22 May 2017

Monday Musings...
Well, it's been one helluva weekend, hasn't it?
More so for us at the "Fortress" than usual, and I will be explaining this in detail in a bit.
We certainly had our share of rain over the last 72 hours, but it did manage to keep the "locals" quiet.
Our Hoosierland weather for today brings us partly to mostly cloudy skies, temps topping out around 70 degrees, and NO rain...now that is one comfortable day
So, what say we all get a nice comforting drink to chase away the mental cobwebs as we see what else has been going on all over the place, hmm?
*** First off of the rain-soaked yard is our "What the hell happens today, Bob?" feature:
MAY 22 -
---it's National Buy a Musical Instrument Day
(I'm not touching that one with a ten-foot pole)
---It's National Maritime Day
(to all those plying the waters to get stuff from one place to another)
---It's National Vanilla Pudding Day
(and I will be making some just for me)
*** Next up, oh no...it looks like ANOTHER shooting in the city.
Here's the story:
Yeah, as USUAL, it's on the (take a wild guess) SOUTHEAST side of Fort Wayne.
This took place Sunday around 1120 hrs in the 3200 block of Chartwell Drive (near E. Paulding past S. Anthony Blvd). Any bets on the ETHNICITY of the victim OR the shooter? I think we both know the answer to that one.
Fortunately, it was only a leg wound, and also (as usual) not much else in known.
I'll also bet nobody "dinsee nuffin" either. How very predictable.
*** Next up, a marvelous tale of how I managed to "celebrate" POLICE WEEK (which ended Saturday, BTW).
I like to call this spot: "A Little Journey Down Righteous Indignation Avenue", and I'm sure you'll see why soon enough.
You first need some backstory, so here goes...the "kids" in our area (the ones who have too much time on their primate paws, and nothing to fill that void) were doing their usual amount of stupid shit, like tossing GOLF BALLS across our intersection (which is more traveled these days than in years past, thanks to HUD).
A few cars had to slow down. AND one black girl (who was with FIVE black boys) was "shakin' her goods" at every car passing, if you get my drift.
Guess this is a cultural "thang"? She also likes to climb on a patio roof.
Anyway, they were all over the neighborhood (as usual)...has to be all that sugar in their (wic) diet PLUS no adult supervision (where their "baby-mama" goes all the time is anyone's guess).
It was  a two-day affair, apparently.
The Latino neighbors two doors down were tossing what I assume was a birthday party, complete with a "bouncy house".
(took up most ALL of the yard, as they're pretty small around here)
Those people aren't really any problem, and neither are the kids.
But a few came onto our front lawn, and I opened the front door and stood there (a little stern glaring usually works well enough).
One of the kids pulled another off the hill out front and said "Sorry", to which I nodded, smiled, and waved at him...again, not a problem. This was early evening by now.
I did NOT pull an "Eastwood" on anyone!
I figured that would be the end of stuff, everyone would settle down, and I could get some TV time in. About 15-20 minutes into the rerun of last week's Doctor Who ep (on BBCAmerica), I get a knock on the door...
I had FOUR of these cars out front.
So, when I open it, and imagine my "surprise" to find not one, not two, but FIVE nice-sized, strapping FWPD officers out front, arranged in a very nice semi-circle (good tactics - great coverage - no crossfire danger).
I asked them if there was something I could help them with.
One officer (Bloomfield) said they were "told" (by dispatch, no doubt) that I pointed a gun at some children from my door...
Okay, now this is certainly a W-T-F??? moment for me, as I did no such thing at any time earlier in the evening (nor at any point prior). So, I went out on the step to chat with the officers (again, not a weapon on my person at all) I was watching frigging television, as I had been, in between taking pictures of the roaming kids.
I proceeded to tell the officers the TRUTH (as we all should) and that I almost called THEM earlier for the kids tossing golf balls around, stating that playing in an intersection wasn't exactly the BEST locale to be "recreational", and that they could get hit by a car, as we have our share of speeders around.
They're in the street ALL the damn time.
I told them the same story I just related here, and that I just waved at the (Latino) kids when they left the lawn.  Oh, and one of the young Latinos had a toy pistol with a red tip. I told that to the officers. I said they were kinda polite, actually.
Officer Bloomfield told me the call didn't come from the Latinos, so that makes me think someone ELSE (probably black) got some bad information from a lying child, believed the hell outta that, and called the 5-0 on me for NO effin reason whatsoever.
I told the officers I felt bad that they got chased out here for nothing. They told me I can keep a gun in my house, to which I replied "Guys, I come from a police family back in Philly, and I know procedure and lawful responsibility pertinent to such circumstances".
I'm sure that musta shocked the shit outta them...hearing an EDUCATED, COGENT, SOBER WHITE MALE EXPLAIN THINGS HONESTLY TO THEM.
(Still, not the way I would have PREFERRED to observe Police Week, I can tell you that)
The officers then wished me a good evening and left. I told them all to drive safe out there, and that was that.
...Or was it...?
(as Paul Harvey would say"...)
Let's take some time here to rationalize this instance.
We have kids making up stories in order to have the police potentially arrest me for something I didn't do.
A DOUBLE one to be sure
One person's word against another's, right?
A similar case can be made for a teacher who does NOT engage in activities with a student that could be considered inappropriate, and yet, if a student chooses to LIE about it, can get a teacher fired...or worse.
Our world has gotten to the point where there is little presumption of innocence, and every presumption of guilt, especially under such conditions that are totally contrived and false to begin with.
But, there is a double-standard attached to even this; for example, when a black person is shot or killed, despite witnesses on scene, NO ONE EVER SEES ANYTHING...that damnable "code of silence" bullshit keeps cropping up in black communities all over, and yet, they'll erroneously dime on a white man for something he didn't do.
Amazing how that works, isn't it?
Is THIS the way ethnics deal with whites who don't want to (nor should have to) move from THEIR home and from THEIR neighborhood?
I kinda prefer the FIRST one.
I'm certainly seeing a "trend" here, and one which causes me to rethink how these morons roll.
Over the years, our house has had a window broken by a chunk of cinder block (kept it as a souvenir), egged, shot at with paint-balls, along with trespassing children (much, I can conclude has been on purpose), cars leaving divots along our side street lawn (you saw the pictures here), and an otherwise disregard and disrespect for a couple people who ONLY want to be LEFT THE HELL ALONE! Yeah, I know I asking for the friggin' moon here with these idiots.
The mooks don't even do THAT.
If anything, Wifey and I have tried to keep our place from devolving along with all the others than HAVE become Section-8 hovels, bringing down OUR property value along the way. The up-side is a lot lower property taxes...helluva compensation for all the bullshit we have to put up with.
These people (and I use that word loosely) are used to living in a ghetto (or a ghetto-like environment) and I'm sorry, but OUR "Fortress" will not subscribe to such behavior by people of ANY color, let along theirs.
They may be used to living in a subsidized housing project replete with all those "common areas" for kids to run amok in, but a residential street with proper INTERSECTIONS and single family HOUSES is certainly NOT that venue...nor should it EVER become one.
I also have thought long and hard about using the "n" word here, because these two-legged bits of human refuse living around us ARE JUST THAT. They are definitely NOT what one might call people of color...or blacks. And who knows, these ethnics have earned the right to be CALLED what I have avoided calling them for so long...
REAL black people wouldn't want to live around such vermin, and that's fact. Just ask them (as I have in times past).
They'll tell you straight away what all the differences are, and make no bones about it.
I can safely say we DO NOT have ANY black people living around us these days...just those damn N_____S!
(you can fill in the blanks).
*** Next, let's try and put this aside for the time being, and go take a visit to "Kitten Corner"...
Our kids were dealing with the thunderstorms pretty well...no hiding about.
They do look up at the ceiling when the rain comes down really hard...like "where's the noise coming from?" kinda look.
In some ways, the rain helps them sleep as much as it does with Wifey and myself.
(funny thing, I thought I saw one of the cats pointing a gun at me...might have to call the police...ROFLMAO!)
*** Next up, time for some "Tales Of Midnight"...
Our little ebony buddy got somewhat wet over the weekend, but it didn't stop him from coming by to get his grub (which I provided a few times during the day, mostly when the rain let up for a spell). Lord know where he manages to hide when we get a downpour, but as long as it works for him...that's fine (for now).
You can tell he's appreciative, by the way he rubs against your legs after eating.
Poor little guy.
Hate to see a nice pet turned out to God-knows-what on the streets.
He also has a "new" place to sack out...his own private little "fortress".
Got his own ramparts and a cool spot away from the sun. Well done, mate.
He'll always be safe (and well-fed) around OUR home, that's for sure.
*** Last back to the rain-washed culverts...Wifey and I have a lot invested in our residence. 20 years worth. Money, time, sweat-equity...you name it.
Can't say the same for the flotsam living around us, with maybe one or two exceptions.
Most of the mooks are just "passing through" on their way to the next "government-sponsored" crib, and have NO reason (or desire) to make our area better (except when they move the hell OUT...lol). Sadly, times like that are always in flux, as another batch of refugees from the human race move in, and start this nasty cycle all over again.
Looks like Father's Day down here...lol.
And, I hold the city responsible,. as well as the black community. I know I haven't done a damn thing wrong in the 20 years we lived her, except to TRY and maintain what we have for as long as we are permitted to be stewards of it.
We don't play music loud, drive on other people's property, have raucous parties to all hours, allow others to stay for indeterminate days for no reason, and the like.
We don't sell drugs, use drugs and do not condone drug dealing around the property by anyone (can't say the same for a lot of other houses in the area).
We have not made ANY attempt to run our neighborhood into the damn ground...nor will we.
It's called being a decent human being, and we kinda like living that way, contrary to what others around here want.
Be nice to see some of these welfare-queen baby-mamas take a little responsibility for a damn change and own up to the lives they've chosen, and that means shorter leashes on their kids (we call that supervision, you assholes), behaving in a civil manner to EVERYONE (and not disrespecting those who happen to be white), finding out the truth to a situation before believing a lie, and then going off "half-cocked" and, most importantly, actually being someone worth living near...and not someone to avoid like the damn plague.
But. that's just "my" opinion, isn't it?
It also happens to be the truth.
Be well, make a difference to someone, and...
Stay SAFE out there, America).


CWMartin said...

They should change that to "Have Mercy on a Musical Instrument" Day, then me not buying one would be kosher.

The weekend: Those same sentiments at the end of the story were verbatim expressed to my father by a black man who worked with him. This gentlemen explained it was the ones who came up from the south in search of auto industry jobs that screwed the pooch for everyone. If nothing else, at least now you know how to get the cops to actually come out and do their jobs... that is, if you want to be the same kind of a-hole you're dealing with!

BTW, make sure the kitty has a gun, and not just a sonic...

I have to admit, I wouldn't have been able to deal with the boys in blue near as well as you. At the very least I would have let a "Would you BLAME me?" slip out...

Bob G. said...

---Some people play music and we listen and appreciate it. Never sell yourself short...there's always a KAZOO (believe me on this one...heh).
---See, it's generations like mine (and your dad's) that know the REAL truth here.
Oh, I'll have my ways of getting cops on THEM (in time)...and CPS, and NCE. I won't stoop to their level (the psychological smell alone is noxious). It's too easy.
You don't have to ACT like them to KNOW how they roll...just be a good OBSERVER.
---One kitty has a gun, the OTHER one's got the sonic...LOL.
---I've been around my share of LEOS (former dad-in-law and bro-in-law - PPD and Cpt. Becher and L.t Ritchie - FWPD) and you'd be surprised what you can learn by just listening.
The only way to deal with such situations is just do a WWJD tactic.
(what would Jesus do?).
Granted, I'm nowhere CLOSE to being as righteous as HE was (and is), but I learned a lot from HIM along the journey.
That's MY advantage.

Hey, thanks for stopping by and commenting today.
(always nice to see a friendly face)

Stay safe up there, brother