16 December 2016

Friday Follies...
Another day in the deep-freeze. Great way to end the week, isn't it?
Well, we have a bit of a warm-up tomorrow, then early next week, we're back into the freezer.
And to think that we're not even "officially" into winter yet (next Wednesday, kids).
Our Hoosierland weather for today finds us shivering our nether-regions off once again with cloudy skies (aww, liked seeing the sun yesterday), temps inching their way up to around 23 degrees and some late afternoon/evening snow moving in (couple inches further north, and maybe just a dusting south), with a touch of freezing rain overnight (joy). Should make grocery shopping tomorrow "interesting".
A damn shame I don't have a Vibranium shield I can use as a SNOW-DISC.
Gotta take a break from saving the world.
That would be wild in all this wintry weather.
Now, let's get that piping hot cup of coffee, tea, or cocoa poured and parked nearby as we see what's been going on elsewhere...
*** First off of the tundra is our "What the hell happens today, Bob?" feature.
---Today is National Chocolate Covered Anything Day
(I'll pass on broccoli, cauliflower, turds, and roadkill, thank you)
---It's Barbie and Barney Backlash Day
(didn't even know they were dating)
---It's FREE Shipping Day
(so, make your purchases already)
---It's National Ugly Christmas Sweater Day
(never had one, so I'll pass)
---And, it's National Underdog Day
(many of us are there already, we can run with this one)
*** And since it's week's end, let's take a look at what the following 48 hours brings us:
---Saturday is National Maple Syrup Day
(pancakes for breakfast sounds good...with bacon on the side)
---It's Wright Brothers Day
(two wrongs don't make a right, but two WRIGHTS make an airplane)
---It's National Wreaths Across America Day
(covering all veterans' grave sites with Christmas wreaths)
---Sunday is National Roast Suckling Pig Day
(oven's too small. Let's go with a pork tenderloin)
---It's Answer the Telephone Like Buddy The Elf Day
(what's your favorite color?)
*** Next up, what say we take some time to get the STUPID out of the way before we move on, hmm?
You tell 'em, Duke.
---This story is another one that puts a smile on my face EVERY time.
Two perps were arrested in connection with a wrongful murder on Avondale Drive back in September.
Kahmarri Spencer, 18 is being charged with murder, while Trevon Sullivan, 21 is charged with aiding in a murder. Effin' LOSERS!
Kahmarri Spencer       Trevon Sullivan
Robert Moore, 54 was the victim killed on his porch, and was the man thought by Spencer to be a rival gang member. Sorry, don't think we've got any OGs that old around to shoot.
I love what the (white) neighbor had to say, and he's 100% right.
These two sorry sacks of shit DON'T deserve to be free on ANY street in THIS country.
Here's another account with some interesting sidebars:
Anton Jovan Moore
((Shortly after Bobby Moore’s death, the Moore family lost another family member, Anton Javon Moore on Oct. 19. His body was found down a steep embankment off Fairfield Avenue, dead of a gunshot wound.  Anton Moore was Bobby Moore’s nephew.)) 
Anton Moore was 30. And a nice picture of him as well.
Now THIS person might have been the gang member Spencer was trying to originally target, unless someone got the intended victim wrong again.
And the BEST part - NO BOND for the two arrested!
---This story just makes me laugh, because it never had to happen:
Affordable Care Act...nothing "affordable" about it for everyone who saw their healthcare premiums SKYROCKET.
(seemed to be a hallmark of the Obummer administration, along with all the other deceit and blatant lies).
The sooner it gets dumped, the better for EVERYONE, because people will not go without ANY care.
The Hippocratic Oath automatically takes care of that, so bite it.
---Here's a followup story about the Marathon robber who got caught yesterday:
Dumbass loser!
Jeremy Jacoby, 37 was the perp nabbed by police when he tried to flee.
Police found $83 bucks in a plastic bag along with an AIRSOFT pistol behind a business along State Blvd. An airsoft pistol...ROFL!
The story erroneous says the pistol looked like an AUTOMATIC handgun...
Will you morons PLEASE get this shit STRAIGHT...it's a SEMI-automatic handgun, and most airsoft pistols are SPRING-action, which means you have to manually cock the pistol for each shot...cripes almighty!
Take some damn time to LEARN the facts before you write the frigging story.
*** Next up and getting away from such nonsense... well, my feet are on the mend. It was a bit easier to get around yesterday, and that was a godsend, I can now limp FASTER...LOL.
Definitely not the RUNNING man...
Actually, the left foot hurts a LOT less, while the swelling on the right foot has diminished, but it's still tender to touch, so I'm careful not to bump it. You know you ALWAYS wind up knocking the ONE part of you that hurts.
Damn fine footwear.

That's why I dug out the Ryno Gear tactical pursuit shoes and wore those ALL damn day. Good support, comfy and nice tread.
Best shoe to wear in ANY weather (that doesn't have a steel toe). Good cop shoe!
And I made it out and back from the mailbox without incident. I will confess that getting over that frozen berm at curbside was still touch and go for me. Didn't want a repeat of Wednesday, that's for sure. And trying to NOT let anyone outside see my limp was indeed a challenge. You grit your teeth, work through the aching pain, and keep on going.
It should not be a problem driving tomorrow, if conditions permit.
Like I said, I can get around, but I'm not running in any damn race for a while.
*** Next up, let's see what's going on at "Kitten Corner"...
Hey, there's LOTSA food in HERE, too!
The kids keep finding ALL these "new places" to explore...some of them are not for exploring, like the kitchen counter tops (or inside the fridge).
That bottle cap JUMPED off the counter!
I keep beer bottle caps for Chris Martin (who collects them) in a bowl-like container at one corner and by God, one of them FOUND that, as I discovered a Guinness cap on the kitchen floor.
How that fascinates them...I have no idea.
I moved the meds, as they were also disturbed, and I have to make sure that bottom cabinet lazy-Susan is CLOSED, otherwise, one of them will crawl into the damn thing.
Aside from those little issues, nothing bad to speak of, except for one small piddle "accident" on the hallway carpet. I cleaned that up straight away and chided them both for not using the litter pan, which they have always done since they came here last month.
No problem with appetites, either, which is good, considering one of the side-effects of the medication can be a loss of appetite. How can you put it in their food is they don't want to eat (?) was my question, but so far, no problem.
We'll cross that bridge if and when we get to it.
I iz all played out.
Toss in some snooze time, laser pointer activity, and playing with cat toys, and you've got a good day all around.
*** Last back to the igloo...in this cold weather, I can't help but be concerned for pet owners looking for a lost dog or cat.
It's scary to think such beloved friends of a family can turn up missing when cold weather sets in.
I still wonder about Hobo, especially over the past several days, and hope that he found a real home, and that someone took him inside, and that he's NOT exposed to the bitter chill.
I will never stop missing you, buddy.
Sure, we get the squirrels stopping by, as well as all the birds, but you EXPECT them to be outdoor critters.
It's the furry friends that we take into our lives and homes that mean so much more.
I view the "Lost Cats of Fort Wayne" website, and my heart breaks for those who have an empty bowl in their home, because their cat is missing. More troubling still, are accounts of people contacting Animal Care and Control for a cat found dead along a city street or road. That could have been someone's pet, perhaps a little boy or girl's.
If only a lot more people were half as kind and caring to one another as many are to their pets, this planet wouldn't be in as much of a fix as it finds itself today.
Lord knows It's the right season for giving...and caring...and for sharing.
Perhaps we could even start a trend; one which would have far lasting effects towards the betterment of all, no matter how many feet they might possess.
Do have yourselves a good weekend.
Be well, make a difference to someone today, and as always...
Stay SAFE out there, America.


CWMartin said...

LOL- the terrible unchocolated four...

Spencer and Sullivan... are you ALWAYS that alert, lol?

Jacoby- looks like another meth-head bites the dust- and as FWMM would say, the media ain't never gonna learn.

Since I won't see you and D at the store tomorrow, "Howdy, Marshall, howdy, Chester..."

Trust me- cats love A) anything that slides when batted, and B) anything in a bowl.

Bob G. said...

--I figured you'd get a kick out of those...obviously UN-faves of yours, too. Some things do NOT beg to be covered in chocolate, like old Buicks.
However, Sofia Vergara is quite ANOTHER story.
---We have a word for jerks like that back in South Philly: STUNOD!
---I thought Jacoby had a major case of "ringworm"...LOL. No, the media hasn't figured out the whole "fact" thing enough to suit a lot of folks like us.
---ROFL - that's a pretty good comparison. I must be channeling Dennis Weaver now.
---Granted, the caps are duplicates, but still, I need to put them in a bag AWAY from prying paws...heh.

Thanks for battling the cold to stop by and comment.
Have yourselves a very good weekend.
Do stay safe (and warm) up there, brother.
Movie idea: "A Christmas Sweater For Scrappy".
I think we can pitch this to Lifetime or the Hallmark Channel...HA!
Be a good kids book at least.