10 April 2017

Monday Musings...
Looks like we got an early taste of summer over the weekend, with that warm weather.
I can wait, believe me.
As you will see today, the nice conditions outside have this tendency to also bring along the morons.
(like perennials in the garden, actually)
Our Hoosierland weather for today brings us similar conditions to yesterday with one exception...increasing clouds and a good chance of rain later this afternoon and evening. Could even have a thunderstorm tossed in. Our high today will again be around 70 degrees, and some breezy conditions.
It IS April, and we DO get showers (which bring May flowers) as they say.
So, let's that morning drink poured, as we take a look at some of the things that took place over the weekend.
*** First out of the medicine chest is our "What the hell happens today, Bob?" feature:
APRIL 10 -
---It's National Cinnamon Crescent Day
(sounds like a good partner to coffee)
---It's National Encourage a Young Writer Day
(I would if we had any)
---It's National Farm Animals Day
(we have plenty of pigs of the human kind around us...does that count?)
---It's National Siblings Day
(Wifey and I are both only children...whatta waste)
*** Next up, we simply could not have a spring weekend in Fort Wayne WITHOUT some STUPID going on, could we?
The answer here is YES.
(that answer should be a resounding NO)
---Our first tale nets the city HOMICIDE NUMBER 7 (so far). Here's the link:
The shooting took place at the Bleu Diamond strip club...I mean "Gentlemen's club" located at 9439 Lima Rd around 0400 hrs Sunday morning (that's PALM SUNDAY morning, btw).
One person was found dead there and three others showed up at hospital soon after. Two of those three are still in critical condition, with the third upgraded to serious.
One media source had a surveillance photo of the suspect, but the quality kinda sucks (compared to grocery and liquor store cameras).
Could be a black guy (or a dirty white one). Here's that link:
Police are seeking help from the public (as usual).
---And speaking of STRIP CLUBS...how about THIS little gem:
Wow...near Glenbrook Mall, a place called "Club 44" in planning to open.                      
((When Councilman Tom Didier (3rd District) saw the sign for Club 44 go up, he thought it was a night club. That he could handle. Once he found out it’s a strip club, he said that type of establishment has no business being in this part of town.
Didier has more strip clubs in his district than any other council member. Club 44, located at 4030 Coldwater Rd., will be the 5th.))
Welcome to the SIN part of our own "Sin City", Tom.
And there IS something council "could" do, if they had real backbones, but we know nothing is coming from there, right?
Never fret about fixing the gate AFTER the livestock has gotten out of the pen...that shows ignorance to the initial problem.
---If that's NOT enough stupid, let's try this one:
A felon, when pulled over near Hanna and Oxford around 2245 hrs Saturday night didn't exactly take the "bite out of crime" they were expecting. Detectives were having the "bite" put on THEM by this piece of shit, when he resisted (he was wanted for another investigation regarding intimidation with a firearm). Police just happened to find a loaded .45 pistol under the driver's seat,. and since he's a former FELON, possession of ANY firearm is a real no-no.
Tracy Thomas, 49 is the person with the busy teeth who got busted (and he sure sounds black to me, especially in that part of the ghettohood).
*** Next, and from Sunday's paper we have this letter by DOROTHEA BRAGG:
It's the last letter on the page (5th one down), and it wonderfully explains the Bowser building and those behind it's imminent demise. Dorothea "gets it".
---Since were still in yesterday's paper, check THIS story out:
Yes, that IS some serious firepower seen in the photo.
It's good to know that more ILLEGAL guns are being taken off our streets. The bad news is that MORE illegals guns are being FOUND on our streets. Talk about a thriving black market (no pun intended there).
As could be expected, the homicide rate dropped following our last record year (just as it did in prior year spikes).
((“When we do see a gang member or a known gang member and they're leaving a known gang house or drug house and we follow them and they make a traffic violation, that gives us probable cause to make a traffic stop,” said Capt. Kevin Hunter, with the Fort Wayne Police Department's Vice and Narcotics Unit. “Once we make contact with the occupants through investigatory questions, we find other things (like) marijuana, guns.”
The focus appears to be paying off. On the southeast side, where most of the city's 49 homicides took place last year, there has been one this year. Quinlan I. Partington, 16, died in the 3200 block of Diplomat Drive on Feb. 9 of gunshot wounds.))
Well, that's good to know. Just be sure no one of color plays the "race" card and says you're pulling blacks over JUST because they're black, because that's PROFILING.
That's correct, only, in mostly (to all) black areas, pulling people over is NOT racial profiling (law of averages thing)..it's CRIMINAL profiling. Let's make that abundantly clear from the start.
 *** Next up, and since I'm already bored with all the stupid taking place, let's drop by "Kitten Corner"...
Do I look like I want to be bad today?
The kids were pretty good until last evening, when for some reason, they took a shine to my chair and table alongside it.
They knocked stuff over and that got me a bit miffed (and they heard me plain enough).
I'm not sticking my tongue out at you. I'm grooming.
Aside from these mountain goat antics, things were relatively calm for the balance of the time.
You have to break them of such things as early as possible, lest they get into stuff they're not supposed to get into...plain and simple.
*** Last back to the aspirin bottle...All I wanted yesterday was a nice calm, sedate PALM SUNDAY. Yeah, I was asking for way too much where we live.
I wanted a day where I could actively appreciate all that God offers us, hear some hymns, concentrate on things that are more heavenly than worldly...nope, didn't happen around our area.
We had the same old crap going on...boom cars in abundance (springtime brings those out too), nobody going to church around here (like that matters to the heathen), and nothing denoting the solemnity of the day on television, save for a very few programs on the History Channel (that didn't really have a direct connection to Palm Sunday.
Well, tomorrow marks the start of Passover for those of the Hebrew faith...again, with no notice taking place.
And Easter seems all wrapped up in chocolate eggs and baskets of other candies.
What has happened to us as a society?
We're too busy shooting one another dead at a strip club on Palm Sunday morning and not bothering to think about eternity, except to enter into it by means of an errant bullet. Not exactly how it was mentioned in Sunday School all those years ago, was it?
Hey, I'm no saint (nor profess to be)...I'm just a regular guy who knows the difference between HERE and NOW, and FOREVER. And, when I rail about the intrusions to my personal calm on a (holy) day like yesterday, I'm not blasting anyone for not following MY standards (heaven forbid...lol)...I'm just appalled that people don't seem to bother with GOD'S standards
And maybe they should, because sooner or later, we ALL wind up in eternity, whether we choose to believe it or not.
Just something to think about.
Be well, make a difference toi someone, and...
Stay SAFE out there, America.


CWMartin said...

The one time in my misspent second childhood we hit the BD, the best looking girl there had her leg in a full cast. Never went to Stewies.

Bowser: Wow, yet another decision made before community input was sought. Jerks.

“When we do see a gang member or a known gang member and they're leaving a known gang house or drug house and we follow them and they make a traffic violation, that gives us probable cause to make a traffic stop,”- Hey, wait, that's profiling! Boy. Cpt. Hunter is in big doo-doo now!

(Oops, guess I shoulda rolled down a little farther before I said that...)

"Mountain goat antics", lol!

"I'm just appalled that people don't seem to bother with GOD'S standards." Frankly, all too many of such people don't bother with ANY standards. Hang in there, Robert. It won't be a lot longer before we get to share a laugh at God's Really Big Multi-cultural Weenie Roast.

Bob G. said...

---You mean you never went to those places JUST to count the stab wound marks on the dancers?
(someday, I will tell you the tale of my first (and only) bachelor party back in NJ...)
---Most EVERY decision that pertains to down here gets shuffled WAY down in the deck. The rest of the city just gets snookered (the old-fashioned way).
---That "could" be considered profiling, but the word DRUG is the key to this. Normal folks don't go there, do we?
---Your oops moment has already been forgotten...heh.
---I swear these cats ARE part mountain goat!
---You're right...too many have NO standards whatsoever, and yet love to set DOUBLE ones for the rest of us...how's that supposed to work?
"God's Really Big Multi-cultural Weenie Roast"...ROFL.
Now THAT will a great time for sure.

Thanks for stopping on by today to comment.
Sstay safe up there, brother.