20 February 2017

Monday Musings...
I don't think I've been happier to see a Monday than I am today. And, I believe this is a first for me.
This was one of those "weekends from hell" kinda deals, and through NO fault of my own.
It was all "external" forces at work here.
But, we'll get to that soon enough, trust me.
Our Hoosierland weather for today finds us with a day similar to what we enjoyed over the weekend (well, what the REST of you enjoyed, anyway). Temps will again rise to around 64 degrees, with partly cloudy skies and maybe a mild breeze.
Now, let's get a nice morning drink to chase the nasty away (gonna need a double of bourbon in my coffee JUST to get me rolling), as we see what ELSE has been going on...
*** First out of the ghettohood is our "What the hell happens today, Bob?" feature:
---it's National Cherry Pie Day
(damn, and I bought blueberry...figures.)
---It's National Love Your Pet Day
Looks like a baby Gallifrey.
(in our case it's "pets" as in plural)
---It's Presidents Day
(yes, another FEDERAL holiday, so no mail)
Here's the skinny on it:
If it all seems a tad ambiguous, remember...it IS the FEDERAL government.
*** Next up, there was very little local STUPID going on.
But if you look long and hard enough, you CAN find some, like this story:
I guess some people couldn't see this one coming?
Politics in the office. Seems I mentioned something about workplace "politics" very recently.
Well, there you go then. And this is aside from all the politicking that goes on WITHIN a company's workplace...that's a whole other post for another day.
I will say that's a good way to mess with a nation's economy...make the workplace more polarized and hostile. That's sure to help profits plunge and morale to tank.
*** Next...our weekend. Where the hell to begin?
Well, Wifey and I went grocery shopping and all went well UNTIL we hit the checkout line. For some ODD reason, her credit card would not work in the reader at Kroger. Funny, last week, it worked fine. Apparently, the "chip" embedded in the card became faulty somehow, so I used MY card (which worked perfectly), and off we went to the local PNC bank, where Wifey got a NEW card (same number and all), but the strange thing about the bank...THEY don't have the resources in house to "test" the card and find out WHY the chip crapped out.
(gotta love technology, hmm?)
Anyway, we get back home, and decide to give this new washer a "test-drive"...
Well, THAT worked brilliantly (wow, one in a row).
It's weird to NOT hear all the noise the OLD washer made.
Compared to that, the new one is damn near quiet as a tomb (well, it makes it's OWN noises, which are quite different and yet less in volume).
The clothes came out not even all that damp.
The spin cycle really spins! And the machine doesn't want to try and do the mambo across the floor...lol.
I have to say THAT went marvelously...score another one for the good guys (and Best Buy)!
Looks like this is a keeper.
Aside from that (and our cuddly cats, of course), the rest of the weekend was spent watching where the damn ghettohood "kids" (read wild animals) were at while the sun was up.
I don't live here to constantly watch OUR property. NO one should have to do that, because OTHER PEOPLE should be better f*cking behaved and KNOW what the hell is meant by BOUNDARIES and RESPECT.
(both are quite foreign to all the local aborigines down here)
The young hellions simply don't know what to do next - 15 minutes of basketball (too close to the street), then football IN the damn street, then mess about with the construction cones, then trespass on other people's property and screw with the trash-bins there, toss some trash about, then back again to basketball. And then more football...and so on.
This all takes place within ONE DAMN HOUR, so you can see what we have to deal with.
Add to that, the loudass jerkoff over on Warsaw St. just HAS to blast his damn bass in his car several times a day past the house.
Doesn't work, but can afford RIMS.
And by the time you "try" to call the police on his ass, he's long gone or turned the music off - thank you, dumbass FWPD menu and stupid dispatchers who HAVE to play "twenty questions" with you rather than roll an officer on someone breaking the law (and costing the city $150 bucks EVERY time he drives by and DOESN'T get caught).
I figure the city could fund an ENTIRELY NEW DOWNTOWN...AND RIVERFRONT with JUST the money they could make on ALL the citations they keep missing (down here). The city wouldn't have to ask for ANY money from anyone else...no shit!
I'd like to say that Sunday was better...that's what I'd LIKE to say. It was not.
Same old shit, different day (thanks to the warm weather)...brings out ALL the f*cking assholes.
I might as well hang a damn sign on the property: "Normal People Live Here - Please Feel Free to Annoy the Piss Out of Us For No Reason!"
(oh wait...they ALREADY DO THAT.)
To the "icing on the cake" were these TIRE TRACKS across the damn LAWN...like an illegal U-TURN was made (gee, another violation that goes unseen by police), and our lawn helped that out.
THIS is what happens when the city does NOT bother to put in a sidewalk or curb (for decades), or you don't blow $2000 to put up a damn fence (which might be hit by the drunks at 3 AM that also never get caught).
We have STREETS for a reason.
Yeah, add that to the damn tracked vehicle STILL parked on our frigging sidewalk (which tore the hell outta the curb-strip).
Yep, STILL sitting there ALL damn weekend.
No wonder many GOOD people left the area...who wants to put up with all these f*cking government-sponsored shitheads?
Well, all that serves to do is GIVE the area OVER to those dipshits, doesn't it?
"You start running, they never let 'ya stop. You stand up, push back...can't say no forever, right?"
(Steve Rogers - Captain America: The First Avenger - 2011)
That what I try to do around here.
I'd prefer to just shoot the bastards and call it REAL "urban renewal"...LOL. Vermin-control.
Let's just say I KNOW it's going to be a VERY...LONG...SUMMER (that I'm not looking forward to).
*** Next, let's take a pause in the ranting and stop by "Kitten Corner"...
At least OUR "kids" pretty much behave themselves...and I have to say I wish the REST of the two-legged young'uns around our area were at least 1/10 as well-behaved...they could learn a lot, and we could not fret about OUR property and even have some quiet.
"Who's the OTHER kitty?"
Our cats follow us all around the house, and when it's time to eat...well, there's no stopping them. I can get Gallifrey to stand up a little when I hold his food, and Violet is trying to do the same. Cool to see cats on just their hind legs. Look, they're dancin'.
"Not now...I'm napping."
Now, if I can get them to "give me their paw"...that would be KISMET!
(it can be done, so I hear)
*** Last back to the blighted part of town...I said last week that PEOPLE are the cause of problems.
And, only people can find a way to solve them, right?
Well, what happens when people choose NOT to do so, or even acknowledge that any problem even exists?
Drive through ANY slum in any city, and you'll find out REAL soon.
There are those whose only mission in life IS to be a pain in someone else's ass.
(and usually, that someone else is a decent person, otherwise, it would be no fun for any of these mooks, would it?)
Welcome to our world.
There is a webpage I'd like you to stop by and read:
Now, while this does not include normal regular black folks (the ones the low-information crowd tend to despise), this is typical of many situations around the nation, simply because this is TRUE.
It's not racist to admit to this, in spite of what the leftards say, for they see race under every rock (where most of them already live), and every nook and cranny, because it's divisive, and such morons live for that, and that alone.
Thing is, much of the black community is "color-blind" to it's own problems, and that by itself is a big issue.
You can't solve a damn thing if you choose to not even be aware of it, right?
Granted, this is far from a perfect world, but for God's sake, let's stop patronizing and rewarding those who are making it farther from perfect every single day, and start holding them JUST as accountable as those of us who only want to live our lives and don't want to bother anyone. That can't be too much to ask...can it?
Be well, make a difference to someone, and...
Stay SAFE out there, America.


CWMartin said...

Knowing we've been down the road before on your neighbors, but... how about sneaking outside, out of sight, and firing a blank cartridge in the air? Then casually saunter into view, looking intently at your weapon, and wave?

Might work with Kroger's chip machine, too... but I wouldn't try it at PNC, lol!

"You can't solve a damn thing if you choose to not even be aware of it, right?" Perfect explanation of Hillary's campaign...

I will say this: you will have these same problems through the summer, and no amount of righteous law enforcement is going to help it. People will be out, music will be in the air, and in this day and age, both will be done with a lot of respect for others. You can't control what is out of your control. What you can control is your reaction to it. File the little things under "water off my back" and deal with the bigger ones as necessary. Their hijinks aren't worth your sanity.

Bob G. said...

---I have thought about doing stuff in this area that scares even ME (and that ain't easy), but I keep remembering WHO is really in charge (pointing upwards)...I do however like to keep any and all options "open".
---I just wish I could find the RIGHT people in the RIGHT city agencies who could intervene - this should NOT become a "Hatfields & the McCoys" sorta thing.
---As for the Kroger chip machine...I kept pondering if "ruffles indeed have ridges"...lol.
---Wasn't even thinking about THAT, but it's true THERE as much as it is with the way our King and his "court" operate.
---What bugs me the MOST about ALL of this crap, is that we didn't have this before say 20 years ago, and definitely never in Philly. And the major reason HAD to be the lack of low-information urban blacks (and whatever other ethnicity of similar disposition).
That's not racist - it was a better form of HUMAN NATURE with ALL people of ALL races.
---That meme I have about overreacting nails it for ME, and because society allows such aberrant behavior is the ONLY reason it continues (and thrives).
But, I'm just one of those "deplorables", right?

Hey, thanks for stopping by to comment today.

Stay safe up there, brother.