15 December 2016

Thoughts For Thursday...
I've only TWO thoughts that come to mind today...COLD and OUCH!
The first one is too obvious, and the second...we'll talk about that later on.
It is F-R-I-G-I-D outside this morning, and it's not getting much better as the day progresses.
With the wind chill (currently), it feels like between -17 to -20 degrees out there.
Where's Ian Ziering when you NEED him?
Schools are on a 2-hour delay (like that's really going to help at all).
Streets with snow still on them are better left to those with ice skates than with tires...be careful.
Our Hoosierland weather for today finds us with PLENTY of cold conditions (dangerously cold if you're not properly attired with several layers, and don't forget proper insulation on the feet, too).
Looks like we'll have sunny skies for the most part, temps will only rise to around SIX DEGREES (of separation?). and yes, we will have breezy conditions to boot (coming from the west).
Now, how's about joining me for a nice BIG, hot cup of coffee (or tea or perhaps cocoa) as we see what else has been going on around the old familiar places, hmm?
*** First off of the glacier is the answer to yesterday's WHO SAID THAT? quote.
"Gratitude can transform common days into thanksgivings, turn routine jobs into joy, and change ordinary opportunities into blessings." 
This was spoken by William Arthur Ward (1921 - march 30 1994), who was one of America's most quoted writers of inspirational maxims. Here is his WIKI:
Not much is listed for him, yet he was a prolific writer whose articles appeared in magazines such as Reader's Digest, This Week, The Upper Room, Together, The Christian Advocate, The Adult Student, The Adult Teacher, The Christian Home, The Phi Delta Kappan, Science of Mind, The Methodist Layman, Sunshine, and Ideals.
I'm surprised more is not known about this man
Since it's such a brief read, you'll surely have time enough to look it over.
*** Next up, it's time for our "What the hell happens today, Bob?" feature:
---Today is National Wear Your Pearls Day
(don't have any...sorry)
---It's National Cupcake/Lemon Cupcake Day
(you have my attention)
---It's Bill Of Rights Day
(Which leftards have been TRYING to amend for ages)
It's a bill of RIGHTS...NOT privileges,kapeesh?!
---And, it's Cat Herder's Day
(easy enough IF you have the rights "tools")
*** Next up, Let's get our daily dose of STUPID out of the way with another robbery at a frequently targeted Marathon station nets one. Here's the story link:
Yeah, this time, police were fortunate enough to nab an armed robber (they also found the gun) who held up that Marathon on E. State last night around 2240 hrs.
Police believe this might be the same perp that robbed the place a couple times over the last few months. (sure hope so)
Whatta dumbass...keep robbing the SAME place until they catch you...dipshit!
*** Next up, and still a bit on the stupid side, schools are not closing in spite of the bone-chilling weather.
Not an option today?
Okay, so maybe WE went to school (back then) in similar conditions, but we had ONE advantage many of today's kids DON'T have - parents. And by this, I mean those who made SURE we were PROPERLY dressed for such weather, regardless of "how it looked".
We were not parading about on some fashion show runway, so screw looking "cool".
Today's kids wear athletic shoes in ice and snow, rather than what we called GALOSHES or "overshoes".
Athletic shoes were meant for warmer weather and NOT for winter. Kids don't have adequate head covering, either, and not many are wearing GLOVES (or mittens).
These kids looked better prepared.
THAT is why I think schools should close on days like this, but school leaders don't take into consideration the dumbassery of the parents and kids...do they? At least attendance will be down, and maybe the schools will hear from PO'ed parents anyway...we can hope.
*** Next up, this story had me both pissed AND laughing...for the OBVIOUS reasons too. Here's the link:
Yeah, CLEAR your sidewalks...like WE do (all the damn time)...yasureyoubetcha. Not gonna happen with too many people and businesses around town.
And yet, Public Works Department Public Information Officer Frank Suarez (part of the good old boy network) states: “This policy has been in effect since 1974,” “I haven’t found any cases that anyone here knows about where they actually issued a penalty.”
Then What the f*ck are you doing to STOP people from ignoring the ordinance?
Not ONE fine levied against ANYONE in ALL that time...now THAT is deplorable.
Don't bother with OUR house. We do it RIGHT.
Maybe someone needs to light a damn fire under the asses of those in the right-of-way department and get them OUT to issue a few citations. Then maybe we won't need to raise taxes to fund all the useless projects downtown and along the riverfront? Just a thought.
*** Next up, and speaking of snow and ice along the streets....I was going to check on the mail yesterday as it was after 2PM and was not sure it the carrier had come.
The scene of the "crime"
So I venture out to cross the street, and attempted to step over the ice/snow berm created by the one plow that came through two days ago.
My one foot fell through a soft spot, while my other foot got hooked under an ice chunk which did not give.
Into the damn street I tumbled, tearing my camo pants at the knee on the concrete, and falling onto my right hand. Both feet were hurting very well after that.
Needless to say, the mail came later, so that was a wasted trip to the mailbox.
Well, it wasn't REALLY wasted, as both feet became swollen in less than an hour, Walking was quite painful.
Yeah, that's an "ouchy".
I have apparently sprained the outside of my left foot (stretched a few ligaments - limited rotation), and my right foot big toe is bruised, jammed, sprained...take your pick.
It HURTS like the devil. Got me a real nice limp working...just in time for the holidays.
Don't need my cane (from a bad sprain way back in the late 70s), but I'm still not gonna be running any races for a spell, or spending time brushing up my "two-step" routine.
Now, if God was trying to use this as a "teachable moment", I think I could find several dozen BETTER methods for Him to choose from.
On the up side (you mean there is one?), I didn't crack a kneecap, or bust a hip, or shatter my sternum or spine.
Thankfully, the military pants had a DOUBLE-KNEE, so no abrasions, and I sewed the pants back up.
A so-so job, but they're (now) knock-arounds.
Maybe THAT was the lesson...to appreciate not being hospitalized (or robbed if I was laying in the damn street)?
It's a stretch, but I guess I can work with that for the time being.
Besides, I can STILL handle a gun, so NO worries here at the "Fortress".
*** Next, let's slide on over to visit "Kitten Corner"...
"I LIKE this toy - it SQUEAKS!"
Our balls of fur have gotten their medicine and I gave them both their first dose yesterday.
Have to dose them once a day for the next several weeks, and that should take care of any ringworm fungus stuff (we'll see). As for them transmitting it to me? Not worried.
"All this dumb BALL does is ROLL."
I got my aching feet to keep me "busy" for the rest of the year.
I just add the meds to some wet food and presto...instant ingestion.
They were both hanging around me last evening, as they knew I was not on my "A" game and hurting.
Earlier on, they were busy playing near where we put our shoes at the back door in the family room.
And, they spent time in the window "perch"...like I said, a life to be envied (and they never have to check the mailbox...lol)
*** Last back to the iceberg...when you least expect it, sh*t happens.
I don't wanna be the hydrant today.
(just like yesterday?)
And, when it does, we don't have to necessarily like it, but we DO have to deal WITH it.
Now, I spent some time yesterday after injuring both my feet swearing at everything BUT God...wasn't HIS fault.
I blamed the city for the lousy plow, myself for not clearing a path TO the street, and the city in general for their "lack of vision" when it comes to OUR part of town. I even blamed global-warming...LOL.
Yet, it could have been much worse.
It's just another day in the life, as it were, and despite what happens, the sun will still rise and set, the clocks will still move forward in time, and the planet will keep on spinning.
Yeah, sorta like that.
I admit, I would give damn near anything to start the year over again, and then I thought "Why would I want to go through all that crap AGAIN?" 
Well, it might turn out different, but some things are locked in time - can't be changed.
(We Timelords know this kinda stuff)
Best thing to do is move forward, learn from whatever experience took place, and add it to the knowledge files (for future reference).
And perhaps, if more people tried to do the same, a lot of our major problems would be lessened.
Again, we can always hope, right?
Be well, make a difference to someone, and...
Stay SAFE out there, America.


CWMartin said...

Okay, today I got here early because the car said no quieres frigida and waiting for it to be serviced. Beat it to my reading list, too!

Well, the Cat herders day should be appropriate, lol!

Perp: Prolly left his crib sayin', "Well, time ta go to da bank, lol," Guess what? You're overdrawn, and thou shalt pay a penalty, lol!

I saw the sidewalk report. Who cares about a law if no one's been penalized for breaking it since it started? In the mirror someone's patting themselves on the back. To everyone else, they're a moron. Terra Brantley just told us all not to give a crap about it.

Teachable moment- I think you are exactly right. What if you HAD been incapacitated? Maybe a reminder, as we often get, that we're not getting any younger... and have a need to have a back-up set up. I'm guessing that Joe from down the street isn't going to do much more than chuckle at your plight right now. What happens if/when? Time to break down and get that dumb phone like mine so you can call for help?

Bob G. said...

---I think I've been through EVERYTHING that can go wrong with a vehicle in weather like this - water pump, dead battery, flat, radiator hose, broken belt, heater that works better in summer than winter...you name it, Been there, done that.
Hope your problem isn't costly and you're squared away ASAP there.
---Cat herders - all I need is a laser pointer!
(wink, wink...nudge, nudge)
--Armed robber - marvelously stated.
That is SO twitter-worthy!
---Sidewalks - Yeah, EXACTLY. This city has a nasty habit of NOT taking laws as they were written and designed (unenforceable? My ass!). And then the same people wonder WHY we have the problems we do here. Morons, INDEED!
---Guess I needed a refresher on learning to NOT trust what I see when it comes to ice and snow (good advice when hiking Antarctica and trying to avoid crevasses).
I've fallen...but I DID get the hell back up (yet again)...testament to self-reliance and perseverance, no doubt.
(shades of Alfred the butler from Batman Begins)

Thanks for stopping by here today and commenting.
(always good to "see" a friendly face while recuperating)

Do stay safe and keep warm up there, brother.
(also, mind any piles of snow/ice near curbs - they're out to get us...lol)