15 June 2017

Thoughts For Thursday...
It was nice to see some rain after the last few days of heat.
Unfortunately, there is always that humidity.
Thing is, we're not quite done with it yet.
Our Hoosierland weather for today brings us a good chance of some scattered showers in the morning, mostly cloudy skies, and temps reaching "only" up to the upper 80s (call that a cool down?).
Hey, we take what we can get, right?
Anyway, what say we get ourselves a nice tall refreshing drink before we begin whatever this day has in store for us, hmm?
*** First off the umbrella stand is the answer to yesterday's WHO SAID THAT? quote:
“Socialism is the philosophy of failure, the creed of ignorance, and the gospel of envy. The inherent virtue of Socialism is the equal sharing of miseries.”
This was spoken by our good friend, Sir Winston Leonard Spencer-Churchill, KG, OM, CH, TD, PC, PCc, DL, FRS, RA (30 November 1874 – 24 January 1965) was a British politician who served as the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom from 1940 to 1945 and again from 1951 to 1955.
By the way, ALL those "initials" after his name refer to specific orders and awards he was presented over the years. And once again, here is his WIKI:
Now this IS a rather lengthy read, but it is quite comprehensive regarding both the man and the politician. And those were days when a politician carried a LOT more sway, even if the British people tossed Winston to the curb right AFTER the 2nd World War. They must have recanted, for he was re-elected, as stated above.
And, if you were wondering, he was born at Blenheim Palace (the Churchill family home), so that explains the "clue" provided yesterday.
Personally, I think he was one of the BETTER politicians of last century, and he certainly was the "right person at the right time in the right place" when it came to England's entry into World War 2. 
Take the time to read up on him and find out about someone not afraid to go to war, speak his mind, and a person who had seen more in his life than most people could do in several, if that were possible.
*** Next, time for our "What the hell happens today, Bob?" feature:
JUNE 15 -
---It's National Dump The Pump Day
(sorry, in MY neighborhood, I need ALL the protection I can get. I'm DRIVING.)
---It's National Lobster Day
(cripes, don't tell the Missus...she ain't a cheap date...lol)
---It's National Smile Power Day
(always makes people wonder what the hell you're up to)
---It's Nature Photography Day
(Okay Chris, I wanna see some NATURE pics)
*** Next up, I know we've all heard about the shooting of GOP politicians in Alexandria, VA yesterday, by an anti-republican, bat-shit crazy gunman from IL,
Decisions became "involved".
Here's one of the many stories concerning this:
And yes, we're also hearing murmurs about "gun control" to which I would emphatically state that the ONLY gun control that mattered yesterday was demonstrated by the Alexandria and Capitol Police, who took the shooter down, killing him.
See what using BOTH hands can do?
I don't want to hear any of the crap about gun control in the aftermath of the shootings. What I DO want to hear about is controlling those suffering from the type of mental derangement that causes such tragedies.
That's my nephew's engine there.
And while this was not a full-blown psychotic episode (where people are targeted at random with no reason), it was a psychosis born with a political agenda (killing republicans).
Hopefully, the fact that it was GOOD GUYS with guns who took down a bad guy with a gun will shut the leftards up for a while.  Still, not going to hold my breath over it.
*** Next up, a FWPD detective gets arrested. Here's the story:
Now, the name detective Stacey Jenkins should be familiar, as he's worked many of the recent shooting cases in Fort Wayne, and his name crops up in various stories related to those shootings.
And, he's a 20-year vet of the department, but even if you are taking meds for a back problem, and insulin , and yes, even a little "taste" (alcohol), you should KNOW that climbing behind the wheel of ANY vehicle is asking for trouble. This didn't have to happen.
And, being a police officer, and having seen (and arrested) others for similar things, that alone should be impetus enough to refrain from becoming just another DUI stat, right?
Well, let's hope a lesson was learned here. LEOs are people who should hold themselves to higher standards, if for no other reason, than to be an example to the rest of the populace. If there is a problem, the department has resources (or should) that can take of such issues before they get out of hand. Like I said...a lesson learned.
*** Next up...As you know, I originally hail from Philly.
Born and grew up there, and as such, was always used to cheesesteaks, hoagies (subs to the rest of you), and great pizza, so you can see my quandary when, after 20+ years in Indiana, I am still in search of comparable foods here.
Time was, you could get a slice at damn near any pizza parlor (we called them that) for a BUCK. And it wasn't some Pizza Hut slice...no, no. It was more like a Sbarro's-size slice (and they charge too much as it is. I think I own stock in the company by now...lol)
So, I start roaming the Internet, looking for some of the old familiar haunts in Philly. And I found a few  of them.
Not a Chinese person around, and not PC, either.
Used to be a place along Torresdale Ave called CHINK'S steaks...had a huge griddle in the front window where they made the cheesesteaks, and an exhaust fan blew the smell from the frying meat and onions outside.
You could smell it a block away.
Well, it's now called Joe's, and yes, the prices are higher than before.
Another place was Lorenzo's Pizza, located at the corner of 9th and Christian Sts (south Philly). Had a load of celeb pics on the walls, and they still sell pizza by the slice...for $2.75. Talk about inflation.
We're talking SIXTEEN INCHES here.
Then, there's was Dodo's Pizza in the NE area. They're still there, and a large pizza costs about $12 bucks. Add a buck or two for toppings.
There is Montesini's Pizza (real close to where we lived), and thankfully, they are still in business, but the prices have risen markedly.
A large (16 slice) Sicilian cheese pizza goes for $14.75 (toppings jack then up a buck or more).
They make a TOMATO PIE, too...that's where the cheese in UNDER the sauce, and it's to die for. They also make hoagies and a large (foot long) goes for about $6.25.
MUCH better than Subway. Blimpies came close.
I remember when they used to cost $3 tops and that was "wit da works".
Naturally Genos and Pat's Steaks (also south Philly) are going strong, and at $10 PER steak sandwich (or more) I can see WHY. Then again, these places ARE open 24/7 (the cops love it, trust me)
Most other places charge about $8 bucks (and change) for steak sandwiches with cheese (whiz, American or provolone).
Now, all this sure makes me long for the days of cheap(er) eats.
And all of the prices are for eat in or carry out only. Not even gonna guess what delivery charges are.
Cripes, now I'm hungry...wonder why?
*** Next up, time to stop by "Kitten Corner"...
A more casual approach to bird-watching.
The rain didn't dampen the spirit of the kids. They had plenty of time to run about the house, and yes, time to play with favorite toys and even look out a window or two.
She's SO adorable.
We had some birds coming by and that kept their attention. Whatta life, huh?
*** Next, let's drop by and peek into our "Tales of Midnight"...
Our furry feline was right on time again, waiting for his food.
Apparently, he managed to grab a nice spot where the rain didn't get to him (wherever that was).
And, he spent most of the day hanging around, getting a few handfuls of food along the way.
A good way to view our "neighborhood".
Then, when the sun sets, he starts his trek to wherever he goes for the night.
We do what we can for the homeless (or is that "litterpanless"?) among us.
*** Last back to the family room...life is a lot more "complex" than I recall it being.
It's even more complex than we were told it would be by our parents.
I think in many cases, none of us could see what was coming, as far as problems go.
We have turned a lot of traditions on their ears, done away with more, and substituted still more with a load of politically-correct brain-pablum. And how's that been working out for us today after all this time?
Short answer - not that well.
And while we keep creating technologies "designed" to make that life LESS complex, how often are we actually seeing the reverse as a result?
Short answer - all too often.
Sure, we as a species have a LOT of problems, but not recognizing those problems is not making them go the hell away, is it? And tossing random "solutions" (which often cost truckloads of money) at these problems doesn't seem to be doing the trick either, does it?
So, the question becomes "How long can you dance around a problem before you decide to take it head-on and choose to solve it?", right?
You might get it right on the first try...perhaps not, but as long as you KNOW what the problem really is, THEN, you can affect a proper solution TO that problem. I hate to be repetitive, but I see evidence of this exact thing in the news almost every stinking day. The Alexandria shootings is a prime example of a problem that hasn't been defined and yet people keep trying to create solutions that do no damn good.
We can't profess to ever know every solution to every single problem, but if we pay attention, and take time to focus, we can certainly avoid the ignorance many enjoy while claiming to solve our problems with continued failed attempts, and calling that a success.
We are so much better than that...if we only give ourselves a chance.
Be well, make a difference to someone,and...
Stay SAFE out there, America.


CWMartin said...

Churchill: Also a bit of an egotist, but who had a better reason? (Opinion taken after reading his book on the Great War.)

Your synopsis on him is dead on, BTW.

You want nature pics? Order cooler weather, lol!

My take on the shooting: Dems stand exposed, not because of the shooter, but because of their reactions. My buddy Roland had the tastelessness to lead a Tweet with "Gun loving congressman shot..." After I called him on it, he did a blog post listing all the times that TRUMP called for violence. Sometimes I wonder why I bother.

Good take on Jenkins. Hopefully the lesson sunk in.

You came from PHILLY? NO! (all right, sit down, ya smartass...)

Chinks/Joes- and they've prolly been told to CONTAIN the aromas now...

Bob G. said...

---Hey, if you're gonna be the kind of statesman he became, ego has GOT to be somewhere in the mix.
(sure was not a Chamberlain, thank God)
I remember when he passed away (was entering high school) and we studied a LOT about him, even before that in elementary school.
Plus, I saw the PBS series on him. Very good.
As long as he had cigars and some whiskey, I'd suit and chat him up ANY day.
---I'm working on that cooler weather...really I am.
---Yeah, this shooting is a definitive case where the lefties got caught with their fly unzipped...GOOD for 'em. They all just asked for it. Shame innocents have to get caught up, though. I come to expect tasteless from a lot on the left. It's their M.O.
---I hope it does. sometimes, we ALL have a brain-fart.
---YO, you bein' a mook again??? LOL!
---I dunno...that fragrance is the stuff of dreams...like that cartoon aroma that grabs some character and lifts them off the ground and carries them to the source. Yeah, that's the ticket.

Thanks for taking time out to stop by and comment today.
Much appreciated, my friend.

You stay safe (and dry and cool and always politically-INcorrect) up there, brother.