17 February 2017

Friday Follies...
Well, here we are then...the weekend at long last.
And, it will be a rather unseasonable one as far as the forecast goes.
Break out the short sleeves and expect spring flowers to poke out (before they get frozen in a week or so).
Climate change? Yeah, the damn climate is changing ALL the damn time over the centuries.
Our Hoosierland weather for today brings us a warming trend for several days (starting today) with temps reaching all the way up to 56 degrees, clearing skies and a mild breeze.
(Ahh, I can see the crime rate in the city rising already, and that comes with being a bit more pragmatic than cynical.)
So what say we keep our eyes open and get that cup or glass of "Friday Fortitude" poured and parked close by, as we take a look at what else might be going on, eh?
*** First out of the compost pile is our "What the hell happens today, Bob?" feature:
---Today is National Cabbage Day
(Shouldn't this come around St Patty's Day?)
---It's National Random Acts of Kindness Day
(I practice this every day with the restraint I show toward the "locals")
---And, it's National Caregiver's Day
(saluting those who give a damn about others in a special way)
*** And, because this IS the end of the week, let's see what the following 48 hours has to bring us:
---Saturday is National Battery Day
(you can never have enough of them for around the house)
---It's National Crab Stuffed Flounder Day
(now THAT sounds damn tasty)
---And, it's National Drink Wine Day
(got a feeling Momma Fargo will be observing THIS one...heh)
---Sunday is National Chocolate Mint Day
(better stock up on Junior Mints - only $1 a box at the store)
---And, it's National Lash Day
(keeping schmutz out of our eyes since mankind was created)
And there you have it. Remember to observe responsibly, and always have a designated driver.
*** Next up, let's take a look at all the STUPID that's been going on.
- This first story is typical of certain people and their behaviors:
Yeah, an amber alert this week has turned into a murder investigation, but NOT because the teen involved in the alert was killed.  Instead, the teen killed her MOTHER.
How's that for ruining one's life at an early age?
And, it took place in Gary, Indiana to boot...how predictable.
Chastinea Reeves, once at the center of the amber alert is NOW at the center of the murder of her mother.
Prosecutors will try to waive her to ADULT court.
Cute kid, but stupid makes no exceptions for being cute, does it?
- The next story si about an armed robbery that no one seems to know much about.
This took place at the Family Dollar in the 5300 block of Decatur Rd around 1900 hrs last evening.
No suspect information,  no injuries and no information if anything was stolen.
Then why report it?
That sure is stupid.
But it is indicative of the typical behavior around our part of the ghettohood.
-And this story proves that last point quite well:
Another animal off the streets and facing murder charges.
Davon M. Burden, 28, of the 5000 block of Salem Lane (east of S.Anthony) is typical of the predatory nature of the criminals we have in this city.
No regard for life, and certainly does NOT believe that BLACK lives matter...not one friggin' bit.
Damn shame he's going to be a "burden" on the judicial system for a long time.
Maybe the death penalty?
(death by old age, no doubt).
- This story had stupid written all over it from the start.
Funny thing, the News-Sentinel kinda predicted this back in March 2016:
Initial rendering
A second rendering
But that was when the INITIAL cost was around $60 MIL and the N/S said it was going to cost $85 MIL.
The latest rendering - another "Costaplenty" venue.
NOW, the cost has jumped (yet again) to a whopping $104.9 MIL. Where will all the stupidity end? (and how far will it reach into YOUR pockets?)
Some of us tend to NOT forget stuff, and that makes the leftards nervous.
*** Next, and getting back to some semblance of normalcy, the work on our street that took place back on Wednesday was halted for some odd reason yesterday.
No one around doing anything.
NO ONE showed the hell up.
Well, there was ONE guy, and he chose to park a tracked piece of gear ON our damn sidewalk, gouging up the curb-strip nicely along the way.
What the hell does THAT thing do?
I saw some "children" messing about, and I say: "Hey, you got someplace ELSE to be?" One of them said: "yeah", and I said: "Good, then GO THERE."
Whiskey - Tango- Foxtrot - !!!
Now, since THAT belongs to the city, I fully expect THEM to re-seed or sod the area when they are done, or else they will get a nice call from yours truly to get things set to rights as it was before this fiasco began.
(moral: never piss off an older man who takes pride and care of what he has in life)
*** Next up on our sojourn, and whistle-stop over at "Kitten Corner"...
Gallifrey loves his sister, Violet.
A calm day, not too much rampaging through the house,and some wonderful play-time to tire them (and me) out.
Actually had Gallifrey sleep with my last night for a bit - curled up between my legs.
That brought back memories of Rassie and Penny.
Violet was not to be denied, either. She stopped by to rub against me before I settle in for whatever sleep I would get.
And the napping continues...
They're just the kind of pets you cannot stay angry at, and that's always a good thing.
(remember, he's the CUTE one, and she's the ADORABLE one)
*** Last back to the fire-pit...I heard the presser that president Trump had yesterday, and it was pretty damn good.
Your fake news is the problem.
I have not heard such a proper indictment of the drive-by media in ages, and it's about damn time, too.
And that begs the question: WHY hasn't this happened sooner?
Well, the past 8 years had a slobbering love-fest between Obummer and "his" media, and woe to anyone that even dared to say anything contrary to the lies that were thrust upon the American people. Not to mention the scandals that went unreported.
Bill O'Reilly nailed it too in his latest column. Here's the link:
I suppose it's easier to spot such propagandist bullshit when you pursue more truth than lies.
Personally, I'd enjoy hearing MORE politicians growing a backbone, and some brass balls to take on the lame-stream media and expose them for the fake-news purveyors that they have become.
As to those who shy away from such falsehoods, it sends a wake-up call to them to not even try to peddle such pablum for the brains of the low-information crowd.
So, everyone makes out, especially WE, THE PEOPLE.
Hell, such things may even get more of us to pay the hell attention to things we SHOULD be paying attention to...you never know. Better to be educated and aware, than dumber than a bag of rocks and being led around by the damn nose, right?
This could be the impetus needed to get more of our people in touch with the truth they all need to hear. Let's hope so, anyway.
Do have yourselves a good weekend.
Be well, make a difference to someone today, and as always...
Stay SAFE out there, America.


CWMartin said...

Cabbage on February 17th? Is this a "boy I wish I had some" thing?

I was kind today. My machine is finally fixed (after two days of sewers sent home early) and nobody died.

Mint- UGH. What an awful thing to do to chocolate.

"Gary Indiana- how predictable." Sadly tis so.

Family Dollar- just insert the details of the last five times it got robbed. Prolly even get the same perp.

Costaplenty- good Ponzi schemes are hard to finance since Madoff made off.

I wonder if it wasn't a union holiday or something, I saw no labor on the trail debacle, either.

First kitty picture- AWWWW! That sunshine makes me wish I was a cat- for prolly the only time...

" he's the CUTE one, and she's the ADORABLE one..." I wish you had your comments section set up for picture comments like ABFTS (hell, I wish I had MY comment section set up for that), so I could put up my "That's Sexist" meme, lol!

On your close- how'd ya like the CNN shill whining about how the "fix was in" because he didn't get to ask a question? Instead of crying, maybe get yourself a primer on "Keeping quotes in context" and see if things don't pick up?

Coming up tommorow- this afternoon's walk.

Bob G. said...

---Not for ME...I can wait a month...lol.
---Fixed as in FOR GOOD, or fixed as in "for a while", There IS a difference.
(don't uncross your fingers, unless you operating the machine)
---Aw, c'mon...junior mints, chocolate chip ice cream - peppermint pattys. What's there not to like?
---Who knew our state had a ghetto the size of a CITY? (we did).
---And Glynn Hines (and other black leaders) wonders WHY retail leaves OUR part of the city, never to return???
(whatta douchebag! And I'm being very kind here)
---I agree. We have SO many upside-down "pyramids" going on downtown...could be the (next) 8th wonder of the world...LOL.
---Maybe they ALL went to get their cabbage?
---Well, we can't say "they're working on their TAN", can we?
---That's the thing about PETS - they don't get into the crap we humans tend to do or say, right?
Never heard a cat or dog yet call me a sexist.
(some birds can be trained to do that...heh.)
---There 'ya go...being TRUTHFUL and HONEST again. With talk like THAT, people like us might change a few minds and hearts...(we hope).
Well said.

Have a very good weekend for yourselves.

Stay safe (and enjoy the great walking weather) up there, brother.
((PS: good call w/ the DW song.
Will comment later on.))