24 April 2017

Monday Musings...
Well, we survived another weekend.
That's always a goo sign.
Let's hope we make out as well (if not better) as we enter the week.
Our Hoosierland weather brings us partly cloudy skies (got us some sunshine greeting us), a high of around 72 degrees (perfect for me), and no hint of rain in the immediate forecast.
That's a wonderfully good start for any Monday...you have to admit that.
So,  what say we get that morning drink to steel ourselves to the day ahead, as we see what's been going on elsewhere, hmm?
*** First out of the flowerpots is our "What the hell happens today, Bob?" feture:
APRIL 24 -
---It's National Pigs In A Blanket Day
(got nothing at all to do with Ferguson, thank God)
And that's it...nothing else. We need something more...
How about National Special Kind of Stupid Day?
(nah, that happens too frequently)
What about National Hug A Liberal Until You Snap Their Spine Day?
Not for ALL the tea in China, folks!
(too obvious?)
Let's try National Middle Finger Salute Day
(how I say "hi" to almost everyone where we live, because they EARNED it)
Maybe National Take a Day Off From National Days Day?
(getting warmer...)
I'm open to any and all suggestions...heh.
*** Next up, that "boil-water" advisory we had over the weekend in Ft. Wayne was a real JOKE.
Seriously, there wasn't any chance of contamination...less than a  1% chance , if any.
When our water smelled like a creek gave me greater concern.
Talk about clearing store shelves of bottled water needlessly - wonder if the people can bill the CITY back for those expenditures?
*** Next, it wasn't a bad weekend for living down in the ghettohood.
The "locals" by and large BEHAVED themselves (as well as their primate minds can handle such things), and I did manage to mow the back yard on Friday.
Looks pretty good (so far).
The street lights in the block north of us were out last night for some reason. Our block is unaffected (again...so far), but the next block up looks much "darker" than usual...lol.
Wonder HOW LONG it'll take before someone calls it in to the city so they can repair the problem?
This should be interesting.
*** Next, we lost childhood star Erin Moran (Happy Days) over the weekend. She was 56.
When she was smokin' hot.
Here's her WIKI:
Damn shame that substance abuse took her, and that she followed the path of quite a few child stars. Depression, alcoholism, drugs...that "hard" lifestyle...it all adds up, and often sooner than you think.
*** Next up, let's see what kind of dumbassery has been going on around town...
---Looks like we might have homicide number TEN for the year.
Here's the story:
This took place in the 4900 block of Mt. Vernon Park Drive (near Bowser) around 0100 hrs this morning. Right smack dab in the SOUTHEAST...who'da thunk THAT?
Someone apparently walked up and shot two people sitting in a car there. One is dead and one in critical condition. No description of the perp was forthcoming. Police were going door-to-door (good luck with that).
Ahh yes, Spring is in the air on the SE side...you can feel it (unless you duck).
---A  1-yr old was taken from his mother, but was found safe. Here's that story:
The baby-daddy, armed with a gun, took the infant and tried to get away...didn't work.
(and by the looks of his car in the WANE video, he may be black (nice rims).
---Another sex offender captured -  former Michigan State defensive end Auston Robertson is in custody after being charged with third-degree criminal sexual conduct.
Here's the story:
Well, there's one budding sports career flushed down the crapper. Typical.
*** Looks like we're not ONLY getting a canal boat replica for the rivers. Here's the story:
Coming to a river in Fort Wayne
Yes, friends...a WW2 -era DUKW vehicle will also be "sailing" the rivers.
If you want more info about this vehicle, here 'ya go:
Now, not to scare any of you from taking a ride on this, but they have one of these in Philly, and you may recall this incident from 2011 where a tug whacked a DUKW (with fatalities).
A fatal "oops" moment on the Delaware.
The tug pilot was in error.
Given the size of OUR "rivers" here, I wouldn't sweat any similar thing happening.
The Delaware is a REAL river...it's a LOT bigger...and busier.
*** Next, let's take a stop at "Kitten Corner"...
The kids had their "impish" moments over the weekend, but they were fleeting. The majority of the time, they're very good pets, and like to spend time with you. Not a problem there.
Gallifrey gets up a head of steam and tears through the house. Violet is slightly more sedate, but she's been known to be part and parcel to the dashing about mayhem.
SO much energy...where do they store it all, and can I get some for myself?
Oh, we also have a new visitor...a black cat that likes to frequent our patio.
He's scared of people, however. It you make any overture to call it or open a door, it takes off.
But it always returns, too. Curious.
Problem with that, is that it keeps the birds and squirrels away a lot more than usual.
Gotta be quick when eating peanuts.
I still do put out dry food (for Hobo), so this cat is eating something, and if not the cat, then the birds will eat that food.
*** Last back to the seed packets and potting soil...it's that time of year once again.
Wifey has started to get some plants for the garden and the various pots we have.
It does make the place look nicer - that slice of paradise we all seek, as it were.
Our perennials have also took to blooming. Life is returning outside our "Fortress" to be enjoyed (as best we can).
Thing is, most all the other "people" around here (and I use that word loosely) can't be bothered with such simple things.
The one woman who leaves her trash-bin out on the street week after week, had a car knock it over on Saturday, only to have one of her (several) children only stand it back up...in the street again.
AT least it wasn't GUNNED DOWN!
Nothing gets done to have her put the bin where it's SUPPOSED to be (and not in the damn street).
Just TNB at work here, folks.
Then, there is the parking issues - these throwbacks will just pull up and leave a vehicle , rather than follow the law and learn to parallel park (or use a driveway, rather than a damn front yard).
Helluva "lawn-ornament" they got there.
The blatant stupidity is almost beyond belief, and these morons think nothing of it. It's just normal behavior for THEM.
That's a very sad precedent to set, but when you have a PERMISSIVE society, it's what you get.
Thing is, this doesn't happen overnight with these mooks...it starts from little on up.
Our schools are full of these idiots-in-training (and we erroneously blame the educators)...another generation of people with little to no regard for laws and who lack common courtesies and morality.
Where all this will end...I shudder to think.
All I know is that we've got to do something about it NOW, while we can, lest we allow a furtherance of such behavior, which will no doubt lead to a continuing de-evolution of our society.
Just something to think about.
Be well, make a difference to someone, and...
Stay SAFE out there, America.


CWMartin said...

I like your suggestions, and would add, "National Pad Chris' Bank Account Day", "National Day Of Prayer For California To Slide Into The Sea", "National Media Loses Their Spin Day", "International Day Of Russia Grows A Brain", And Scrappy points out I forgot Happy Boofus Day this year, which I shall make up for as soon as I get some damn energy back!

Laurie doesn't have a good one off the top of her head, but suggests padding her account as well, likes the snap the spine concept, and just yelled at Obama to just go away, so I bet we could work that into a real celebration!

I wasn't about to boil water for a 60 second pressure loss- especially considering I had prolly been using the water long before they saw fit to tell us.

Apparently a good deal of former child stars, a group run by Paul Peterson, had been trying to help Erin, and "Several had been in touch with her in the last few days before she died." With everything else, she was in stage 4 cancer, which ended up killing her.

Amen on the "football career down the crapper" deal. I'll wager you at least three guys in the first two rounds of this week's draft never play for the same reason.

Rivers like that aren't really rivers. They are oceans with banks. ;)

The "What You Allow" meme I would like to have blown up huge and plastered over our receiving doors at work. It certainly would describe our current wave of crappy fabric!

Bob G. said...

--I like ALL your suggestions - not a bad one in the bunch.
---Laurie's given me some ideas (always a dangerous premise...lol)
---I've had spring water out in the woods more than a few times...still here (and didn't regenerate).
---I know...very tragic. There really is no "good" way to die...it's what goes on AFTER that that matters.
---I would not be surprised...and maybe that number will be higher.
---Hey, it's one of those "one size DOES fit all" kinda memes...right?
Any venue - any time - any reason.

Thanks for stopping by today and commenting.
(always enjoy the virtual banter).

Stay safe up there, brother.
(say "hi" to Laurie & the Scrappster for us)