10 February 2017

Friday Follies...
Welcome to the "wonderful world of weekend" at long last.
And, since the paper carrier has decided to sleep IN this morning, we have to rely upon the online sources for most of the "fun" we may encounter.
Our Hoosierland weather today has us with COLD conditions outside to start with (single digits with that wind chill), but temps are supposed to rise to around the upper 30s by afternoon. Skies will be mostly cloudy. Gonna be breezy, too. Never fear though, as we will see temps back into the 50s over the weekend...and the roller-coaster weather continues.
Now, let's a get a nice hot cup of Friday Fortitude, as we see what else has been going on...
*** First of the ice cube tray is our "What the hell happens today, Bob?" feature:
---Today is National Cream Cheese Brownie Day
(nothing I don't like in this)
---It's National Home Warranty Day
(any warranty down here should include stray bullet damage and other vandalism)
---It's National Umbrella Day
(with no rain...kinda pointless)
*** And since we are at week's end, let's see what the following 48 hours brings us:
---Saturday is National Don't Cry Over Spilled Milk Day
(Now spilled 12-year old SCOTCH is worth some tears)
---It's National Inventors Day
(without and of them, we wouldn't have a damn thing, would we?)
---It's National Make a Friend Day
(down where we live, the only "friends" around are the wildlife)
---It's National Peppermint Patty Day
(the candy and not the Peanuts character, gang)
---it's National Shut-In Visitation Day
(those incarcerated do NOT qualify)
---it's National White Shirt Day
(never wash them with anything red)
---Sunday is National Plum Pudding Day
(never had this...yet)
---It's also the birthday of Abraham Lincoln...if anyone still remembers such things.
(it actually USED to be a holiday, before it became a "combined" affair - President's Day)
And there you have it...plenty of things to keep one occupied (and not on Wall St.)
Please observe responsibly.
*** Next up, we have some local STUPID going on out there.
---this story has "WTF?" written all over it:
This took place in the 3200 block of Diplomat Drive around 0630 hrs yesterday morning.
Man found "unresponsive" who died at hospital a short time later.
I love the people they interviewed. The ONLY person who made real sense was the 2nd older man. The other two - typical ghetto fleas. This was a stone's throw from the notorious Diplomat Apartments (near McMillen Golf Course).
Any bets that the victim was black and that this might be ruled either a homicide or (possibly) an overdose?
((UPDATE - This is now the 4th homicide of this year. The victim has been ID'ed as 16-year old Quinlan Partington . Here's the link:))
---And then we have this story which typifies the sheer savage intent of too many government-sponsored beasts who infest  the SE side. Here's the link:
This took place in the 2500 block of Oxford St. around 0020 hrs this morning.
Now that is right in the heart of our ever-expanding ghetto down here.
A woman got into a verbal argument that escalated into a stabbing which injured an infant being held by it's mother...absolutely NO regard for human life at any age.
---This story has stupid covered in more stupid:
The Sultan of STUPID.
What you need to take from stories such as this is the word AGAIN, as in being arrested numerous times.
The lead in this goes: "Hozyfa Hamed Ali Sultan is back in jail, this time charged with dealing in cocaine." Sounds kinda black Muslim to me with a name like that. You remember Dire Straits The Sultans of Swing? We got us a new one here.
Murder, and now dealing cocaine...didn't quite get that rehabilitation the penal system was looking for, did they?
This piece of human crap needs to go AWAY...for a LONG time, and none of this damn wrist-slapping bullshit which seems to permeate our local judicial system. Reason he was cut loose last year, was that bringing him to trial exceeded the time spam allowed by law (than CHANGE THE DAMN LAW, you morons).
The police must get damn frustrated when they repeatedly arrest a known perp, only to have him walk because the prosecutor's office drags their damn feet.
---And a pimp gets more than he desired. Here's the story link:
Another piece of crap off our streets (for how long is anyone's guess).
Shon Michael Earls, 32, of Indy was arrested along with Amber L. Brooking, also from Indy.
(nice mugshots)
Guess business is SLOW in the state's capital?
Earls also has an outstanding warrant from PA dating back to October last year.
*** Now, let's get AWAY from all this stupid, and stop on by "Kitten Corner"...
Haven't had one incursion into our lazy-Susan since the shim (2 days ago)...nice fix for that.
Violet's new friend is a cast iron dog doorstop?
As to keeping them off the counter tops? That's gonna take some time, and lots more thinking outside the (litter) box.
Other than that, we've plenty of cute hanging around the "Fortress", and every day, I thank God for bringing Violet and Gallifrey into our lives.
Yo, tables are made for GLASSES, not for ASSES!
It's amazing that when we decided to look for another cat (or two) to live with us after Penny and later, Rassie left, we would be so fortunate as to have these two at the shelter on the day we stopped by (I had looked through the ACSPCA pictures prior, so it wasn't totally a blind-run).
I believe that pets (and other animals that touch our soul) come into your life at a specific time for a specific reason, and that's not just trying to assign any humanity TO a pet, although they take care of that themselves soon enough.
People may say how "lucky" you are to have them...it's not so much luck, but purposed, and with a much higher authority at the helm.
*** Last back to the frozen food aisle, it takes a certain kind of person to have a pet.
Anyone can "own" an animal...that's too easy an explanation, and implies superiority OF the "owner". It's like anyone can be a PARENT, but being a real MOTHER or FATHER takes much more. Just ask them.
The gang's all here.
A pet lover never sees it that way, and with good reason.
They understand the bond that can be had with a pet that is taken in to a home to become that other member of a family.
We say "pet owner" more as a matter of reflex, than a proper definition of who we are, but those of us that have had cats or dogs  (and others animals or birds) know better.
Yes, there are those who will exploit an animal for whatever excuse they can drum up, and they should be taken to task over their mistreatment of animals whenever that occurs. I'm not becoming a tree-hugger here, and I'm not talking about situations meant to entertain us, such as circuses, horse shows, zoos, and the like (where animals are well-treated, despite what the drive-by media says about those fringe groups who claim otherwise)
We're talking pets and families here, as well as service dogs for the blind, military and police K-9s and such.
To have a pet is to become better acquainted with yourself, and to be in the company of a creature that shows unconditional love, is to become more familiar with the HUMAN condition.
We could learn much and cure many of society's problems if more people took time to choose a different path - one which would involve taking in a pet to nurture, to love, and to teach us how to become better individuals.
That won't happen today (for many), but perhaps...tomorrow (for a few more).
Do have yourselves a good weekend.
Be well, make a difference to someone today, and as always...
Stay SAFE out there, America.


CWMartin said...

So I nodded at the National days (none for me, thanks), noted the crime report (all cases I had JUST read on WANE), checked out the pimp and his "lady" (Seriously, did he spend his childhood with a leather belt tightened around his head just about ear-level?) and enjoyed the cats (glasses not asses, lol- I had a gf once who learned that the HARD way).

Btw, stay tuned for what I believe will be a Monday post wherein Scrappy is a HERO!

Bob G. said...

---Out of all those "days", Abe's birthday is at the top for me.
---Goes to show that you DON'T have to hang out at City Hall to find Fort Wayne's STUPID, right?
---LOL...he DOES have a cranial "issue".
---The cats are loving the treats you got 'em, too.
---The asses/glasses thing is something I have to thank my PARENTS for...they taught that to ME...LOL.
---Scrappy is ALWAYS a hero, but I can't wait to see what you have planned.

Thanks for stopping by today to comment.

stay safe (with a heroic beagle) up there, brother.