06 March 2017

Monday Musings...
Here we are again, at the start of another week (the first full one of the month, too).
Can we manage to contain our enthusiasm?
And, I think we have put much of that crazy-ass roller-coaster weather on the back burner for now.
Our Hoosierland weather for today brings us cloudy skies, temps up to around 60 degrees, a bit windy (it's already 50 outside), and scattered showers (maybe we should save some for APRIL?), so take the old umbrella, right?
Now, what say we get that morning drink poured and parked close by, as we see what's been going since last we met?
*** First out of the microwave is our "What the hell happens today, Bob?" feature:
---Today is National Dress Day.
(as long as it's tasteful...what the hell, right?)
---It's National Dentist's Day
(When it becomes TOTALLY painless, THAT will be a day to celebrate)
---It's National Frozen Food Day
(saving many a man from starvation for decades)
---It's National Oreo Cookie Day
(Isn't that a racial slur thing any longer?)
---It's National White Chocolate Cheesecake Day
(okay...chocolate, cheesecake...got my attention)
*** Next up, a couple briefs (not boxers) that could be considered a bit on the STUPID side.
For once in a long time, there really wasn't much going on locally. Man, that was such a relief.
I actually would call it a decent weekend, as far as that goes.
---The first story is about a fire that claimed the life of a man. Here's the link:
While it's always bad to lose a person due to a fire, one has to question WHY a house (and a nice classic structure at that) had been "converted" into FOUR apartments?
The codes that apply to apartment COMPLEXES can't be the same as those for a converted house, and yet, houses that were never meant for such renovations become havens for multiple people (and families). That's (imho) asking for trouble.
Being able to exit such a place can become a lot more difficult than evacuating a building designed to multiple families with wider common hallways.
Leave the houses alone and as they were originally built and intended to be used.
---Next, this story has more stupid contained in it than the previous one. Here's the link:
Yeah, this lowlife deserves to be arrested, because his development already HAD been.
Arrested at a house located in the 1900 block of Drexel Ave around 1445 hrs on 3 March was 28-year-old Adrian Eguia who faces multiple felonies, including dealing heroin, marijuana, and child neglect along with a misdemeanor charge for driving without a license.
Somehow, that neck full of "tatts" would lead one to believe he may have ties to dubious people (gang members), and perhaps someone should bother to check his legality in our state (and country)...just to be sure.
That driving w/o a license would seem to be one of many red flags this perp sent up.
---And, we couldn't have a weekend in Ft. Wayne w/o a shooting, could we? Here's that story:
This took place in an alley near 4th and Sherman around 0300 hrs on 5 March.
The GOOD news is that it didn't take place on the SE side and that the victim had NON-life threatening wounds.
The BAD news is that it didn't take place on the SE side (where most of the mooks do this kind of shit).
That means such crime is spreading, isn't it?
How's that quality-of-life crap working out Mr Mayor? Got an answer to this one?
(didn't think so)
*** Next, and getting back to things under the roof of our "Fortress", Wifey came back late Friday afternoon from her time down in Vincennes.
Her Dad is doing okay following his eye surgery, and, this old house gets to enjoy the full compliment of people once again.
Nothing like the "comfort of the familiar" to make things as they should be...a lot more free from the garbage going on outside. Saturday was marvelously sedate, and that alone is something we don't get much of down here.
To the rescue
Always seems to be something going on that shouldn't be happening.
Sunday was a bit painful for me...literally.
Ever wake up and have some kind of muscle cramp or pain in a specific area of your body that was unexplained? Had that yesterday, in my upper left back. I figure I must have slept wrong (or had on helluva adventure in that dream I can't remember). After a couple ALEVE, it was a lot more tolerable and this morning, damn near 100% better. The getting old thing has it's down side, that's for sure.
*** Next up, time to stop on by "Kitten Corner"...
(the Wrangling Academy has gone on sabbatical...LOL)
I can hardly call them kittens these days. They are getting big, well Gallifrey is.
Violet is still smaller and more dainty, except when she forgets to retract her claws and drills into your leg (through your pants, I may add).
I know she doesn't mean to, but she's a bit of a climber, so it comes with the territory.
She does like the countertop, but she's not following her "brother" into the sink...yet.
Wifey came back with a small rug JUST for Gallifrey, and he has taken to it for his lounging "needs"...lol.
Overall, they are well-behaved, with one exception - Gallifrey so LOVES the kitchen sink. Can't get enough of it, and often comes onto your lap with WET PAWS and TAIL.
With all the toys and places to curl up, you'd think the sink would not be on the primary list of activities.
A small squirt of water takes care of that, and gets him down...for a while.
After all, it's not the ASPCA here...is it? The sink is for DISHES and such (to be cleaned)...not cats.
*** Last back to the toaster oven...it seems our technology continues to bite us in our asses.
If it's not social-media bullying, it's presidential "tweets" to critics, and now, it's the USMC dealing with nudies of female marines on a site meant for service members.
We can't seem to learn how to effectively utilize such devices for our BENEFIT, and not merely for hedonistic entertainment, can we? I've said before that I like the Internet mainly for SHOPPING (because in our part of town, there are relatively FEW places to get anything), and for INFORMATION (like having a Britannica and Oxford's at your fingertips).
Other people look at all this purely as a self-indulgent activity with no redeeming value to speak of, and that's okay to them.
I think we're meant for more than that...or we should be.
If we are to incorporate this tech into our educational systems, then we need to ALSO teach the children HOW to use it properly, and how to avoid the pitfalls that any technology that may be abused (by them) AHEAD OF TIME, before they find out the hard way.
In many ways, it's like teaching kids NOT to mess with the stove without waiting until they get burned to find it out themselves, right?
Adults need to take the point on this one, and with purpose, lest they allow generations of youth to grow up without the knowledge they NEED to make the correct decisions to better themselves.
We can't leave it up to children to teach (or rear) themselves, no matter how advanced the tech becomes.
Be well, make a difference to someone, and...
Stay SAFE out there, America.


CWMartin said...

So what dress will YOU be wearing?

I thought 4th St was honorary south side...

It's a shame that the ink leak-in from throat tats doesn't kill, just retards...

I had a similar experience after the Valentines dinner. A hangover that settled, of all places, in my ANKLES.

Bob G. said...

---LOL...well, I prefer something knee-length, no sequins, and definitely no bare shoulders!
---I might start calling it that from now on. So close to that NICE downtown, isn't it?
---Yeah, but maybe it retards critical thinking to a much deeper degree than most realize?
I like READING comic books...not LOOKING like one...HEH!
---An ANKLE hangover? That's a new one.
My back pain was like a knitting needle being jabbed in me - hurt every time I took a breath. Weird stuff, huh?

Thanks for carrying the blog today, and taking time to drop by and comment.

Stay safe (and dry) up there, brother.