16 June 2017

Friday Follies...
We finally made it to the end of the week...(whew) whatta week, huh?
I hope you're all liking the rain we've been getting, sporadic as it's been.
Also, if you're planning any outdoor activities over this weekend, you might want to be mindful of more rain over the next several days. it's supposed to happen in the afternoon for both Saturday and Sunday.
Never hurts to have that umbrella along for the ride, right?
Our Hoosierland weather for today brings us partly cloudy skies to begin with, and once again, a chance of afternoon and evening showers (kinda like yesterday), with temps rising up to around 90 degrees (kinda not like yesterday).
What say we get that refreshing glass or cup of Friday fortitude poured and parked close by, because we're going to see what's been going on elsewhere...
*** First off of the driveway is our "What the hell happens today, Bob?" feature:
JUNE 16 -
---it's National Fudge Day
(and day is good for this. Go fudge yourselves)
---It's National Flip Flop Day
(yes, it's NOT just a reference to political rhetoric)
*** And since we are again at week's end, let's see what we can observe over the following 48 hours:
JUNE 17 -
---Saturday is National Apple Strudel Day
(another good way to get that apple a day)
---It's National Cherry tart Day
(very few pastries get past me)
---It's National East Your Vegetables Day
(I'm only doing corn on the cob)
---It's National Stewart's Root Beer Day
(all I have is Kroger brand, which is also good...sue me)
JUNE 18 -
---Sunday is National Turkey Lover's Day
(this should be in NOVEMBER, people)
---It's National Splurge Day
(this does not apply to JUST the ladies out ther...right?)
---It's National Go Fishing Day
(I don't have the time to fish for compliments...lol)
---It's Father's Day
(still the most confusing day in OUR part of Fort Wayne...wonder why?)
Can YOU say "oops"?
And there you have it, plenty to keep one occupied.
Remember to always observe responsibly.
*** Next, that "big-dig" project dealing with sewer flow into the rivers has commenced.
Our "shovel-ready" monarch and his court du jour
Another (king) Henry Legacy, brought to you by the democratic party through the forced "contributions" of the taxpayers of our city. Here's the story:
Ahh, it's only $188 MIL (to begin with), right? No big deal.
I''m sure this will eventually solve ALL (as in every single) problems we could ever encounter with sewage and water treatment. Hey, it might even take that smell away...who knows?
---And, we now have 26 new "rooks" on the streets of our city.  Here's that story:
Get those shields and hit those streets, rooks.
There had been concern that it was getting harder to get recruits, especially those who would better reflect the diversity of the city. Reasons given included those who failed psych evaluations and those who could not pass thorough background checks.
The latest academy class has graduated and the FWPD has a mess of "probies" to train in the fine art of "the streets" - the stuff they can never teach you at any academy.
Good luck, kids...you're gonna need it.
*** Next up, I want to spend some time relating some of what went down in Alexandria with the shootings.
Let me preface this by saying that my nephew, Erik (an Alexandria, VA  FD Captain) was on scene with engine 204 (and crew) RIGHT after the shooter had been taken down, and he rang me up yesterday and told me what he saw and heard. It was a really good conversation and thank God he and his crew (along with many others) came through unscathed.
---Now, when he got the call at the station, all that was immediately know was that shots were fired, and given that Alexandria is an OLDER city, some of the park areas have become places that the dubious frequent. The ball field was given as the "20", and when his crew rolled up there was not as much mayhem as one might think.
His engine crew came to the aid of one person who had suffered a wound on the hip.
The victim (Steve Scalise) was on his side and an officer had a pressure pack on the wound. My nephew noticed that when the pack was removed, there was a thumb-size entry wound and that blood was not "pumping" out of the hole, but nothing else could readily be assessed (visually) as to internal injuries. In other words - "the clock was running", because when you CAN'T see the damage, it usually is worse.
Another victim, a female capitol police special agent (Crystal Griner) was hit in the ankle and, according to my nephew "it was almost hanging off", so it was easy to determine much of the extent of that injury.
Also shot was Lobbyist Matt Mika, and perhaps he had the most serious injuries, as he was struck by rifle rounds several times in his torso. My nephew told me they were "quite severe" in nature (not for the squeamish).
He also noticed that another man was shot in the calf (staffer Zack Barth) and that a surgeon (from Congress) on scene used a belt as a tourniquet to stem the bleeding. Barth was released from the hospital later on.
Now, back to Steve Scalise...during this time of triage, a park police helo flew in and landed in the field. My nephew thought it strange that the female agent was transported out first, because the hip injury required more immediate transport to a facility that could stop any internal bleeding (stat) as well as to better (and more quickly) stabilize the victim.
Soon after that, a second helo came in and took Scalise to hospital where he underwent surgery and remains in critical condition.
David Bailey, another capitol special agent was slightly wounded and was (later) also released form hospital.
--- Let me stop for a moment here to "splain" some ballistic stuff.
There are 3 basic types of rifle rounds typically used.
And (according to ABC news), the rifle used was an SKS style assault rifle with a 10 rd box mag that can be fed manually or with "stripper clips". It's a 7.62 mm (soviet) round.
The ammo is what makes the difference when determining what the target is.
(from L to R) FMJ - hollow point - controlled expansion
You have the FMJ (full metal jacket) when you want to really penetrate and ventilate.
You have "controlled expansion" rounds for hunting (mushroom effect). creates a large cavity when the bullet energy is expended (can bring down large animals easily).
You have "hollow points" - rounds that fragment when they hit soft tissue. NOT used in combat (thanks to treaties and the armistice) but used in law-enforcement (and can be had for home defense). No over-penetration, so no collateral damage from ricochet. Rarely get exit wounds with these.
Simple stuff, huh?
Anyway, back to the scene...
---Here's where the story takes a curious turn, and we have something called jurisdiction to thank for this.
So, who is in charge of what and for how long?
Seems, as the ball field was locked down, there were disputes rising as to WHO controlled the scene. We have Alexandria Police, Capitol police, the FBI (no doubt a few other federal agencies)...all vying for who takes orders from who, and who would make decisions (which became convoluted).
All the while, the fire department engine companies and EMTs are caught in the middle.
My nephew told me that a couple guys from law-enforcement almost got into a "tussle".
My personal take is that whoever arrives first AND manages to eliminate the threat has jurisdiction and control of any an all crime scenes (and items and people contained within). But hey, that's just my opinion.
What usually occurs is that the FEDS come in and take the hell over. which is pretty much what did happen
Needless to say there were some "problems" with that...
Will SOMEONE make a decision?
Various engine companies had deployed gear to attend to the shooting victims, BUT, were not permitted to gather the gear back up to put on in their vehicles... (WTF?)
My nephew's engine had to leave behind an oxygen system and a couple other things (that can be replaced from stores back at the engine house), but still, who becomes responsible for the gear that's been taped off. Who signs for it's return to whatever engine company it belongs to?
Anyway, that was about it for what went on at the ball field in Alexandria. Funny thing, my nephew had been transferred to engine 204 (from 205) and it WAS his engine that was in the picture (above). He saw Fox News was filming much of it. Always good to get the real story from someone who was there.
That's my nephew...the Alexandria Fire Department captain. He's still a good "kid".
(compared to me, most everyone I know IS a kid...lol)
*** Next up, time to stop by our "Kitten Corner"...
Wifey finally sent me some pics she took of the cats, so here they are.
I iz not chased right now.
The kids got a bit on the "spazmo" side yesterday, with chasing one another. Every few days, they have an episode, and we have to get the squirt bottle out.
Or fall asleep on your lap...
That doesn't dissuade them from coming up and rubbing you later on. They know who fills the bowls at mealtime. Smart felines.
*** Next, let's see what's shaking in our "Tales of Midnight"...
Right on time.
He was outside waiting for his food...as he does every day since he started coming by.
And, he hung around most of the day (went and hid somewhere when we had a couple thunderstorms rolling through.
He even had time for the "boardwalk".
After that, he came back around and laid down at the bottom of the back steps until well after sunset (past 2300 hrs, in fact).
I suppose he stayed nearby, because at 0600 hrs today, he was near the steps waiting. He is wonderfully predictable.
*** Last back to the garage...My nephew told me that rolling to the ball filed was an "interesting" day. I can believe that.
We all encounter days that are (or can become) "out of the ordinary".
And many times, that's where heroes are created.
No one can say when they wake up "today I will be a hero". They're fooling themselves.
Heroes come from times of adversity, times of peril, and times when hope is rarely seen.
Look back through history, and find who THOSE heroes were.
Then look at various events in recent history and find out who was a hero...and more importantly, what MADE them into one.
The events of 9/11 are a perfect example.
And Wednesday's event was no different. Those who placed themselves in harm's way to take out an immediate and impending threat are to be honored for their sacrifices. Those who took to treating and aiding the victims, making every second one that could maintain life,  are also to be honored, because without their timely help, lives would be lost.
Much like the battlefield medics and trauma units, these people get to see how precious life is, and how quickly it can be lost.
Will something like this occur again? We can't say, but it is likely, considering the state of treatment for mental health issues and the people they affect.
There are lots of people out there with psychoses,  but (fortunately) a few who are psychotic.
We have to separate the "wheat from the chaff" where this is concerned. and get help for those needing it.
But, we also have to be careful to not cause the loss of liberty and freedom to lawful citizens along the way.
Now THAT is one helluva balancing act, but if we are to remain the country we created all those years ago, we must continue to strive for what's right...and just.
There's something to think about for a couple days.
Have yourselves a good weekend.
Be well, make a difference to someone today, and as always...
Stay SAFE out there, America.


Bob G. said...

Wow...NO comments?
What...everyone leave town for the weekend or something?


CWMartin said...

Wow, can't believe I missed again! KC had us over for drinks and beer pong. And I obviously end the week at Friday midnight and purge all things behind me...

So I missed fudge..

Flip flops: Let me tell you a story. A workmate's wife tripped over her flip flops Memorial weekend, and was seriously hurt. Broken wrist and toe, and after complaining about a severe headache, they FINALLY did a CAT scan. Found bleeding on one side, and airlifted her from Randalia to North for emergency surgery. She got out 2 weeks later, and got rushed back to the Hospital Wednesday. The OTHER side was also bleeding, and the doc was afraid they'd lose her if they operated. So they drilled a hole to relieve pressure. They sent her home with out of town relatives staying with her while he works, doing a CAT every day for a week in hopes the bleeding will clear on its own... So, screw flip flops.

I'll take A&W on the Root Beer.

Turkey dogs will work.

Laurie had to splurge Sunday night- after I pointed out that the right butt cheek in her jeans had abandoned her.

Great story on what went down at the ball game! Salutes to your nephew for a great job- in life saving AND reporting!

Bob G. said...

LOL...that beer pong will get'cha EVERY time.
---You missed FUDGIING yourself?
---WOW...that's one scary-ass tale about those nasty footwear items. Glad she's doing better.
not to mention, it's hurts like hell when you drop ANYTHING on your foot.
Gimme some protection for MY footsies!
---I'm a HIRES groupie...east coast thing, but A&W is a real close 2nd. Great crème soda, too.
---turkey dogs, no. turkey burgers, no. turkey TV dinners...YES! And turkey for Thanksgiving!
---LMAO...hey, maybe it was a fashion statement courtesy of QVC (D actually PAID for a pair of those "ripped" jeans...sheesh!)
---And to think I used to take him to TRU when I visited him in Virginia (first marriage) and build LEGO stuff with him when he was little. Also cheered him on when he was in high school track.
Musta done a decent job as an ":uncle".
He's got great parents, and a sweet sister, too.
Every boy should have an uncle Bob (I did growing up).
He's one of my heroes.

Thanks for stopping by today and commenting,.
Much appreciated.
Stay safe (and less "ponged") up there, brother.