17 March 2017

Friday Follies - Erin Go Bragh Edition...
Welcome to the one day o' the year when we can ALL be Irish.
Tis a day to be wearin' the green.
And hopefully, it will be the start of a decent weekend to boot.
Our Hoosierland weather today starts off with some potential crappy conditions.
A mixture of snow/sleet/freezing rain is supposed to hit us early on, but dissipate by midday.
After that, we can expect cloudy skies, rain showers, and temps reaching to around 40 degrees.
So be sure to practice a bit more caution, just in case.
It could get slick out there this morning.
Now, I think it's time we all got ourselves a nice hot cup of Friday Fortitude poured and parked close by, as we see what is going on elsewhere (got some Irish Cream in my coffee to jump-start the day)...
*** First out of the shamrock patch is our "What the hell happens today, Bob?" feature:
MARCH 17 -
---Today IS St. Patrick's Day
(you know the routine - look it up to find out about the most successful missionary in history)
---It's National Corned Beef and Cabbage Day
(gee, now I wonder WHY that is? LOL)
*** And since we have arrived at week's end, let's see what we can observe over the following 48 hours...
MARCH 18 -
---Saturday is National Awkward Moments Day
(I actively try to avoid those)
---It's National Biodiesel Day
(a place for all that french fries oil)
---It's National Lacy Oatmeal Cookie Day
(I love oatmeal cookies)
---It's National Sloppy Joe Day
(ditto on this)
---It's National Supreme Sacrifice Day
(honoring those who gave all)
---It's National Quilting Day
(I know this is big in the Midwest)
---It's National Corndog Day
(sorry, I'm a traditionalist when it comes to hot dogs)
MARCH 19 -
---Sunday is National Certified Nurses Day
(UN-certified ones)
sure beats all those
---It's National Chocolate Caramel Day
(gotta love that)
---It's National Let's Laugh Day
(every time I turn on any lame-stream media sources)
---It's National Poultry Day
(don't chicken out on this one)
And there you have it...lots of things to take note of. DO observe responsibly.
*** Next up, a bit more proof of how screwed up things can get, especially in OUR part of Fort Wayne.
We got a pre-recorded message yesterday afternoon regarding Indiana Michigan Power having a planned "outage" this Monday morning around 0500 hrs. The message said it would last 15 minutes and that is had to do with planned maintenance.
Why the hell can't they do this when it's LIGHT outside, and the chance of burglary is lessened?
Yeah, the last thing I want to see in our part of the ghettohood is a damn BLACKOUT!
Not to mention having to reset the damn clocks AGAIN, right on the heels of last weekend's DST change.
And then, there's making sure Wifey gets up ON TIME for school/work. They can't do this shit on Saturday or Sunday?
Weird thing...it's only in OUR area and not any other part of the city (that I know of).
How f*cked up is THAT?
*** Next, an update on the Bowser buildings slated for demolition. Here's the link:
Can you believe it?
The city has put demolition on HOLD?
(good interior pictures in the story)
So, is not lost (yet). The area was slated to be "greened" up and then turned over to the local YMCA branch for use. Oh good, another place to dump those used syringes.
From the J-G article:
((“This property will allow the Renaissance Pointe YMCA to expand outdoor activities and can be used for our summer day camp recreation as well as other YMCA programs,” said Marty Pastura, president and CEO of YMCA of Greater Fort Wayne.))
Marty must still be smarting from the $1 million dollar request that was TURNED DOWN for the new YMCA branch location up along St. Joe Center Rd. west of Maplecrest . Here's that link:
That's exactly what happens when you come to depend on "grants".
((Speaking during public comment at Tuesday’s City Council meeting, area resident Linda Brooks said the renovated building could be used to provide essential services to the Renaissance Pointe neighborhood.
Major FAIL here.
“We have no police substation, we have no medical care facility over there for our community … that building could be utilized for something of that nature,” Brooks told the council. “When you have an entire population of people living in homes with children, this is what we need.”))
And trust me, you NEED a FWPD substation in our part of the city...JUST like we USED to have over at Southgate Plaza (20 years ago). Rusty made sure that closed down, and crime rose as a result. Another reason to "thank the city".
((“The city and McMillen Foundation talked with several developers who toured the main building and found it too costly to renovate,” said Greg Leatherman, director of the city’s Community Development Division.))
Welcome to the SOUTHEAST side of Fort Wayne!
Still, rather than take a chance at making something POSITIVE, the people there may get another "park" (read sports field of some sort) AND a memorial plaque to denote the Bowser buildings (where they all used to stand)... Big f*cking deal.
*** Next , There are times when you cannot (nor should not) argue with logic...or reason...or truth.
I asked Wifey a couple weeks ago what SHE thought the top five problems were with FWCS.
Her answers were the following:
5) Societal priorities over educational priorities
4) Public Safety/health
3) Testing (as in too much from the state)
2) Extra duties not directly related to subject matter
1) Money/funding (not necessarily salaries)
Interestingly enough, I also dug around to see what the educational landscape was in America.
It's sure nothing to write home about.
All across the nation, the picture is bleak, but we're not hearing about that much, are we?
So, I ventured further and found out some sobering facts.
Almost HALF of all teachers leave the profession in the FIRST FIVE YEARS.
(that would mean we've got too few "veterans" and too many "neophytes", right?
I checked out the main reasons for this exodus, and it was pretty revealing...
This article spells things out:
---Low Salary (yet, this is not the MAIN reason)
---Student Behavior (what have I said about a DISCIPLINE problem in schools today?)
---Lack of Support (from their own school system and admins...that's downright pathetic)
---Too Much Testing (again, we see this takes away from actual TEACHING)
I plan to explore this further in future posts, so stay tuned...
*** Next up, a little side-trip to "Kitten Corner"...
The little furballs were pretty good yesterday, but they tend to get this "spurt" of craziness after Wifey gets home.
I guess it's better than going nuts EARLY on, and why they have to chase each other when they have a mountain of toys to play with escapes me.
And, at least the evenings are more conducive to good behavior. That's a bonus blessing.
*** Last back to the Leprechaun club...even though Im not Irish, I do enjoy St. Patrick's Day.
Love the music, and the food's not bad. Oh, and a ice cold Guinness never hurts one bit either.
I don't think it's proper to toss sobriety to the wind today, either.
I'm not a tea-totaller. That is as untrue as the day is long. I just admire St. Patrick and what he managed to do in his life.
Being a missionary (anywhere) is not for everyone, even though, as the Bible tell su that we are ALL missionaries (spreading the good news of the Gospel). I look at this as "to each his own" We all have our gifts (from God), and some have the gift of being a missionary. It's a true calling for such Christians, and they do it well.
I'm more of the "live by example" kinda guy, and that works well enough.
So, in the best spirit of Saint Patrick, let me leave you with a wonderful Irish prayer:
I think that says it all.
Do have a good weekend.
Be well, make a difference to someone tioday, and as always...
Stay SAFE out there, America.


CWMartin said...

So I wore a green t-shirt OVER instead of under my sweatshirt today. I was going to wear underwear over pants, but my green underwear were in the hamper. (well, on the bedroom floor...) As it was, I was told I should repeat the ensemble on Christmas since it made me look "elfy".

Awkward moments Day? THAT should be on a Monday...

Untidy Joseph Day, as Mr French used to say...

Welcome, fellow hot dog traditionalist!

Blackout: Wonder if it involves your neighborhood "Yard work" ongoing?

YMCA: Kinda like those "We didn't get the loan" ads yes? Another "Believe it when I see it " project.

Interesting take on FWCS problems by D. You should do an "interview" style exam of each of them. I'm especially curious about the Public safety and health bullet.

I see teachers have the same trouble that I had always found when I worked at Arden- once the common man elevates to management, they lose the ability to think as a common man. I argued that point with one friend for several months after she got elevated- until something happened, I forget what, proved it to her.

You COULD pass for a Leprechaun in my humble opinion... just like I apparently could pass for an elf.

Bob G. said...

---I do woodland CAMO, so you know I had things covered.
---"Chris the Elf"...got some possibilities (basketball team, for instance)
---Yo, Mondays are awkward ENOUGH!
---You remember Mr. French too...cool!
---I thought ALL Hoosiers did corndogs. Glad to see I'm no longer "alone".
---Nah, that's the city doing water main crap. Just damn inconvenient (like most everything around here!)
---Well, that new "Y" is HALFWAY complete (those working on it were only HALF-FAST getting that done.)
---When I posed those questions, I was in Edward R. Murrow mode. Might do some follow ups.
---Yeah, it seems like an ancillary form of "absolute power" thing. Never bothered me none.
---My friend, if I were to EVER pass myself off as a Leprechaun, I would be like Warwick Davis in those movies...bwahahahaha.
(that would be kinds fun, actually).

Thanks for stoppin' on by and sharin' the day with me, laddie. Tis much appreciated, 'ya know.

Have a great weekend and do stay safe up there, brother.