesn't work that way here...(yet).
But if we continue to get the WRONG people cribbing at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave, it just might. Yes, I DO want OUR America back...and damn soon, too.
*** Next up, the birds have taken well to eating all of the dry cat food I'm still putting out for our missing feline, Hobo.
And, while I am still hoping for his return, there is this gnawing doubt within me that says that's not going to happen. This is one instance where I want to be SO damn wrong.
It's really hard to have each day pass without him...or Rassie...or Penelope.
Instead of seeing a cat about the house, you get to see a whole lot of nothing...helluva trade-off.
Instead of seeing a cat at the patio door, you get to see birds and a squirrel (or two).
Poor compensation for a little cat with loads of affection that was freely given to me (and Wifey).
I know I am never really alone, but it still sucks being lonely every day.
*** Last back to the garage...I want to share the lyrics of a song from way back when I first got out of high school and the whole big world was staring me in the face.
For some reason, this song stuck with me, and as I got older, I knew why.
I think this says more than I ever could when it comes to my feelings of late:
Dedicated to my furry triumvirate of felines (Penny, Rassie & Hobo)
Miss You Nights -  (from the 1971 album Fate For Breakfast by Art Garfunkel - a cover for the original song by Cliff Richard)
I've had many, times I can tell you
Times when innocence I'd trade for company
And children saw me crying
I thought I'd had my share of that
But these miss you nights...
Midnight diamonds stud my heaven
Southward burning like the jewels that eye your place
And the warm winds that embrace me
Just as surely kissed your face
Yet these miss you nights are the longest.
How I miss you...I'm not likely to tell
I'm a man and cold daylight buys the pride I'd rather sell
All my secrets are a wasted affair
You know them well...
Thinking of my going
How to cut the thread and leave it all behind
Looking windward for my compass
I'll take each day as it arrives
But these miss you nights are the longest
Lay down all thoughts of your surrender
It's only me who's killing time
Play down all dreams and themes once remembered
It's just the same - this miss you game
These miss you nights are forever...they're forever.

And that they are, I can assure you.
Do have yourselves a good weekend.
Be well, make a difference to someone today, and as always...
Stay SAFE out there, America.


CWMartin said...

Y'know, I never had that much problem with candy corn. Just never wanted that MUCH of it...

"Sure, you can get a burger here, but it will be the best burger in Fort Wayne..." Doubt it. Most expensive mayhap, and that would take some doing with what Bar 145 charges, but it'll be that expensive.

Not all the Burmese are bad... some just have a hard time fitting into our culture, which is another thing the Libiots forget. But the bad ones are on a par with the worst of our multiethnic thugs.

The song- no words. Hang in there my friend, and if you need to gimme a call.

Bob G. said...

---The only GOOD use for candy corn that I have found is SLINGSHOT AMMO...heh.
(and the more STALE...the better!)
---I have NO doubt that Fort Wayne DOES have some pricy burgers. We had a place in Philly - H.A. Winston's (nice upscale), and for $5 and change (back in the 70s), you got over a HALF POUND of REAL BEEF on a Kaiser roll...loads of ways to have it "fixed", too. I liked the pizza-0burger.
---There's good and bad in ALL sects, but taking in wholesale amounts of refugees "willy-nilly" and sight unseen isn't good for them and certainly not for US.
I know I wouldn't want to HAVE to move ten thousand miles to some strange land, just because.
---Yeah, that song's been with me for a long time (before Dad passed), and it wasn't even the reason I got that album, but I suppose I was destined to have it.
The Lord works in mysterious ways.
(will keep the call in mind...not much to say, though...just loads of feelings and I never know when they're gonna surface again).
Thanks for being there AND for stopping on by today.

(be sure to take Scrappy on a walk for me)

Have yourselves a very nice weekend & do stay safe up there, brother.