22 March 2017

Humpday Happenings...
Well whaddya know, it's the middle of the week already.
How the time does fly.
At least we're not covered in fog like yesterday (that was fun early on).
Some people complained about the school delay (maybe they should have looked out their damn windows around 0600 hrs). Plenty foggy then.
I thought it was a good call (for a change).
Our Hoosierland weather for today brings us mostly SUNNY skies (as soon as the sun decides to rise, that is), and a high of only around 39 degrees.
Clouds roll in later on, but no word about any precipitation.
Now, how's about we all get that comforting cup of coffee, tea, or cocoa (hold the marshmallows) as we take a gander at what else has been going on, hmm?
*** First off the thumb-drive is our WHO SAID THAT? quote of the week:
"We are weighed down, every moment, by the conception and the sensation of Time. And there are but two means of escaping and forgetting this nightmare: pleasure and work. Pleasure consumes us. Work strengthens us. Let us choose." 
I think we, as humans, require the need to find a BALANCE between the two, or like Franklin would remind us: "everything in moderation". That is the key here.
So, WHO said that?
The answer at the top of tomorrow's post.
Meanwhile, back among the pages of Les Fleur du Mal...
*** Next, is our always informative "What the hell happens today, Bob?" feature:
MARCH 22 -
---It's National Bavarian Crepes Day
(cripes, more crepes? Gimme Bavarian cream filled dounts)
---It's National Goof Off Day
(okay, so HOW MANY of these governmental observances do we have this year, REALLY?)
*** Next, it seems that the (aborted) power outage that was planned for this past Monday morning (0500 hrs) has been postponed...to this Friday at the same time.
Talk about your Deja Vu...
At least, that's what AEP told me when we got a phone call that I erased before listening to, precipitating a call to their customer service line.
Nice to know that some things just have to be inevitable. At least Wifey is off that day, so no harm done, EXCEPT to reset all the damn digital clocks AGAIN. (talk about ongoing nuisances...like we don't have enough down here, hmm?)
*** Next up, and certainly should be no surprise to anyone who has lived in Fort Wayne for any appreciable time, comes another rate hike.
Here's the story:
Our City Council has decided that we NEED a rate hike for our storm water runoff.
Now WHY do you suppose THAT is? Matthew Wirtz, deputy director of City Utilities has an answer:
((“City Utilities in general in the last several years has only invested about 3 (percent) to 4 percent of its projects in the downtown corridor,” Wirtz said. “Most of our investments utility-wide are out in the neighborhoods where infrastructure is.”))
Sure, the city HAS dumped a shitload MORE money into all those downtown and riverfront PROJECTS, have they not?
Maybe if THAT money had been diverted to the utility, we would not be looking at this increase?
But, that would mean a better MANAGEMENT of city money, and our King (or his "court") wants none of that, does he?
Time to clench up again?
I know all the tearing up of parts of OUR neighborhood has to do with water main replacement (so I have been told). Can't wait for another mess to take place.
Our city is starting to put too many pokers in the fire, methinks.
*** Next, Kroger is planning to build another new store in Fort Wayne (but not in the SE).
Here's the story;
This will be at Dupont and Tonkel Rds (east of Parkview Regional Medical Center).
BTW, Kroger already has a Dupont Rd. Marketplace store...something we have never seen (nor will see) down here.
Borrow from Spiderman...how original.
And we all know why that will never happen, right?
Must be nice to be such a monopoly in our city.
*** Next up, a rather disturbing story and deservedly so. Here's the link:
Now, the cat (named "Cookie") was probably adopted at the ASPCA near us (where we got our kittens two days later on 19 November last year), considering that the woman involved, one Lauren M. Whitmore, 26, of the 2200 block of South Calhoun Street lives on the south side. A logical assumption, perhaps.
And, cats (especially kittens) love to "attack" or stalk damn near anything. It's in their nature. Our cats love to go after Wifey's feet (under a blanket for example). But that's certainly NO reason to abuse the animal.
Anyway, an arrest warrant was issued for Whitmore in connection with the death of her cat, which, after post-mortem examination revealed a plethora of internal injuries.
Or WOMAN in this case...
Having been someone who was almost never without a family pet, I can tell you they respond to kindness a LOT quicker than physical punishment. That's why we have the "squirt bottle". Now, all I have to do is say "off the counter" and whoever is up there vacates it immediately (and gets a treat or at least kind words for obedience). No harm done.
A lot of people down here are abusive to their kids (the manner in which they talk to them, or rather SHOUT at them), so it comes as no surprise to me that any pets would receive like treatment.
Shitting on the lawns - another violation unpunished..
I see black males hauling their pit-bulls around (when they're on leashes, that is - many go untethered, a violation that goes unpunished), and some even get loose and chase people (like the idiots down the block and across the street from us).
Always pit-bulls involved down here.
Maybe not everyone is cut out for companionship in this way.
Maybe they should ABSTAIN from procreation, as well.
*** Next, time to see what OUR kids are up to over at "Kitten Corner"...
"That was a good breakfast, daddy".
How 'bout that, another well-behaved day at the "Fortress"...always a delight. Hell, even the "bad" days aren't THAT bad, considering what the cats do because they're cats. I just don't like to see them chase one another all over.
"Yep, he's nice for a human, sin't he?"
They might run into something and hurt themselves. I mean I can't be everywhere all the time (God, I sound like a FWPD officer now.,..lol), but since they're indoor cats, I know the possibility of them getting hurt is greatly decreased. and that I can keep them from suffering whatever would befall them would they be outdoor cats (never gonna happen). They have a forever HOME with us.
*** Last back to the DVD player...people are as complex as the lives they choose to lead.
Sounds a little bit (too) OBVIOUS, doesn't it?
Well, it's also too damn true.
And, as could be expected, it all comes down to the choices made by people as they pass through their lives.
Life is full of choices, and I'm always saying you can't make it through ONE single day without making a crapload of them. Hopefully, by making enough good choices, you get to see another day...that SHOULD be the plan, right?
Some people have problems with doing that sort of thing, and it shows.
But, when it comes to making bad choices, we can always point to local government, can we not?
Take our part of the city (puh-lease), and how crime has risen and businesses (and good neighbors) fled the scene.
Or, take the closing of stores elsewhere, due to bankruptcies (Gander mountain, J.C., Penney, H.H. Gregg, and Gordmans to name a few), to which was cited OVER-SATURATION as a leading cause of sales falling off at certain locations.
The north and west areas of our city are prime examples of retail and eatery "top-heaviness", and they clearly demonstrate the marvelous execution of bad choice-making on behalf of the city for allowing the over-development OF those areas.
Yet, in the end, we, the people have to deal with all of the choices made, not only by ourselves, but also all the choices made by others, which can have a profound effect upon our lives.
HOW we adapt or react to such things determines how we will make future choices, believe it or not.
So, it would be in our best interest to make the best choices we can, even in a bad situation, right?
Again, there lies the lesson for the day.
Be well, make a difference to someone, and...
Stay SAFE out there, America.


A Beer For The Shower said...

That story about the abused cat makes me both sad and enraged. Especially since it says she was asking for another one. I've seen plenty of good people turned down for pet adoption because the adoption rules can seem so ridiculously strict, and yet this woman can adopt a cat that she beat to death almost instantly.

That is insane.

Also, serious question, what is it with black people and pit bulls? Every black neighbor my cohort has ever had has had pit bulls (which are ILLEGAL here), and one of them even attacked my cohort's dog (the dog is okay, thankfully). There's a black guy in my neighborhood who has a pit bull. My black cousins have pit bulls. What is the huge fascination with these dogs that they can't even control most of the time, since they don't put proper time into training? It annoys the hell out of me.

Bob G. said...

Momma Fargo:
---I'm sure if EVER I owned a pit bull, it would be a GENTLE pet, unlike the ones I see around here taking their OWNERS for walks...lol.
Besides, if that breed WAS so good, why doesn't the police and military use them?
Nothing like a good German Shepherd imho.
(with beagles and golden retrievers tied for 2bd)
---Yeah, ever notice that the ONLY time anyone seems to give a shit about dog shit, is when YOUR dog shits someplace other than where it's supposed to shit.
WTF is up with THAT shit?
I do like all those ideas you have, but I also like not getting pummeled or shot, too.
(maybe those bad owners need to be shot?)
Sorry, thinking out loud again...heh.

Thanks for taking time to roll up and comment.

Stay safe (and poop-free) down there, dear.

Bob G. said...

Momma Fargo:
I have to apologize, as I accidently deleted YOUR original comment...I was trying to remove MY original answer that had typos I didn't correct.
(blogger doesn't allow post-posting editing)

Hit the wrong damn "trash can" icon...DAMMIT!!!
(brain-fart on me).
Sorry about that, dear. My bad.

Bob G. said...

---I know...not that time passed AT ALL. And our ASPCA does check you out (we filled out a form for our kids).
--- As to your question?
That's a tough one to answer, because I've found a LOT of "reasons" as to why they own therm.
Some say it's a dominance issue, others, a poverty issue. Some claim a protection aspect, while drug dealers like the "low chase response" and aggressiveness of the breed.
with the history they've had, many people like the "intimidation factor" the dogs have.
Many whites also own them.

Hope this helps somewhat.

Thanks for stopping on by to comment.
(and I took my time typing my response, so I wouldn't accidently delete anything)

Stay safe (and always classy) out there, guys.

CWMartin said...

That fog was HORRIBLE out of the complex and down to near Coldwater, then it became more spotty but still bad.

Good take on the quote. Few things are all that black and white.

Bavarian Creeps? Damn those Germans anyway.

Erased a call before listening to it. Deleting a comment in trying to fix another. Are you trying to tell us something?

Kroger: And as my sis-in-law posted: Still waiting for the promised revamp of the New Haven store...

I hope this woman never has children, is all I can say on the cat story. She obviously had no clue of the concept of care. I would definitely put her on a CPS hot list.

Bob G. said...

---Early on, it WAS bad, but by the time Wifey headed out, it was already lifting.
---Yep, found me another "newbie" to quote.
---Cripes, if it ain't crepes it creeps...LOL.
---Yeah...my "sell by" date must have passed...ROFL!
---And those living near the store that lost it's roof are ALSO waiting...and waiting.
---Hell, I'd put her on a Social Darwin watch-list as well. Some people are just EFFED UP!

Hey, thanks for dropping on by to comment today.
(didn't erase the post, either...that's TWO in a row now).

Stay safe (and "Scrappyfied") up there, brother