31 October 2016

Monday Musings...
I'm sure we're still drying out from the rain we had over the weekend.
That only added to the way I've been feeling, namely crappy.
I even tossed about cutting back on the blog, but I figured why deprive you few who regularly stop by who want some facts, along with all the other stuff that takes place both here and around this crazy world?
Also, I need SOMETHING to occupy my mind, even if it's only for a couple hours in the mornings.
So, there we are then...we're kinda stuck with each other for a while still.
Our Hoosierland weather will find us with mostly cloudy skies and a high of around 58 degrees.
Not much else to say there.
Now, what say we get some "go-juice" into us as we face the day, the week, and even a brand new month, hmm?
*** First out of the jack-o-lantern is our "What the hell happens today, Bob?" feature:
---Today is National Caramel Apple Day (No big surprise there. Bet they don;t give them out to kids anymore), and National Knock-Knock Jokes Day (again, no surprise).
It's also National Magic Day (watch the city pull our money out of it's ass...lol), Girl Scout Founder's Day (just get the cookies ready), and Halloween (aka the national child beg-a-thon).
*** Next up, although we're still holding at 44 homicides for the year (tying the former record from 1997, and setting our sights on the 2013 record next),
Didn't need any this weekend, did we?
I didn't hear of ANY shootings in the Summit City. That's either good, or a trick or treat prank.
*** Next, still no sign of our little furry buddy, but the other assorted fauna are finding no complaints eating the dry cat food I still put out, in the hope of our community cat returning.
I still hope, for that's all I have now.
I still go out several times a day, tap the dish, and then listen for a meow.
Old habits are hard to break, aren't they?
*** Next, I suppose I should be somewhat happy that "misery loves company", because I'm not the only person to lose a beloved pet...or several.
For however long it takes...
I'm not happy though. It's even sadder to see others going through what you are.
There are broken hearts aplenty out there, and I'm just another (to borrow from Pink Floyd) "brick in the wall".
I've even been looking at various statuary for the garden, but my God, the prices are astounding.
Small statues (not even half life size) can run OVER $50. From there, the sky's the limit as far as expenditures along those lines. Even resin figures run into the $70+ range.
I might have to settle for a small memorial figure to cover all three cats. Better than nothing, which is what I currently find myself with as far as feline companionship goes these days.
*** Next, the next movie to add to the MCU (Marvel cinematic universe) is Doctor Strange, starring Benedict Cumberbatch and it opens this Friday.
The previews look very good, and while I didn't follow the comic was a youngster, he has crossed over enough of the other titles over the decades to make me like the character.
I mean, someone's gotta take care of the mystical realm, right? Who better than a master of such arts?
*** Next, Some channels are already showing CHRISTMAS flicks, and stores have begun the siege for our cash once again. Toys R Us had their "catalog" in yesterday's paper, and I can honestly say (having never completely suppressed my "inner-child") that there was nothing in there I liked, and that'saying a LOT.
Well, the PRICES sure are.
I wasn't much liking the PRICES,either. T
he newest batch of SW figures (from The Force Awakens) are selling for $12 and change! WTH? It's only ONE action figure, and it's not even 4 inches tall for God's sake.
Whatever happened to the days when you could get an Imperial scout-walker (AT-ST) for UNDER that same $12?
I miss those day, too...as if you couldn't tell.
*** Next, it was REALLY eerie going grocery shopping and NOT having to buy any cat food.
That was the first time that has taken place in twenty years, but I still walked the pet food aisle and guess what? It was stocked better than it has been for the past couple months. Got irony?
The aisles these days at the Bluffton Rd Kroger leave a LOT to be desired, though.
There are pallets along the wider aisles awaiting someone to stack the items on the shelves, and there are way too many "holes" on most every aisle, like someone is not ordering stuff to refill those vacancies.
In some ways, this is worse than Decatur Rd in it's heyday.  They're also short-staffed most Saturdays, and often run out of PAPER bags (as I mentioned before).
The only things we didn't get (because the store was OUT of them) were the large bag of unsalted peanuts and my hazelnut coffee creamer. like I said, someone needs to order that which they run out of sooner. rather than later.
Bet the (larger) Kroger stores in those areas up NORTH don't have ANY such issues.
*** Last back to the costume shop...yeah, it's Halloween, and we're not planning to give any candy to any of the area kids. (Obummer redistributed ours...lol)
These two look okay, though.
To me, it's a question of "cause and effect". The kids that move in with their baby-mama are basically hoodlums-in-training, judging by the manner that they wander about (never supervised in any way) on other properties, play in the streets, chasing basketballs and footballs in front of cars (pretty damn stupid when they could walk to some park nearby), so these kids CAUSE me to not provide them with any treat for their behaviors, ergo the EFFECT that they made by their choices.
Call it a "life-lesson"...one which they would be hard-pressed to learn under their own roof.
Plus, we save a few bucks...lol.
Besides, I'm too wrapped up in dealing with not having my one buddy around with me, and missing the hell out of my other new-found (short as that was) four-footed friend.
Call that another one of those "life-lessons", and one that I have to work through, however long it may take.
To be realistic, some parts of life you never DO get over, and I suppose that's a good thing.
Such lessons can serve as that reminder of how special certain things were, how much someone was valued and loved, and how fleeting such times can be, even if they last for decades.
And we all must endure them to the best of our ability, as well as to the memory of those we cherish.
Be well, make a difference to someone, and...
Stay SAFE out there, America.


CWMartin said...

You know, we all feel that way sometimes. But the best thing to beat depression would be doing SOMETHING. Doesn't really matter what, just something to get you from "chewing the bone", as I call it. We have to make a choice to let BS take the fun out of our lives, and we can just as easy choose NOT to let it happen.

Hands, bootstraps. Elijah was depressed, and God gave him, "You're not alone. Now here's what I want you to do..." So if you don't want a BIG holy workload, best get busy...

Collecting has become big business in everything, and it sucks the life out of any hobby. I started on caps way back when thinking, here's something no one else will do. Guess again.

I haven't noticed any of those issues at our Krogers- but you sure see it at our Wal-Mart!

BTW, Laurie's got Saturday off again this week, so there is a possibility if you like of taking that walk- Unless Isaiah puts a crinkle into it. KC told me yesterday he was kicking so much, you could see it out of the corner of your eye! Due date is today...

Bob G. said...

A holy workload wouldn't be that bad right now.
Might take the edge off of things.
(I did say "might")

I remember when my Dad passed in '78...I was a BRICK for Mom (she was a wreck, as one might imagine).
I did it all, never missed a step, was there for both of us, and didn't flinch once...until all the grief I had kept inside caught up to me about ten months later.
Talk about a "crash landing"!
(damn hard to just walk away from those)

THAT was something I never would have expected, but I learned that the sooner you face that grief, and allow it to work through you at it's OWN pace, the better things turn out.
(That's "as well as could be", actually).

Let's see what the baby wants to do first.
After all, he might be in a bit of a rush to get into OUR world (and why, I have no earthly idea)...heh.

We'll keep the nature walk on the back burner, just in case, 'K?
Family comes before nature walks.

Thanks for the words and support, and just for being who you are. It means a lot.

And thanks for stopping by to comment.

Stay safe up there, brother.