12 May 2017

Friday Follies...
Well, here we are once again at the end of another week.
How DO we manage that in today's world, anyway?
Didn't get any rain yesterday, and by the looks of things, the weekend will be mostly dry as well (except for late Saturday).
Our Hoosierland weather for today brings us mostly sunny skies, with temps rising into the upper 60s. (I can work with that)
So, what say we start things off with a nice cup (or glass) of Friday Fortitude, as we take a look at what is going on elsewhere, hmm?
*** First off of the coffee table is our "What the hell happens today, Bob?" feature:
MAY 12 -
---It's National Fybromyalgia Awareness Day
(ain't that a pain in the neck...and other extremities)
---It's National Nutty Fudge Day
(so...go FUDGE yourselves...lol)
---It's National Limerick Day
(we need some new ones)
---It's National Odometer Day
(it's not a clock, so DON'T turn it back. It's against the law)
---It's National Provider Appreciation Day
(a daycare thing)
---It's National Military Spouse Appreciation Day
(another one we don't need JUST a day for)
*** Next up, and since it IS the weekend, let's see what the following 48 hours provides us as far as observances go...
MAY 13 -
---Saturday is National Apple Pie Day
(not into this, but apple CAKE is another thing)
---It's National Archery Day
(one way to make YOUR point known)
---It's National Cornelia DeLange Syndrome Awareness Day
(typically a little people developmental defect)
---It's National Babysitters Day
(wonder if THEY unionized yet?)
---It's National Birth Mothers Day
(this most likely applies to those adopted)
---It's National Crouton Day
(guess we need a salad to go with those?)
---It's National Frog Jumping Day
(probably thanks to Mark Twain)
---It's National Fruit Cocktail Day
(never was into this, either, except for the peach chunks)
---It's National Miniature Golf Day
(putt-putt...not JUST an engine noise)
MAY 14 -
---Sunday is National Buttermilk Biscuit Day
(pass the butter and honey)
---It's National Dance Like a Chicken Day
(sorry, not my style)
---It's National Underground America Day
(It's a lot more than subways these days)
---It's Stamp Out Hunger - Food Drive Day
(hang a full bag by the mailbox)
---It's Mother's Day
(it doesn't apply to ALL mothers out there...just the FEMALE ones, and they know who they are)
(( WHEW...!! ))
There we go then...got enough there to keep ANYONE (except the neighborhood kids) busy.
Remember to observe responsibly, and have a designated driver.
*** Next, another person SHOT in Fort Wayne (gee, I wonder where? Gotta be SE.).
Here's the story link:
As seems to be the case these days, the victim was dropped off at a hospital near downtown by two people. Police have little (if anything) to go on. No location of the shooting, no shooter description, or motive, either.
Just another typical day in our fair city, right? Wait until summer gets here.
*** Next up, it looks like a new deadly drug has come to Indiana. Here's the lowdown:
It's called "The Grey Death" (sounds like a Doctor Who episode title), and contains enough poison to kill a person outright.
(not that fewer drug addicts who prefer such crap is a BAD thing)
Weird thing about this...it looks like bits of CONCRETE, but packs a wallop that will send a user to the morgue straight away.
It contains not just heroin and fentanyl, but also CARFENTANYL, which can drop a damn elephant in it's tracks.
Mix these 3 together and you got a lethal combination...that some morons can't seem to avoid.
Also, the carfentanyl can be absorbed through the SKIN, so EMTs (and other first responders) have to be on guard, lest they get a "contact-high"...or worse.
Just another wonderful "export" from south of our border (that's Mexico to those living in Rio Linda, as Rush Limbaugh would say)
My thoughts on this...if people WANT to chase after this concoction and make the choice to place this poison in their bodies, so be it. Sure would get rid of a lot of our "surplus population" (as Charles Dickens would tell us).
You want to do this...then you pay the price. Just like anything else in life.
Sounds a bit on the callous side I know, but for those of us NOT into such folly, it does make sense.
*** Next, let's change things up, and stop on by "Kitten Corner"...
"I see another cat out there."
The kids were unusually well-behaved for a change...makes me wonder what they're REALLY up to? Lord only knows.
"This is MY washer...mine."
They took their turns playing and napping, but in different places around the house.
Sometimes, they nap together, and that is really cute to see.
*** Next up, time to turn the next page in our "Tales of Midnight"...
"Time to get wet on the INSIDE".
Our "homeless" buddy was around ALL day yesterday, and yes, he got a bit wet, but not soaked to the skin, so he's got some place close by to stay out of the rain.
He can't wait to get the food I take to him. He always jumps up on the patio table, even if I;m not feeding him.
He is a fast learner, and knows the times he can expect the food.
Good place to lounge the day away.
Yeah, it does keep the birds and squirrels away, but a few brave feathered friends come to the feeder, when Midnight is napping. NO problem there, and I put peanuts around the other side of the house on the back steps, just in case. The cat would never know they stop by.
*** Last back to the dining table...what happened to everyone being responsible for their OWN actions?
Seems we have found more than a few ways to avoid such a "pitfall" for folks nowadays.
In fact, society falls over itself trying to make sure people cannot be held responsible for themselves or their actions.
That's why we have "government-sponsorship" for the poverty-stricken. Gimme a break.
Our nation has the RICHEST "poor people" on the whole planet, and yet, all the amenities we ensure these people get is never enough.
I won't go back into the statistics, because you've heard me mention them all too frequently.
I feel that if people were (again) to be held to a higher level of accountability, then the responsibility factor would follow right along, as it's supposed to do.
In other words, stop claiming you're poor when you're raking in about $40K from the taxpayers, who are taking "care" of you and however many kids you want to birth...that's not fair to anyone.
Charity is here to help the truly needy, and should not have become the government behemoth we have allowed, just to make others more equal that others. That's not the way we should roll in THIS country.
But then again, I'm such a traditionalist...
Have yourselves a good weekend.
Be well, make a difference to someone today, and as always...
Stay SAFE out there, America.


CWMartin said...

"...a pain in the neck..." "...go fudge yourself..." are you in a MOOD today, Robert? lol

I was thinking the same thing about the Grey Death. Darwin at his best. Damn shame that potentially useful, wonderful people let this kinda crap destroy them.

Another short comment, as it is time for the birthday celebrations to go on. Tally ho!

Bob G. said...

---Well, truth be told, My left hip is giving me some grief today.
The ALEVE helped (gratuitous product plug).
Then again, this neighborhood is enough to give JESUS a "mood"...lol.
---I know...totally UNTAPPED POTENTIAL...wasted by some concoction meant to cause death for the sake of some criminal's bank account.
---Birthday celebrations...must be YOUR time of year once again?
I have GOT to WRITE THAT DOWN (hopefully long before I get blown across a room like Howard Stark)...heh.
oh, be sure to have the FWFD on speed-dial like WE do, just in case.

Have yourselves a very good weekend.
And stay safe up there brother.