16 March 2017

Thoughts For Thursday...
Looks like we managed to chase the bad weather away...at least for a bit.
And, I managed to pull a major  goof-up yesterday. Had ALL the national days for the 16th instead of the 15th, and nobody noticed? Well, shit happens, and we'll make up for it today. Just as long as I manage to get St. Patty's Day right tomorrow, hmm?
Our Hoosierland weather looks to be as correct as they're able to predict, so we won't be getting yesterday's weather today. We're looking at mostly sunny skies, temps reaching above freezing (for a change) to around 39 degrees, and no snow or rain stopping by today. Whoop-de-frigging-do, right?
Anyway, let's get that morning drink poured as I try to ensure I don't muck anything else up along the way...
*** First off of the TV tray is the answer to yesterday's WHO SAID THAT? quote:
"I don't believe in quotas. America was founded on a philosophy of individual rights, not group rights. "
This was spoken by one Clarence Thomas (born 23 June 1948) who is an American judge, a lawyer, and government official who currently serves as an Associate Justice of the Supreme Court of the United States. Thomas succeeded Thurgood Marshall and is the second African American to serve on the court. And here is his WIKI:
I suppose you can tell he's one of the good guys, because he went to YALE rather than Harvard...lol.
Since joining the "Supremes" (in 1991), Thomas has taken a textualist approach, seeking to uphold the original meaning of the United States Constitution and statutes. He is generally viewed as the most conservative member of the court.
Funny thing about him attending Yale - his law degree wasn't taken seriously, and Thomas felt he made a mistake going there. I think he did okay.
He also values Thomas Sowell as an influence regarding his personal philosophy (good choice of role model, too).
The WIKI is a rather long read, but I found it fascinating as to who Judge Thomas REALLY is (and how the lame-stream media doesn't seem to give a crap, except for Anita Hill and how well that flopped). It provides insight as to what is meant by a conservative and how the Constitution needs to be taken, rather than (loosely) "interpreted". We could use a few more like him on the Supreme Court, that's for sure.
*** Next up, time for our (day late) "What the hell happens today, Bob?" feature
---It's National Everything You Think Is Wrong Day
(man, if THAT isn't appropriate...lol)
---It's National Pears Helene Day
(don't like pears, so NO...never tried it)
---It's National Shoe The World Day
(too busy shooing other people's kids off the property...heh)
---It's National Kick Butts Day
(I'd like that to happen, but some things don't go away that easily)
*** Next up, I see where FWCS is expanding this pre-K crap.
Here's the story link:
((FWCS, which already offers pre-K to more than 800 students in 19 buildings, is excited to join Indiana’s program, Assistant Superintendent-Elementary Get Nichols said. She said it aligns with the district’s mission of educating all students to high standards.))
Btw, that IS her REAL name - Get Nichols - I know what you're thinking, too. I suppose she could have wound up with a WORSE last name.
Now, why the hell do we even NEED pre-K? Is it REALLY a way to raise education standards?
Do kids who attend actually achieve more and retain more knowledge?
Might wanna check this link out:
And this source PDF link kinda spells it out:
I know that Kindergarten wasn't all that much about "learning" per se, so I have to conclude that any Pre-K would follow in similar fashion. But, you never know, kids might actually pay attention for a few minutes AND learn something...I guess.
I just view the whole pre-K thing as an ad hoc babysitting service for parents who can't be bothered. More than likely, they're the same parents who beg the free food gig from the school system, rather than take time to MAKE the kids breakfast or pack them a lunch (both of which is really part of being a parent).
Now, who woulda thunk THAT?
And the "best" part of this...it's a GRANT that was awarded.
I say best (with reservation), because it's the best way to screw oneself over.
Grants are not unlimited amounts of MONEY...make no mistake about that.
So, what happens when the grant "goes away"?
Good question. I've got no freaking idea where the money will come to keep such programs going, and neither do those involved.
Here's the link that discloses the truth:
Dressed up nice...still a trap.
It's only about one small town, but such grants and subsidies ARE very widespread.
That's the lovely trap that's created whenever a grant is secured...same applies to those downtown and riverfront improvement grants, and the police department grants.
How DO you keep funding something, seemingly ad infinitum with a "one-shot" deal?
*** Next , looks like we got us ANOTHER new "neighbor" behind us in the bungalow which used to be owned by a military vet (before he passed away years ago), and that means we get to start a whole bunch of new crap, as we do with every lowlife that moves nearby (haven't see a decent person move here in many years).
And the first thing these "newbies" do is park WHEREVER THE HELL THEY WANT, namely between the garage and house ON THE DAMN LAWN!
How f*cking ghetto is THAT, hmm?
Or, they just pull in at an angle (sorry, this isn't some small town like Portland).
It's called ON STREET parking for a reason, you effin' idiots. Oh, and that's a GARAGE and driveway behind the house, moron.
Cripes, can these (government-sponsored) "people" get any MORE stupid? I hardly think so.
*** Next, I think I figured out why King Henry never got back to Glynn Hines about screwing over the SE side of town (razing the Bowser building this week).
He's too busy filling out his BRACKETS for the stupid-ass NCAA "bassabawl" tourney.
Seriously, is this REALLY a news-worthy story???
Wonder if he had to commission an outside "task force" or consulting firm to draw up the bracket, and how much did all this cost? Also, I wonder how this will benefit the city?
You'd think he'd have better things to do...guess not.
Must be nice.
*** Next, what say we drop by "Kitten Corner"...and see what's shaking.
The twosome seem to have this routine most days...
"What is he up to now?"
Violet and Gallifrey begin the day by eating, then rest a bit, then run like crazed felines through the house, then hang around me while I eat breakfast, then run about some more, rest, watch some birds, bat each other around, and then eat their second meal.
"Got my feathered toy now".
After that, we repeat most of the above, but they do take time to rub against me (or Wifey when she gets home). Then, it's last meal of the day, followed by assorted "time-sharing" between Wifey and myself (depending what we're watching on television in the living room and family room).
Getting a head-start for sleeping.
Finally, bedtime (for we mere humans), and the cats get to select who they want to hit the sack with and for how long. And that's a typical day...lol. At least THEY'RE not doing brackets.
*** Last back to the clothes hamper...Decisions and priorities. Can't avoid them, can you?
Well, some people DO try their best...and fail marvelously.
The rest of us do the best we can, and most times, we come out ahead, even if it's not that far ahead.
We try to make the best decision we can, even if the situation leaves us nothing but lousy choices.
And, we attempt to NOT make the trivial a priority in life, but rather things that demand our attention and involvement.
That seems like a damn good plan to me, and it also seems to have worked well enough for a LOT of people.
But what about those who shirk the responsibility when it comes to priorities and decision-making?
Well, we have the government to take "care" of them, don't we? And such care never comes cheap, does it?
Funny thing, when self-reliance is supplanted by self-indulgence, the results are never good.
Sooner or later, you just gotta "pay for the hall you rented", and sadly, we have not done much to dissuade those who feel entitled to be cared for by the "state" at the taxpayers' expense.
Maybe we're long overdue for a change along those lines. Maybe we can get those who have come to demand someone else take care of them (because they're too busy indulging themselves) to start taking care of themselves.
Such a novel idea...that used to be the basis for what made this nation what it once was...and can be again.
Decisions and priorities - can't live your life (as intended) without them, can you?
Be well, make a difference to someone, and...
Stay SAFE out there, America.


CWMartin said...

THAT'S a goof up? Wait'll you see what I did on Time Machine tomorrow, lol!

Justice Thomas is one of my most respected people. I'm glad he didn't bend when the Dems did their "sic the chick" crap to him. And he was great on Stop In The Name Of Love...

"...man, if THAT isn't appropriate...lol..." Hear dat!

Ive never even looked at Helene's pear...

I won't pick on Get. I will however note that the guy behind her is checking out her butt and the woman on the other side is asleep standing up- musta missed the "excited" memo...

Your new neighbors: I'm reading the book Ike's Bluff, and Eisenhower had an underling appointed but not appreciated, of whom he said, "The question with him is how much more stupidity could he have..."

Brackets are ALWAYS news worthy. Obama's always made the six o'clock, and Tommy Schoegler used to have his little girls pick his on 21Alive. My bracket is still perfect at this typing- since I went with Minnesota getting upset by Middle Tennessee. Laurie, however, had the Gophers going to the final, so her 7-1 record has been punctured with a big bad broadside to the bow. Just sayin'.

(PS- this is the sole time of year I give a crap about roundball.)

If the kitties did do a bracket, I'll bet they'd be glad for the nail-biter Northwestern's WILDCATS won just a bit ago... lol.

"...we attempt to NOT make the trivial a priority in life..." IMHO, we have too many people who DON'T prioritize the not-trivial.

Bob G. said...

---When I start to mix up my days and when they're LABELLED to boot, I get a tad concerned...lol.
---Clarence Thomas is one of THE most underrated people on the planet. And that should trouble a lot more people than you and I.
I would love to sit down and chat with him a spell.
LMAO...got that "Stop" remark...well played.
---Yeah, that memo never seems to circulate.
---I seriously wonder HOW MUCH I can stand before my eyes bleed and I have to duct-tape my skull to keep it from exploding. That appointee sure sounds like me.
---MY bracket is RIGHT where it belongs...in front of the LITTERPAN (where an errant feline piss can be soaked up...LOL.
I don't think I've EVER given a crap about b-ball. Hockey was a different story.
---Our cats are wild enough without external "influences"...heh.
---A very good converse to that statement. People glom onto nonsense and ignore the important, my friend.
Bass-ackwards, if you ask me.

Hey, thanks for stopping on by today to comment.

Stay safe (and well-bracketed) up there, brother.