10 May 2017

Humpday Happenings...
Well, what the hell happened to the rain we were supposed to get?
They say we got some...coulda fooled me. I didn't see a drop...just lots of cloudy skies.
Heard we're supposed to get some tonight into tomorrow, but you never know.
Our Hoosierland weather for today brings us partly sunny (or partly cloudy, your choice) skies, temps reaching to around 70 degrees and mild breezes.
Sounds good to me.
Now, what say we get that morning drink to jump-start our minds and bodies, as we see what's been going on in all those familiar places, hmm?
*** First out of the plant nursery is our WHO SAID THAT? quote of the week:
"Justice is itself the great standing policy of civil society; and any eminent departure from it, under any circumstances, lies under the suspicion of being no policy at all."  
If you follow the gist of part of today's stories, I think you will find yourselves in agreement of this person. So, who said that?
The answer at the top of tomorrow's post.
Meanwhile, back at Trinity College Dublin...
*** Next up, is our "What the hell happens today, Bob?" feature:
MAY 10 -
---It's National Bike to School Day
(not if you want to walk HOME on the SE side)
---It's National Clean Up Your Room Day
(if I do THAT, I'll NEVER find a damn thing)
---It's National Lipid Day
(remember, a good lipid is a HAPPY lipid)
---It's National Receptionists Day
(a cuter sit-down version of the Walmart greeters)
---It's National School Nurse Day
(betcha they all carry NARCAN now)
It's National Shrimp Day
(I used to think they were referring to my stature...heh)
---It's National Third-Shift Workers Day
(saluting all those on the "graveyard" shift aka "last out".)
*** Next up, we had an "impromptu water-outage" yesterday morning, lasting into the afternoon.
Betcha didn't HEAR or read about that, right?
Well, it must have been a well-kept secret from down here in the crotch of Fort Wayne.
It all started around 0900 hrs, when I went to turn on the tap and got a gurgle and a little AIR.
Funny, I can't drink air (tried to a few times), so suffice it to say, I suffered a real "W-T-F???" moment!
I called into 311 (after notifying Wifey via email) and asked "Why is our water off in the area?"
I was told a call was sent in around 0848 hrs regarding a leaky water main valve (see what happens when people screw with stuff?), and that service would be restored withing 2-4 hours. So much for a shave, shower and sh*t, right.
That's MUCH better.
Anyway, we didn't get service back until around 1400 hrs, and after that, I had to purge our lines of all the AIR, and then run the faucets long enough to get rid of that slight brown tinges to the water.
All in all, a rather "fun" time...NOT!
Betcha our MAYOR doesn't have such problems where HE lives...just sayin'.
*** Next, let's take a look at some local injustice, shall we?
Here's the story as a point of departure:
I think to use the word "disappointed" (as WPTA did in their headline) is a bit of an understatement (imho). PO'ed would have defined it much better.
Three punk-ass gang member thugs are being cut loose because witnesses to the shooting of Alonna Allison (August last year) either backed out of coming forward or left the damn city (due to intimidation tactics, no doubt).
To me, that says our city is all but allowing street gangs to run (at least) a PART of our city...in return for WHAT, exactly?
You really don't WANT to develop a mentality that would make you become a vigilante, but in cases like this one, what recourse is left but to pursue some form that "natural justice"?
For you comic book fans out there, all you have to do is ask Frank Castle about that. I rest my case.
*** Next, a "lively" discussion at City Council, thanks to at least one councilman who seems to give a damn about we, the people. Here's the story link:
Nice to know I'm not the ONLY person who believes that this entity called Greater Fort Wayne, Inc needs some scrutiny.
Paul Ensley has asked some questions that apparently need to BE asked, and he looks to be rocking the (good old boy network) boat a bit. Council still renewed the $250K contract, however.
It's called ACCOUNTABILITY for a bloody REASON, isn't it?
But then council went and did something I feel was dumb (again), and here's that story:
So, the people along the West Jefferson corridor don't get to decide how THEIR area progresses then, right? Doesn't seem that democratic to me. You're looking at a business "domino-effect"
When you rezone and then allow ONE business there, others will follow until the area is unrecognizable and residents are beset with congestion, traffic, noise and all the other fun things that happen when you develop along those lines.
It's just like letting ONE section-8 (rental) house on a block...pretty soon, you got a damn ghetto (and all that comes with THAT). I know...I've watched it happen.
*** Next up, some good news in "The Battle For Memorial Park". Here's the link:
There's some wasted grounds at Indiana Tech.
Indiana Tech has decided to pull out of it's proposal to move sports venues into the park,. It fears backlashes, and rightly so.
((Coaches of the affected teams had said the facilities should help recruitment and would likely boost team morale and pride. Students now play at various places around the city, including the former Elmhurst High School track and the softball facilities at IPFW.))
Oh, boo-frigging-hoo...boost morale and pride? Are you kidding me?
A mere PLACE can't do that...PEOPLE do that.
((In a statement, Mayor Tom Henry said he is disappointed the project won't proceed but understands and supports the university's decision.))
Good. How's it feel to not get YOUR way for a change, your highness? That crow need some salt?
((The plans, however, drew criticism and condemnation from area groups and organizations, including those that represent area veterans, historic preservation agency ARCH and the Friends of the Parks of Allen County.))
THIS is the way a democracy works...the PEOPLE have the (real) power, not those IN power.
And the people HAVE spoken.
*** Next, let's shift gears and see what's shaking at "Kitten Corner"...
Well, the kids didn't run into my legs...lol.
In fact, they spent a lot of the day being as normal as young cats CAN be. Gallifrey likes to take turns at all the windows looking outside. In some way, he's taken my duties over keeping tabs on was passes for our neighborhood. I can work with that.
As for Violet...she keeps busy carrying this one fuzzy toy around the house, as well as pulling that piece of clothesline around. It's cute to watch her, like she's keeping it all to herself.
You can excuse the crazies when all they have to do is look at you and be cute.
*** Next up, another page to turn in our "Tales of Midnight"...
Our newest "addition" has become a fixture of sorts, and I don't mind (and neither do OUR cats). That's just the way WE roll.
He sleeps right up against the house on the patio. Doesn't go for that makeshift half-shelter I had for Hobo, though. And he's not really into toys (that I can see). Well, as long as he wants to stay around, he is welcome to do so...
*** Last back to the greenhouse...justice can mean a lot of things to different people.
And, I suppose that's due to how others choose to define that word.
What passes as justice for some, is nothing close to it for others.
We (therefore) create laws to take care of such matters and "balance the scales".
As a result, can we say that the law is always adequate? Not really, because of one important reason:
When you trust the meting of justice to people, there will inevitably come along a time when justice isn't served to the measure that it should be,
There is a solution to such a quandary, but., it's frowned upon, most notably for reasons of morality.
How many can REALLY claim all of this?
To take a life in "payment" for another life is certainly acknowledged (and actually encouraged) in the OLD Testament of the Bible. But, since the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ, we are under "new management" as it were.
Think of it THIS way...
We call it the dispensation of GRACE, and that means that the dispensation of LAW (Old Testament) isn't followed any longer.
But, try telling that to a grieving family.
My feeling on this is that justice MUST be served, lest we fall into the trap of never punishing those who truly deserve it. We're well down this road, sad to say.
Can't ALWAYS rely on this, however...
The best way to keep people from doing things the';re not suppose to, is to make it something they no longer wish to do...period.
And when you return to a time when punishment used to FIT THE CRIME, those who would traditionally follow that wrong path will think twice, and will begin making better choices...as we all should be doing.
The pursuit of justice is not perfect, but then again, neither are any of us.
Be well, make a difference to someone, and...
Stay SAFE out there, America.


CWMartin said...

The rain: So I see that WU says it WILL rain at 1 AM. We'll see.

IDK the quoted, but they sure ain't a prof in the UC system...

And what, pray tell, makes a lipid happy?

I betcha yer neighbors found places to take care of the third S- and prolly never worry about the other two.

I certainly had a first thought about that case- that I sure hope that if the locals are too gutless to protect themselves, then hopefully a rival gang has an interest in justice. Be interesting to see how long it takes for you to report on one of them again. In the end, I just told God, "they know not what they do, and Justice is on You."

Well, if those residents are all that upset, THEY have the power to make Peter Franklin Jewelers regret their ham-handed entrance to the neighborhood. It would be amusing if the "rat bastards" as a FB friend likes to say, end up owning an empty lot in five years.

Next step, take Gal down to the indoor shooting range and teach him how to shoot. Well, maybe not. You'd just end up with living, complaining neighbors and a yard full of dead birds.

Bob G. said...

---Weather? I'd have better luck picking the next winners in the other two races of the TRIPLE CROWN!
(I've featured him a couple time before)
---I would suppose it might be some fats (like what's found in BURGERS...YEAH!)
I DO know there's a crapload of 'em.
---Sir, you are most likely CORRECT!
---You make a very good point on that.
---Now THAT would such sweet return on THAT investment...heh.
---He seems more the "sneak up on you and snap your neck when you least expect it" type...!
(besides, cats have no opposing thumbs)

Hey, thanks for stopping on by today and commenting.

Stay safe (and keep the umbrella handy again) up there, brother.

CWMartin said...

Speaking of, stay tuned, I am almost ready to air a post featuring among other embarrassments my tale of the Kentucky Derby...

Bob G. said...

Well, that should prove most "illuminating".
I will look for it.
I could only imagine it would be embarrassing if you bought a horse and made ME the jockey...LOL
(too tall, and I can't speak Spanish that well)