21 April 2017

Friday Follies...
Guess what? We made it once again to the end of another week! And this old world is still revolving. How did we manage that?
Not that there aren't forces out there who would love to change the status quo.
We won't dwell on that...not right now.
Our Hoosierland weather for today sees us enjoying mostly cloudy skies and cooler temps than yesterday (thank you) with a high of around 55 degrees, and none of that hail we briefly saw outside the "Fortress". Solid rain...whatta concept!
And, we can save a couple bucks by not running the A/C (open those windows, people).
So why don't we all get things started with a nice morning drink, as we see what's been going on elsewhere, hmm?
*** First off of the quickly growing lawn is our "What the hell happens today, Bob?" feature:
APRIL 21 -
---It's National Yellow Bat Day
(no cowards allowed)
---It's National Chocolate Covered Cashews Day
(never met a chocolate covered nut I didn't like...yet)
---It's National Kindergarten Day
(developing social skills not found at home)
---It's National Day of Silence
(it's an LGBT kinda thing and not being QUIET in our neighborhood)
---It's Donate Life Blue and Green Day
(organ donation...and not the WURLITZER kind)
*** Since we are at week's end, let's see what observances are taking place over the following 48 hours:
APRIL 22 -
---Saturday is National Record Store Day
(good day to buy and sell some vinyl)
---It's National Earth Day
(a tree-huggers "new year", I suppose?)
---It's National Girl Scout Leaders Day
(and we know we need leaders, right?)
---It's National Jelly Bean Day
(save the black ones for me - looks like someone did)
APRIL 23 -
---Sunday is National Cherry Cheesecake Day
(never met a CHEESECAKE I didn't like either, especially the NY kind)
---It's National Lost Dogs Awareness Day
(sad to see any animal lost)
---It's National Picnic Day
(bring your own ants and yellowjackets)
---It's National Take a Chance Day
(Only take chances you've thought out...or listen to some ABBA)
---It's National Talk Like Shakespeare Day
(forsooth...don't get "bard" from quoting Macbeth)
And there you have it. Plenty to do...and always observe responsibly!
*** Next up, in our fair city, a woman was found stabbed.
Here's the story:
This could well become homicide number NINE, when the coroner calls it.
Not many people tend to commit suicide by stabbing (except for Samurai).
((Fort Wayne police were called just after 0900 hrs to a stabbing reported at 214 Northeast Drive in Coldwater Crossing Apartments, between Coliseum Boulevard and East Washington Center Road.))
A woman was found (age not revealed) and taken to hospital, where she later died.
Not much else is known at this time, and the investigation (as usual) is ongoing.
*** Next, how about a nice, healthy DRUG BUST?
Well, we have another one in Fort Wayne. Here's the details:
Wow...a whole "key" of coke...carried by a Latino...who'da thunk that?
Street value is around $33K, and by all means, transport it in a brake-fluid container...lol.
That ain't no memory foam pillow.
(( After a traffic stop at East Washington Boulevard and Fairview Avenue around 11:20 a.m. Monday, Fort Wayne police vice unit officers and the U.S. Drug Enforcement Agency located that kilo wrapped in clear plastic.
It was sealed tightly inside a white plastic bottle labeled MAG 1 vehicle brake fluid. The bottom of the bottle had been cut out, but it didn't fool the officers.
A police dog sniffed it under the front passenger seat of a white Honda station wagon, according to court documents.
Luis Carrera-Silva, of Hammond, who had driven to Fort Wayne on Monday to sell the drug, along with accomplices. Carrera-Silva was the one who had exchanged text messages with a confidential informant, court documents said. Carrera-Silva arrived at the meeting point in Fort Wayne in a black Saab.
Federal authorities have an arrest warrant out for Carrera-Silva, charging him with dealing in cocaine.
Carrera-Silva is charged in U.S. District Court with intent to distribute 500 grams or more of a mixture or substance containing a detectable amount of cocaine. His arrest is part of an ongoing investigation, court documents said.))
The FEDS are involved...maybe Luis should have stayed in Hammond (or better yet, south of our border)...'ya think?
*** Next,  we might be one step closer to the Jetsons...sorta...maybe. Here's the story:
Yeah, ANOTHER "flying car", but it's a prototype and costs over a MILLION BUCKS.
Got a feeling that lines to the builder are not going around the block here.
This is really nothing new...let's set our time-coordinates for 1949, and look back at this novel idea:
Oops...been done already (the Taylor Aerocar)
There WAS one flying car that always made me smile, and that was THIS one...
Yeah, best part of the movie...lol. Couldn't have happened to two nicer women.
Damn shame they hadda ruin a perfectly nice Thunderbird in the process, though.
*** Next up, remember all the protests we're seeing almost weekly, especially in or around the nation's capital?
Well, there's no such thing as a "free ride" there. Here's the story link:
Everything costs someone something, doesn't it?
And this time, D.C. could be footing a HEFTY bill.
Looks like VANDALISM to me too.
Maybe they should start CHARGING those protesting (and not just with disorderly conduct)...just to make things fair, as the libtards are keen on reminding us?
*** Next, the (Fort Wayne) downtown arena (fiasco in the making) isn't dying easily. Here's the story:
((Digging deeper into the "financials" (to the tune of another $70K) to see if a downtown arena in Fort Wayne is feasible.
The Capital Improvement Board. Thursday approved spending money on another study. 
This time the focus is on the long-term view.
In this drawn out process so far, work has been done to determine a preferred location for the building downtown just west of the Grand Wayne Center, as well as nailing down a price tag for construction and how to pay for it.))
This CIB is another agency this city can do WITHOUT.
There are way too many questions with this and no answers...so why even bother at this point?
(other cities have done it?)
Screw what OTHER cities are doing...let's KEEP Fort Wayne and it's OWN heritage intact.
*** Next up, time to slide on over to "Kitten Corner"...
Another good day for all, in spite of the thunderstorms we had. They don't seem as bothered as our former cats were.
That may change in time, but for now...just cuteness abounding.
Something about pets and a soothing calm they can bring about...that is when they're not racing through the house like a couple of whirling dervishes...lol. Sometimes, it reminds you fo the Tasmanian Devil from the old WB cartoons, only with a lot LESS destruction.
*** Last back to the garden flowerbeds...this neighborhood used to be a much nicer place to live.
What's wrong with the SIDEWALKS?
And, thanks to various powers, that has changed, and has become a place that regular people would shy away from.
Sure, leave trash out ALL week, too.
This scenario is unfortunately being repeated across our nation, and in most every city or town.
Ignorant people blocking your driveway...
As could be expected, it's the fault of the people who move into the area, because I know Wifey and I haven't changed the way we live our lives, save for being more "on guard" than in years past.
Where we could have neighbors greeting you whenever you were outside, you get fleeting glances, as if to say "what are you still doing here?", and that's when people even bother to look your way.
Litter-strewn streets daily.
Sure, times have changed all over, and people have indeed changed right along with those times, but it has not been a change for the better...at least not from where we can see.
People stopping to kiss in the intersection
People just seem to not give a damn about hardly anything anymore, and that is a very dangerous stance to take, no matter where you live. When people stop being as human as they should be, nothing good can come from it.
We choose to live by example, and that USED to be a hallmark of generations past. How you lived showed others what kind of person you were. Same can be said by however you act. If you act the fool that is how you will be perceived.
If you defy the laws, don't expect others to view you as a law-abiding citizen...simple as that, right?
Yeah, the choices we all make don't just affect ourselves...they affect so much more and often with far-reaching effects we may not even be aware of.
So, maybe some good choices now and then IS the better road to travel, if not for yourself, then for others who may be watching...and learning.
Have yourselves a good weekend.
Be well, make a difference to someone today, and as always...
Stay SAFE out there, America.


CWMartin said...

To celebrate Earth day, I will... oh, never mind, got a nooner at work.


We had a dad and little girl today looking for a couple of lost puppies just as we came back from our walk... sorry, no such luck. Hope they were found.

I remember reading about the aerocar. I had a somewhat more futuristic toy back in the day that made a fairly nice two-seater quinjet...

Protesting- something liberals do in between indefensible FB and blog posts, hugging trees (while throwing their candy wrapper in the neighbor's yard), and making moony eyes at Chelsea Clinton.

If those morons downtown truly believe we NEED a downtown stadium, then all is truly lost on them.

Sidewalk meme: I've been trying to make a joke about "too big abreast" work, but it's just too clunky.

Ive seen that Ten Suggestions before. Kinda reminds me of an old boss that used to say, "God made Adam and Eve, not Adam and Steve."

Bob G. said...

---Lmao...I hear 'ya. Earth Day..,environmental VIAGRA.
---Yeah, you know what's GOOD (cheesecake)!
---Breaks your heart, doesn't it? Losing a pet under ANY circumstance is hard.
---I'd like to see that 2-seater...sounds very cool.
---You NAILED that one, my friend!!!
---We need (another) multi-use "venue" downtown like the Titanic needed another hole to let the water out!
---Oh, the sights you see down here...normal folks simply would have a hard time believing it, if I didn't chronicle it in pictures.
---I've heard that "Steve" saying before, 5too.
Some things never grow old...just we time lords.

Thanks for stopping by today and commenting.

Have yourselves a very good weekend & stay safe up there, brother.
We'll catch you on the flip-side.