13 February 2017

Monday Musings...
Welcome back to another weird-ass weather-filled week in the Midwest.
(this is starting to feel like an E-ticket ride at Disney World...without having to wait in line.)
Wifey is seeing more kids out at school, too. Then again, I notice how they never seem to dress to fit the forecast.
Amazing how such things (like everything else) have consequences...isn't it?
Our Hoosierland weather for today sees us with mostly cloudy skies (back to that again, huh?), temps reaching to around 42 degrees, and some breezy conditions.
Remember, it's STILL cold outside in the mornings, too.
Now, what say we get ourselves a nice hot cup of "gee, I wish I could wake my ass up this morning", as we see what else have been going on, okay?
*** First out of the shower is our "What the hell happens today, Bob?" feature:
---Today is National Tortellini Day
(if you gotta ask, you never had any)
---And, it's National Clean Out Your Computer Day
(do they mean LITERALLY or "virtually"?)
*** Next up, let's see how our city's level of STUPID is doing...
---This story is a perfect example how the stupid is spreading through Fort Wayne:
It all took place in the 4700 block of Jason Drive (not too far from Snider High School) around 2125 hrs on Saturday.
Police were called to Shoaff Park Villas where they found a man who had been shot in the back of the head.
He was taken to hospital in serious condition. He told police he had been robbed before he was shot.
Around 2140 hrs, police were notified of a person arriving at hospital suffering a gunshot wound.
The description matched that of the person (black male with cornrows and a fur-like coat) who shot the first male.
His condition was listed as critical.
Police believe this was a "bad drug deal" (are there ever any GOOD ones?).
The FWPD stated they have received previous tips about the apartment where the shooting may have happened.
Investigators could see and smell paraphernalia in the apartment.
You SURE don't know who the hell might be living that close to you these days (and apartment walls are thinner than stand-alone dwellings...something you might want to think about.
---The next story is more about the RESULT of the stupid practiced by others:
You may notice that I have been including "vandalism by gunfire" in my weekly tally of polcie calls (every Tuesday), and with good reason. This woman is the victim of such acts of stupidity.
((In 2016, Allen County residents reported 251 cases of vandalism to their dwellings, their vehicles or other property from gunshots.))
You may also recall the story about the ambulance that was shot up a couple years back, as well as a couple houses along Lafayetter St.
And that's why when I hear gunshots, I check our property as soon as I can, starting with the inside walls.
Well, no one ever said that such morons who go around shooting are hitting the person they're aiming at, otherwise the rate of homicides would be MUCH higher.
Keeping a firearm within reach...welcome to MY world, too.
When it comes to these animals down here, I take NOTHING for granted, and these days, that should apply to every citizen who has to deal with the chronically stupid living among us.
These savages down here don't view life as anything but cheap, and that they have the right to take it whenever they feel the desire. They also don;t care about anything such as "collateral damage".
*** Next up, This story has it's own unique brand of "stupid" attached to it:
And THIS is why I'm not a fan of Pre-K...it appears to be a ploy to expand the school voucher program, which in and of itself, drains MILLIONS from the public school system.
To me, Pre-K is just another way of saying "governemnt-sponsored babysitting and earlier indoctrination".
And, naturally, it targets low-income (and low-information) families, which would all but ensure a compliant democratic voter base for another generation. It's all smoke and mirrors, dressed in a faux tuxedo.
Thing is, people will fall for this. They can't be bothered with finding out facts.
*** Next up, this story is of the "preventable stupid" variety:
Big surprise time, right?
The CDC says 25% of people ages 20-69 were suffering some form of hearing loss.
I'm lucky, as I ONLY have tinnitus...lol.
LOUD noise is the culprit (you mean like blasting car stereos and thumping bass from (c)rap music?).
I use a leaf blower, but I also use hearing protection...a habit from the pistol range days, and a GOOD one to get into.
Maybe they should re-task the CDC to become The Department of the Overly Obvious?
*** Next, and leaving the stupidity behind, two losses to speak of:
---Al Jarreau, noted jazz musician has passed away at the age of 76:
And here is his WIKI:
I had forgotten that he sung the theme for Moonlighting.
---And, Lt Gen (ret) Hal Moore, who was depicted by Mel Gibson in the movie "We Were Soldiers" (based on Moore's book) has died at the age of 94.
Here's the story link:
((The general is best known for his actions during the Battle of Ia Drang, where he served as the commander of 1st Battalion, 7th Cavalry Regiment.)).
Here's his WIKI:
Truly, an American hero.
*** Next up, let's lighten the mood with a visit to "Kitten Corner"...
Nothing like a parade of birds outside.
Our furry twosome were full of "spunk" over the weekend...lol.
That means chasing Gallifrey off the counter-top a lot...and watching Violet and him chase each other through the house (when they weren't snuggling up to one of us).
"Can I haz phone too?"
They really know how to "play" us...act cute and adorable (he's cute, she's adorable) so they can spazz out when they need to...you forget what it was once like to have such young cats, as, when they get older, they're more set in their ways, and often take a slower pace around the house.
"I iz all chased out."
Still, it's worth whatever comes along to ahve them around.
*** Last back to the towel rack...violence is nearer to many of us than it has been in years past.
And, avoiding becoming a victim if such behavior is not AS easy as it once was, sadly.
Time was, things like that were relegated to certain parts of town - parts that decent people didn't frequent.
Nowadays, you don't have to go looking for violence...it comes looking for you.
That's not being fatalistic, but rather realistic.
And, we all need to be on our guard against it.
We can't prevent it, but we can take steps necessary to protect ourselves.
Just as the people who promote violence make the conscious CHOICE to do so, we can also make the choice to say "enough is enough" and do whatever it may take to keep it at bay.
To bug out, and turn your neighborhood over to the thugs is assuring a victory for THEM...not for you. Stand your ground - make them leave.
And the last time I checked, the GOOD guys should be the winners...always.
Be well, make a difference to someone, and...
Stay SAFE out there, America.


CWMartin said...

Ended up a nice day for a short walk, at least.

Tortellini! Yes! As long as it's not Carla from Cheers... oh, wait, that's Tortelli...

Clean Out- had to do that last weekend... Norton Power eraser did the trick.

I just saw about Al Jarreau on another blog. And I salute the General. Too many idiots out there just consign all of the era's warriors to the junk heap, and it ain't right. But who are you gonna listen to, me or Jane?

Top kitty pic:

G- "What about the one second from the right?"
V- "Those are all gristly. Chew chew chew, and it still don't go down good. Who taught you to hunt?"

Bob G. said...

---It was a better day than first forecasted (I only report weather, not create it...lol)
---Tortellini - ravioli's overlooked stepchild.
---I use whatever is onboard plus Malwarebytes.
(I also dump the cache manually)
---Gibson did a spectacular job with the movie (about Moore's book). It's graphic, but well acted and well-received critically.
---LMAO...that HAD to be going through their heads...they were SO intently watching about 50 sparrows.
As soon as they jumped down to the patio door (right after that pic, BTW) - show over!
(for a couple minutes, anyway)

Hey, thanks for taking time out to stop by and comment.
Much appreciated.

Stay safe up there, brother.
(and give Scrappy a "hero-hug" from us)

Robert Bennett said...

Gonna be candid here: I always thought Singles Awareness Day WAS Valentine's Day.

Bob G. said...

I think you make a very VALID point.
(like rubbing salt into an open wound)

ANY day that a person find themselves alone makes them quite aware of being "single".
Good call.

Thanks for stopping by to comment.

You stay safe out there.