30 January 2017

Monday Musings...
There comes a time when, if you're married to a school teacher, she will inevitably bring home a cold from the kids.
Even luckier still, she will pass that cold along to YOU, or in this case...me.
And that's why I never wish MY luck on others...lol.
Welcome to another week, such as it is.
Those slight snow showers did manage to dust the ground white over the weekend. Considering it was cold and really didn't even get above freezing had much to do with that, along with all the clouds we had.
Our Hoosierland weather for today will see us with mostly cloudy skies (still?), and temps reaching to around the freezing mark (32 degrees F). Those snow showers will be tapering off as well early. only to come back later in the day into tonight.
There we are then...now, let's get something soothing to drink as we see what is going on elsewhere...
*** First out of the swollen sinus cavity is our "What the hell happens today, Bob?" feature:
---Today is National Croissant Day
(used to love the BK breakfast ones)
---And, it's National Bubble Wrap Appreciation Day
(keeping children and adults amused when they're bored)
*** Next up, all this protesting being tossed in the direction of our president is royally pissing me the hell off.
From sea...
All these "rent-a-mob", Soros-backed, libtard dumbasses need to quiet the hell down, and crawl back under the rocks they came from...now. Give Trump a chance to TRY and undo all the "fundamental change" the last president unlawfully instituted against this nation and her people. And yes, some decisions may require some unpopular choices, and might upset a few apple carts along the way (and it would surprise me if these protesters even understood that last reference - they probably never seen an apple cart).
To shining sea...
These are the people who always go off "half-cocked", never taking time to understand any reason, yet always too quick to argue for the sake of arguing.
Now, I believe that we can have BOTH security AND liberty, but it seems that these mobs would much rather seek liberty alone...and screw being secure. Well, we've seen how well such things worked in other nations in recent times, right?
And swinging the pendulum the other way to embrace security ALONE is not the way to go, because you will not have the liberty and freedom you now enjoy.
This is a delicate balancing act which requires constant attention, lest we start to swing one way or the other.
You tell 'em, Benny!
But, all these assholes, who obviously don't work for a living, have nothing better to do TO this nation (and not FOR it) than carry nonsensical signs, and create mayhem. And don't try to argue YOUR POV with any of them...they've got their liberal blinders on (supplied by the former regime).
MY kind of "protest" sign.
Remember, YOU'RE the one who's wrong because you took time to know the FACTS, bone up on history, and can be curious enough to never settle for the lame-stream media pablum being stuck in your face daily.
Well, if doing all that is being wrong, than count me on-board for life. Better to be damned for being right, than damned for being wrong.
*** Next up, sadly, such blatant nonsense and stupidity has managed to reach into OUR city.
Here's the story link:
In Fort Wayne's historic Oakdale neighborhood hangs an effigy of our current president, clutching a soviet flag.
I would tend to think that the house where the effigy is located might belong to a veteran, because of the sign that says:
“Trump is a disgrace to America & makes me ashamed I ever served.”
In my opinion, Trump has done a lot LESS to our nation than Obummer has, but I never heard of an effigy of a hanging Obummer out front of any local house...why it that?
(fear of fallout from the black community - whitey is fair game, however)
FWPD spokesman Mike Joyner states that the homeowner is well within his rights to free speech.
They did it in INDIA.
So I ask again, why was an Obummer effigy never HUNG?
I think you all know why...
*** Next, now normally, I'd report some crime, but nothing made the news (not sensational enough?), but that doesn't mean there wasn't any going on.
Like on Saturday night, around 2155 hrs, while watching the Captain America movie on USA channel (good battle scenes), I head four LOUD (meaning close) gunshots, and they weren't coming from the television.
I went to the front door, and saw a white Dodge Charger going south on our street.
Then, another two shots that sure sounded like they came from the car (didn't see any muzzle flashes, though).
The car started to pull into a driveway, like it was going to turn back around, but then the driver changed his mind, and continued south (probably to Fairfax or Decatur Rd).
Within 5 minutes, I saw FWPD cruisers rolling through, and twice I tried to flag them down...they never saw me at the door waving, obviously.
The "official" police call was:
17F011495 - 21:58:04 - 113 - shots fired - 46xx Monroe S.
Well, it's not like I didn't try. I thought about calling in and offering my information, but chose not to (I can blame this cold). I submitted it on Crimestoppers anyway.
Then, around 2303 hrs, after police had left the area, another single hot was heard (again, close by). Never saw anyone on foot or a vehicle in the area at the time.
Never saw any police follow up on that.
And we wonder WHY things and people are the way they are down here?
I stopped wondering a long time ago.
*** Next up, we lost two more notable performers over the weekend.
British actor John Hurt passed away at the age of 77 (three days after his birthday, in fact).
Here is his WIKI:
It's a very good read and shows ALL the awards he has received over his career.
He appeared in the recently released movie JACKIE.
Guess we shall never see "The War Doctor" again.
And, Mike Connors, star of the series MANNIX has passed away at the age of 91.
Here is his WIKI:
While best known for his 7 year run as detective Joe Mannix, he did appear in numerous TV and film roles, spanning several decades.
Not bad for a kid from Fresno named Krekor Obhanian.
*** Next, let's kick back and rest a spell over at "Kitten Corner"...
The kids were full of energy this weekend...and full of napping, in between bouts of rubbing and purring.
It's funny to watch them both play with that saucer-ball thing, too.
Gallifrey does love getting up to the kitchen sink (and I love to turn on the faucet when he does to dissuade him from being up there).
Violet got into the lazy-Susan and I saw her come out when I shook the food bag (she was next to the potato chips).
At least they both spend time with Wifey and myself, even if they have to tag-off in other rooms.
There's always a place to curl up and get cozy for the cats.
*** Last back to the medicine cabinet...it's hard to dismiss all the insanity we see around us.
And I have to admit that much, if not all of it has been manufactured to benefit those who would seek to dismantle the framework of our nation.
Now, to me, that's certainly NOT American (but, it does get headlines).
Last night, they had the Screen Actors Guild Awards, but I refused to watch it, mainly because I KNEW there would be a podium for political speeches by many of the people winning awards...not the right venue for that, and they all should know better.
Where once politics used to belong  in it's OWN place in our society, it has become the jumping off point for damn near everything else NOT connected to politics.
But, it sure gets plenty of air-time and newsprint.
How many directions can we be pulled before we say enough is truly enough?
When will our attention be placed where it belongs and not where others want it?
And what will be the next "fad" to come along and take the place of what's going on currently?
I wish I knew those answers...I could become a rich man knowing such things.
As usual, life comes down to choices, and too many are making the wrong ones these days...and they keep getting away with it, never being called out or held accountable.
There is (and always will be) a "cause and effect" to the actions of everyone, and while I strive to make sure I realize such things before I make decisions, others need to step up and start to do likewise, lest we provide the anarchists among us with the impetus to wreak havoc on our country and it's people.
It's just common sense and facts...plain and simple.
Be well, make a difference to someone, and...
Stay SAFE out there, America.


CWMartin said...

Sorry to hear you're under the weather... sounds like some nasty stuff.

I have been fighting the battle with know-littles who think Trump is terrible all weekend. I point out over and over the things that they are forgetting, but I guess it makes them feel so good to feel so bad that they really don't wanna hear it. A FB buddy posted the story about the refugee in Germany drawing all kinds of Government assistance because he has 2 wives and 22 kids. Some bozo kept yammering and yammering how my friend thought the money was more important than human life- and I mean REEE-petitively. Let me show you how this ended:

Friend: Go occupy something ya fricking loon..

Loon: Don't have any real logical,concise, or thought out argument so you have to resort to name calling.....

Friend: No I resorted to name calling because it's my sense you are a fucking idiot.

You don't know how many times I wanted to say that myself. Another friend was going on "snowflake posts" and commenting "TFB". I spent half the morning liking his TFBs, lol!

If Trump were a black man, the idiot with the effigy would be in jail by now. All he is publicly expressing is what an a-hole he is. Hope he doesn't mind when he starts getting egged...

Knew about Mannix and the War Doctor. Did you know we lost Della Street this week, too?

Bob G. said...

I HATE fighting this "germ warfare" stuff, but I got me some Lipton chicken noodle soup and PLENTY of TANG (gonna see how much vitamin C I can take before I regenerate...LOL).
---These leftards wouldn't know WHAT to do in order to actually feel GOOD (for once in their pathetic lives).
So, they want others to feel bad with them...sorry, I'm not buying into that PCBS AT ALL.
---Your FB friend knows how to "tell it like it IS". Kudos there.
---You can NEVER have enough TFBs to go around these days for all the snowflake-lefties among us.
---I'd bet the guy's house would be burned down and his family shot at...that's the way the LEFT comes back with such rhetoric...with violence, because that always solves everything (to them), all the while preaching tolerance and "peace"...yeah, more like PIECE of YOUR life. Hypocrisy for ALL there.
---Yeah, from Perry Mason. She was in her 90s too, I believe.
Anyway...back to the TANG for me (feel like a flippin' ASTRONAUT, now. Where's my capsule?
Ahh...COLD capsule. Got it.

Thanks for stopping by.

Stay safe (and well) up there, brother.
(I got the "R" in there)