19 May 2017

Friday Follies...
That's ONE way to get to the weekend...in a rowboat...LOL.
Have to admit that we had some serious rain later on yesterday.
Did not expect that much.. That was a gully-washer down here.
We even have hail for a brief time, and some REALLY gusty winds.
Hopefully, none of THAT stuff today.
Our Hoosierland weather will bring us mostly cloudy skies, temps reaching only to around 68 degrees (far cry from yesterday's high in the lower 90s), and a much calmer day, wind-wise. Still might get us some shower activity with maybe a thunderstorm tossed.
I do believe that is a lot more tolerable for all concerned.
I think we should all grab a deep cup or tall glass of Friday Fortitude to kick-start ourselves, as we take a look at what else has been going on...
*** First off of the rain-washed streets is our "What the hell happens today, Bob?" feature:
MAY 19 -
---It's National Bike to Work Day
(don't think we're gonna have many takers with any rain in the forecast)
---It's National Defense Transportation Day
(well, they have to get around somehow too, right?)
---It's National Devil's Food Cake Day
(cake? say no more)
---It's National Endangered Species Day
(love to see the Schumers et al of our country on that list real soon)
---It's National May Ray Day
(not even gonna go there)
---It's NASCAR Day
(and NASCAR  isn't racing anymore. It's more like sponsored rule-following)
---It's National Pizza Party Day
(ANY day can be a pizza-related day to me)
*** Next, and since the end of the week has arrived, let's see what we can observe over the following 48 hours...
MAY 20 -
---Saturday is Armed Forces Day
(can't imagine a free nation like ours without them.)
---It's National Be a Millionaire Day
(gonna need a case of $100,000 candy bars to even make me feel close to that...lol)
---It's National Learn to Swim Day
(sorry, too busy learning to survive just in our neighborhood)
---It's National Pick Strawberries Day
(actually did this once with the family in NJ a very long time ago)
---It's National Quiche Lorraine Day
(And Lorraine Day is a controversial surgeon who believes the Holocaust was a lie..look it up)
MAY 21 -
---Sunday is National American Red Cross Founders Day
(saving lives and helping others for a LONG time)
---It's National Memo Day
(I'll be sure to make a memo to send myself a memo about that)
---It's National Strawberries and Cream Day
(gotta do something with what you picked the day before...right?)
---It's National Take Your Parents to the Playground
(and why would we want to do that? For a good laugh?)
---It's National Waitstaff Day
(who still have to endure the worst patrons on the planet)
*** Next up, seems we're starting the weekend off with a "bang". Here's the story:
Our latest shooting death took place around 0015 hrs this morning in the 900 block of Francis St near E. Washington Blvd.
Not much is known (as usual), but this may well be homicide number eleven ( since 25 April)...or number ten, depending on who you listen to. We shall see.
((UPDATE 1500 hrs - right again (number eleven). Here's the latest:
Not too hard to figure out things in this city.))
*** Next, I thought that the "fate" of the 122nd ANG unit had been determined a few years back, and that F-16s would return again until the F-35 came along in the near future.
Well, time to try and rethink this once more. Here's the story link:
((Members of Congress have been floating the idea of another round of Base Realignment and Closure, or BRAC. Rep. Adam Smith, D-Wash., introduced legislation in January that would establish an independent commission in 2019 to review and recommend possible consolidations, realignments and closures of military installations.
Should the legislation become law, the Defense Department would implement those recommendations unless Congress disapproved.
In a March interview with The Journal Gazette, Banks said about prospects for BRAC, “I don't view that as a serious conversation in this Congress at this point.” The last round of BRAC was in 2005.))
Don't tread on THEM.
So, again we see that the democrats are trying to be the "obstructionists" here.
I thought they LOVED wasting...I mean SPENDING our money?
*** Next, and speaking of obstructionism, we have this story:
Oh, so the ACLU,  in league with Planned Parenthood is filing a lawsuit against a new abortion law? Talk about one of the biggest double standards the leftards have at their disposal.
One the one hand, they have NO problem with the whole murder of MILLIONS of unborn, and on the other hand, these same people can't bring themselves to assign the DEATH penalty to those convicted of MURDER (like Charlie Manson).
This is beyond stupid, but then again, the leftists EXCEL at that, don't they?
*** Next up, let's vacate the asylum of asininity and instead drop by "Kitten Corner"...
No downed drapes, no yellow-jackets and no bad behavior to speak of...ahh, solace reigns within the kingdom once again...lol.
The kids got a little antsy when the showers hit...was kinda noisy on the roof, but they came through it okay.
And yes, none of the weather bothered their appetites at all...like you thought it would?
*** Next, time to see what's shaking with our "Tales of Midnight"...
"Ever wear a damp fur coat? Not fun." 
Our little homeless feline got wet yesterday, but that didn't deter him from stopping by for HIS food. We still have that half-shelter on the patio, and I fed him there, just to keep the dry food...well, dry.
"I know that lady is coming soon."
He spent some time under the patio table and waited by the garage door for over a half hour for Wifey to come home, so he could greet her. Like I said before, this seems all too familiar, doesn't it?
*** Last back to the rain barrel collection...there is nothing wrong with spreading some charity where it's needed.
And while there are those (people) who go out of their way to take as much charity as can be found, whether they really need it or not, we always have to keep in mind those who don't have a voice, yet are still "in need".
I was always taught to help others when possible, and yes, a lot of that had to do with religion.
I have no issue with that and make no apologies for it.
The seeds one plants with giving to those less fortunate do bear fruit in time.
As is often the case, we may not be aware of the results of any charitable actions we demonstrate, and that's fine, too.
Rewards are for those turning in fugitives...and for the next life.
We just do what we do, and we should expect no less of ourselves.
Nothing wrong with setting standards for yourself, as long as they are based in honesty, and truth, and biblical principles. And never make them unattainable.
Also, there is aabsolutely no shame of falling short of the goal, as long as you try.
Everything you do in life for the right reason, will be appreciated, and returned to you in kind.
Therein lies the lesson for today.
Do have yourselves a good weekend.
Be well, make a difference to someone, and as always...
Stay SAFE out there,America.


Momma Fargo said...

Bike to work day and we have lightning and rain? LOL> rats I passed on that one. Love your kitties. I think your garden must be looking pretty spiffy. What's with all this drama in the WH? Erg. It's like your drama only national. LOL. JUST KIDDING. Have a great weekend!

Bob G. said...

Momma Fargo:
---Hell, I won't even bike in (what passes for) my OWN "neighborhood"...and NOT because I have two flats!
---Yeah, the kitties are definitely keepers.
As for the garden? Well, we're GETTING there, and not for lack of funding...heh.
Have to get some pics soon.
---The only "drama" I hear about is all the crap the Leftards keep creating as they stir their own shit-pot!
(Cripes, leave the prez ALONE for a week)
---We all got a little drama, but those in D.C. have got it down to an incessant, whining, 24/7/365 ART FORM...!

Thanks for rolling up today top comment.
Much appreciated.

Stay safe & have a great weekend down there, dear.

CWMartin said...

I just love the days that get so over-specific. Defense Transportation Day. Like, maybe they should ride a bike?

May Ray? Fay's sister?

NASCAR day- on a day that they don't race???

Cake and Pizza- bring it!

Psst, Bob- loan me a mil till Sunday, I don't wanna feel left out...

We used to have strawberries in the garden all the time- I don't recall often picking them in May, though...

"Asylum of assininity" I think I used to work there...

Bob G. said...

I know. I swear some of these days HAVE to be created someone who might be anal-retentive...heh.
---LOL. Could well be.
---I think they used to qualify on Fridays.
Does that qualify?
---You got that right...and plenty of both!
---If I had THAT kind of money to pass around, it would NOT be a loan, my friend...it would be a "no-strings" GIFT!
---The only ones we have are those damnable WILD strawberries (that you can't use for anything. Can NEVER pull them all out - so invasive.
---I think we all spend some time "learning the ropes" there.
Now, Wifey and I just live in the town NAMED after that facility...LOL.
Thanks for taking some time to sped it here to comment today.
Have yourselves a great weekend.
Stay safe (and as dry as you can be) up there, brother.