03 March 2017

Friday Follies...
By the looks of things outside, you'd never get the notion that the weekend weather will be milder, would you?
We do have areas of black ice which IS causing problems along highways near our city.
Taking one's time will avoid a lot of problems you won't wish to deal with.
Our Hoosierland weather for today will have us with more scattered snow showers, partly cloudy skies, and temps reaching to about 32 degrees.
The sun might make an appearance later on.
So what say we all partake in a nice hot cup of coffee, tea, or cocoa to chase the chill away, as we see what's been going on elsewhere, hmm?
*** First off of the ice rink is our "What the hell happens today, Bob?" feature:
---Today is National Tartar Sauce Day
(that'll go well on those fish sandwiches)
---It's National Speech and Debate Education Day
(just avoid the leftards here)
---it's National Anthem Day
(that's OUR national anthem...no one else's)
---It's National Cold Cuts Day
(I'm surprised they still call lunch meats by that nomenclature)
---It's National I want You To Be Happy Day
(happiness is hard - contentment is easier)
---It's National Mulled Wine Day
(not to be confused with a guy with a mullet who whines)
---It's National Day of Unplugging
(if I did that, this post would never publish)
---It's National Employee Appreciation Day
(hear that, all you employers out there?)
---And, it's National Salesperson Day
(hovering near customers forever, aren't they?)
Whew, that was a lotta stuff...
*** Next, and since it is the weekend, let's see what else we can observe over the following 48 hours:
---Saturday is Marching Music Day
(time to dust off the John Philip Sousa collection)
---It's National Grammar Day
(something that is getting lost in our technocracy)
---It's National Hug A G.I. Day
(would if I could)
---And, it's National Pound Cake Day
(called that because a pound of each ingredient is used)
---Sunday is National Absinthe Day
(if you like high alcohol content and the taste of licorice, try some)
---It's National Cheese Doodle Day
(turning fingers orange for decades)
---And, it's National Multiple Personality Day
(I'm glad this is recognized...and so am I)
There you have it then. Plenty of things to keep you busy. Please observe responsibly.
*** Next up, a story that not provides a huge measure of STUPID, but manages to put a smile on my face EVERY time.
Here's the link:
Go get 'em, Dave.
I have really liked this U.S. attorney David Capp since I first heard of him (archive post from 19 April 2011)...because he gets the job DONE, as in finding good solid ways of taking these gang members the hell DOWN.
Eighteen racketeering charges were aimed at 4 black males, members of a gang that calls itself the "2500", because it refers to the 2500 block of Caroline St. (upper SE, where else?).
Two men are from Ft. Wayne, and the other two are from Bloomington (a college town...who'da thunk that?).
Named in the indictment are (left to right):
Demetri Beachem, aka “Meech,” 22, of Fort Wayne
William Beamon, aka “Lil Will,” 24 of Fort Wayne
Kyombe Bolden, aka “Pudge,” 25 of Bloomington
Ronnie Burrus, aka “Ronnie Robinson and Yung Ron,” 25, of Bloomington
Now THERE are four LOSERS if ever I saw some. I wonder if any of our "locals" know them. I'd wager they DO.
That takes care of the "B's"...still got lots of letters in the alphabet to go...LOL.
*** Next, there is this followup story:
So, this street gang was the MAIN instigator of the 2014 homicide rate in Ft. Wayne?
Sgt. Gary Hensler (mentioned in the story) has got a finger on the pulse of this ethnic violence pertty well (imho).
While we still have numerous active gangs in our city, this one has been taken down a few pegs with 20 known members and perhaps another 20 "unofficial" members (is that like a reserve unit or something?).
I really wish they'd publish the addresses of these mooks, so we know where they're from.\
BTW, back in 2010, there were over 300 ACTIVE gangs just in Indianapolis.
Here's the source link:
Just tossing that out there FYI. And here we are 7 years later. Makes you wonder.
*** Next up, and while police were at it, they made some more collars. Here's the story:
The first warrant was served in the 3600 block of Ferndale Drive around 2000 hrs Thursday night. The second was served in the 3200 block of Portage Blvd.
Ferndale netted 9 lbs of pot, 3 grams of heroin, and $600 in cash.
Arrested were 25-year-old Brian A. Stacy and 25-year-old Samantha D. Yoquelet on multiple charges. Both Stacy and Yoquelet were initially charged with dealing in cocaine or narcotic drug, possession of cocaine or narcotic drug, maintaining a common nuisance, and dealing marijuana.
Portage netted less than a gram of heroin, 30 grams of pot, and $1800 in cash.
Arrested at Portage was 46-year-old Louis Simmons, initially charged with dealing in cocaine or narcotic drug, possession of cocaine or narcotic drug, possession of marijuana, and maintaining a common nuisance.
Looks like the po-po are on a mission...and it's paying off.
*** Next, let's look at our next to final day at "Bobby G's Kitten Wrangling Academy"...
He's gotta watch daddy shave...sheesh.
Wasn't a bad day yesterday, even if Violet chose to upchuck early on.
Not a big deal. With our former (and aged) cats, I got used to cleaning that kinda stuff up on a fairly regular basis.
They want to help daddy eat breakfast
She was fine for the balance of the day.
Be nice to get pictures of them snuggling up at night (with me), but that's an impossibility.
We have been playing with another fun thing...BUBBLES!
That's right, the same thing YOU used to play with as a child...still popular with our four-legged friends.
While not actively chasing after the bubbles, Gallifrey and Violet love watching them float to the floor, only to pop and confuse the hell outta them.
Yeah, it's kinds like THIS.
Be nice to get pictures of that, too.
No, thee's no bubbles up THERE.
Kinda hard to do when you're holding the bubbles bottle and using the wand to produce the bubbles, though.
*** Last back to the family room...The several crime-related stories here today are indicative of the obvious reasons why our part of town suffers, and why developers won;t touch this are with a ten-foot pole.
That's not to say that NO ONE will develop anything...there is that proposed new HOUSING gig with the solar panels and electric cars to "help" low-income people here (read ethnic locals) with child care and such when they attend secondary education.
((...rolls eyes...))
That seems to be the "best" anyone can come up with...still no retail coming, no clothing stores, no music stores, no book stores, no hobby shops, no real SIT-DOWN restaurants, no ice cream place,
All those store left here over the last 20 years...never to return. And remember, we also lost an ENTIRE MALL.
A similar thing took place where Wifey and I once lived...in Columbus, Ohio.
The mall near our place CLOSED DOWN and is gone (Northland), and it was because of rising crime in that area (mainly black and Latinos moving into apartments nearby). We saw things change in our complex literally over a weekend.
It's not hard to see a "trend" here, or any place that suffers similar situations.
But, with diligence and persistence displayed by local, state, and federal police agencies, the tide can be stemmed to keep such blight from spreading. Maybe it can even reversed.
As to how affected areas can be reclaimed once again, producing tax revenue for that city?
Well, that takes more courage than many politicians are willing to display, and it take citizens willing to stand THEIR ground, and not be displaced by the thug culture that permeates cities today.
May all the law-abiding among us be up to the task, because sooner or later, we will run out of places to flee to, if we;re not careful.
Have yourselves a good weekend.
Be well, make a difference to someone today, and as always...
Stay SAFE out there, America


CWMartin said...

"A guy with a mullet that whines"- ah, the Martin influence on your sensahumah...

Oh, and I see I blew Grammar Day with the first comment...

First thing I thought on your thug collection was, "22 to 25- should be out there making names for themselves at that age, not writing names on buildings and other such behavior." Course by the tats on the middle two, I'd say they let that boat sail a while back. Can't imagine wanting to live life like that.

Remind me to do a photo shoot for you next time we stop by.

I have a story to tell you about that post battle, but I will e-mail you in a bit.

Bob G. said...

---If that's being a bad influence on me...that's a GOOD thing in MY book...heh.
---Well, we make allowances here, especially when it come to "Bob's Lexicon"...LOL.
---I'm with you there, What possesses ANYONE to take up that lifestyle (???) is beyond me.
Must be all that "white privilege" we've been exposed to? WTH was that anyway? Never saw that growing up.
Nah...just parents that wanted better for us and taught us such things like RESPECT and DISCIPLINE...and at an EARLY AGE.
---Photo shoot HERE you say?
Well, that's cause for cake...HA!
I trust it will be tasteful....
(the cake AND the shoot)
---I'll be looking forward to that. Should give me a smile for the day.

Thanks much for stopping by and commenting today.

Have yourselves a fantastic weekend.
Stay safe (and not confused by this wacky weather) up there, brother.