19 July 2017

Humpday Happenings...
And here we are...at the midpoint of the week, or, as I prefer to call it "The midweek crisis known as Wednesday".
No matter what takes place, you can be sure that it will not thwart the idiocy we are subjected to on a daily basis, right?
But, let's not dwell...
Our Hoosierland weather forecast for today is HOT (what else?) with temps reaching to about NINETY (that's 9-0) degrees, nice and humid with mostly sunny skies. Scattered showers is a possibility, too.
Now. let's all get that nice tall glass or mug of whatever cold and refreshing you have at hand, as we see what's been going on elsewhere, fair enough?
*** First out of the junk drawer is our "WHO SAID THAT?" quote for the week:
"The ego is only an illusion, but a very influential one. Letting the ego-illusion become your identity can prevent you from knowing your true self. Ego, the false idea of believing that you are what you have or what you do, is a backwards way of assessing and living life."
We've been living in a world that prizes itself on people who HAVE stuff or are notable, but what about everyone else who has less, hardly anyone notices, but are comfortable with who THEY ARE? No one speaks for them.
I think this quote lends those of us a greater service than we will know.
So, who said that? The answer at the top of tomorrow's post.
Meanwhile, back at St. John's University in New York...
*** Next up, time for our "What the hell happens today, Bob?" feature:
JULY 19 -
---it's National Daiquiri Day
(and please keep them coming as long as the ice holds out...lol)
---It's National Hot Dog Day
(with mustard and relish, or with chili works for me)
*** Next, another person shot on the SE side. Here's the story:
And another case of someone driving to hospital wounded, after being shot in front of his house.
Police believe the shooting took place in the 3300 block of Lillie St.
Officers were combing the area for evidence such as shell casings.
Got too many aborigines roaming about to all hours, making life very unsafe for citizens on the southeast side...haven't we?
(note to FWPD- try and PATROL more and chase the radio less)
*** Next, we have us a young buck who wanted to get his "bling on"...here's the link:
Talk about your "smash and grabs", hmm?
Poverty my ass...he's not taking jewelry for food, that's for sure.
*** Next up, we've got us some more "ethnic" fraudsters among us. Here's that story:
Yes, such people just LOVE to spend...other people's money. Why work when you can do shit like this, right?
*** Next, five (count 'em 5) artists vie for a new sculpture in the soon to be developed Promenade Park phase of the Riverfront project (can we stand the strain?...) Here's the story:
Personally, I don't care for any of this crap (and I was an ART MAJOR in high school). Such things tend to screw up the pristine environment of what constitutes a real park.
Oh, wait...the city and the developers have ALREADY taken care of THAT much by screwing up a pristine environment...haven't they?
*** Next stop...that little bit of solace we call "Kitten Corner"...
The kids were not AS rammy-assed as the day before, which is certainly a blessing for me. I don't have to worry about frenetic behavior and flying cats about the house.
Gallifrey likes to spend time in the living room in the evening, while Violet likes the hallway for some reason. During the day, there's always "the perch".
They do have so many funny moments, but you can't have a camera on them ALL the time, and that's a real shame.
You just have to "get lucky" when they do something cute.
*** Next up, let's drop in on "Midnight and Company"...
Both of the cats were right outside waiting for food in the morning, and Whiskers (Wifey calls the cat Cinnamon) is getting friendlier, which makes sense given that we're feeding the two of them along with OUR cats...lol.
Midnight was his usual self...a tad on the aloof side, but that's fine.
Nice to have a mellow cat around, even if it IS outside...heh.
*** Last back to the vault of tomorrow...the other day, my good friend and fellow blogger/renegade time lord, Chris Martin took to task the BBC regarding their choice for the new Doctor Who, and proceeded to provide some VERY valid reasons as to why HE should be the "Next Doctor".
Not to take anything away from his thunder (and it IS worth a look-see, so get over there and read it), I figured what the heck...let's give it a go.
I've managed to come up with ten reasons why I could (also) be the next Doctor, so here goes...
10) I've been a "Whovian" since the mid 70s and recorded lots of the classic era eps on Beta.
(none of which I can watch without a working tape player)..
9) I have a VERY long scarf.
(and a wide-brimmed hat)
8) I don't mind wearing bow ties.
(because they are kind of cool)
7) I scratch built a model TARDIS out of balsa wood 40+ years ago!
Looks good with certain figures, too.
(with working doors)
6) I don't do a bad British accent.
(or Scottish when needed).
5) I would much prefer visiting Earth to living on Earth.
Not as ROUND as I remember it.
And when visiting, it would be mainly for COMIC RELIEF.
4) I don't have K-9, but cats DO have 9 lives, and that's important when you live as long as a Time Lord.
There's 18 lives right here.
(and you should have a companion for your travels in time and space)
3) I currently have SEVERAL sonic screwdrivers.
(and WAY too many standard ones)
2) I HAVE actually shaken hands with TOM BAKER.
Friend taking photo was nervous...sorry.
It's hard to take a picture OF a picture.
(also met Mary Tamm aka Time-Lady Romana and Lousie Jameson as well as writer Terrance Dicks)
1) And the number one reason why I could be the NEXT Doctor:
(I've yet to remove any bottle caps with them, but they ARE independently cross....lol)
So take THAT, BBC...that makes TWO excellent chances you had to do things proper...lol.
Oh, well...maybe NEXT life?
(or would be several lifetimes ago? It's all a bit...Timey-Wimey)
Be well, make a difference to someone, and...
Stay SAFE out there, America.


CWMartin said...

"No matter what takes place, you can be sure that it will not thwart the idiocy we are subjected to on a daily basis, right?" Out of the mouths of Bobs...

Boy I am running into a LOT of people who are putting simple truths in hard wrappers today. That quote is one way of saying, "You are your own worst enemy," to me.

Hot dogs? Oops, having pot roast...

I really think some of the price of a fallen mankind is throwing crap together and calling it art, instead of reflecting God's perfect creation.

"Rammy-assed?" LOL, that's a new one on me...

Show off, you win- you be the Doctor. But keep in mind I already promised your wife a job at UNIT, so you'll have to put up...

Bob G. said...

---Yeah, sometimes it gets tedious being right that much (but it never gets old). LOL.
---Many times, we well and truly ARE.
We can ALSO be our own best friend and ally.
Depends on the circumstance, context, and perspective.
---You can rain-check the "dogs". Pot Roast ROCKS!
---Yeah, it seems to be more of a DISTRACTION (from) than an overwhelming EMBRACE of creation...agreed.
---Rammy-assed - from my "lexicon"...heh.
---There's no win or loss here.
Let's just say that in ANOTHER DIMENSION (a pocket-universe beside our own), we BOTH are equally able to be the next Doctor.
---A job with UNIT, hmm?
Well, I "could" let Wifey sign on with TORCHWOOD INSTITUTE.
(that reminds me, does the Under-Gallery have a gift shop?)

Hey, thanks for transmatting on by today to comment.
You stay safe (and keep cool) up there, brother.