15 June 2018

Friday Follies...
Another warm day leads us into another weekend. Let the perspiring commence.
And, it will only get warmer through the next several days, so keep the A/C turned on...you're going to need it.
We've got us a fair amount of stuff to take care of, so let's get right into it.
Our Hoosierland weather for today brings us sunny skies, temps climbing up to around 87 degrees, and no rain around to speak of.
Now, let's get this show on the road with a nice refreshing drink, as we see what else has been (and will be) going on...
*** First off of the nicely manicured back lawn is our "What the hell happens today, Bob?" feature:
JUNE 15 -
(I hate these things. Never owned a pair - and never plan to)
(I like smiling - makes people wonder WTH you're up to)
(I never knew anyone had stolen it)
(well, this can be every day with me)

*** Next up, and since we are indeed at week's end, let's see what we can observe over the following 48 hours.
JUNE 16 -
(oh, to have some right now...a LOT of it, in fact)
JUNE 17 -
(more on this to follow in my closing)
(I can take it or leave it...more like leave it)
(THIS I can take...several of)
(I'm a really picky sum'bitch when it comes to these)
(I'm more a HIRES man myself, but Stewarts works well, as does A&W)
(personally, I think they'e SEVERAL months EARLY with this one)
And there we have it. Please remember to observe responsibly.
*** Next, Soarin' Hawks does the wilderness good once again. Here's the story:
((In February, Pam Whitacre was called to help the injured bird near Fox Island County Park off of Yohne Road. The bird had a broken humerus, a main bone in the wing.
Because the break was clean, the eagle was able to undergo a successful surgery to repair it.
After months of physical therapy, the nearly full grown bald eagle, was nursed back to health.))
And now, the symbol of our nation is free to soar the akies over Indiana once again.
Nice job, people. Well done
*** Next up, it's great to see our nation's AG step up and quote the law for a change.
Jeff Sessions was in town and spoke about our immigration policy and how we will enforce the laws, and how we don't need more laws. He even quoted the Bible. I can work with that.
But when it comes to these protesters...well, maybe if these people didn't drag the kids across our border (also illegally) maybe we wouldn't be talking about this.
It's NOT the fault of the kids, but YOU (illegals) brought them into all this, and now, there has to be a consequence for your actions. Sure, it's a damn shame about the kids, but we cannot sustain all those who just want to waltz across our borders with Lord knows what intent.
BTW, many illegals have already gotten more than our poor, who have lived here all thier lives...and at the expense of taxpayers, who are trying to address our OWN poverty issues.
You lefties need to get a real life...or move to a country that has no regard for the laws...like MEXICO.
*** Next, some good news about young people (for a change).
Fewer teens smoking, doing drugs...and drinking milk?. WTH??? What are they having for breakfast? Does Yoo-Hoo count? Starbucks still uses milk, right? Here's the lowdown:
I wonder if all those free breakfast and lunch programs figure into this, because they DO have milk on the menu. And what about VAPING? Any less of that? How about driving while DISTRACTED?

(just had to ask)
But, before you go celebrating in the damn streets... it's not ALL sunshine and lollipops, folks.
So, less drugs, less smoking, and so on, but...MORE suicides?
Maybe it's the alcohol they';re consuming? Or the music they listen to? Perhaps it's the social media marketing onslaught, or maybe video games?
Plenty of blame to go around, don'cha think?
Maybe if they just took a moment to sit back...and have a glass of milk now and then...
*** Next up, time for our final stop of the week at "Kitten Corner"...
Our kids were in full cuteness mode yesterday (which meant they again slept a good part of the day away...lol).
I haz to guard my shopping bag.
And heaven help us if they find a bug that flew in...man, they've got super radar for those, and will not cease until you get that bug taken care of.
Considering we've had a bat, a bird, and a chipmunk in the house through the years (with our previous cats Rassie and Penny), I can't even imagine what a similar situation would be like with our current pair. The word "Catpocalypse" comes to mind...LOL.
I iz dreaming of catchin' bugs
Let's just count our blessings there, and call it done.
*** Next, , it's also time to check back in with "Midnight and Company"...
Our furry twosome were feeling the heat yesterday, and spent almost all day near the house.
Midnight just crapped out on the patio table (once the shade covered it), while Whiskers was content to play "hiding in the Nam grass" once again.
And since the trash pickup came nice and EARLY (before 0800 hrs, in fact), and I mowed the lawn around the same time, neither one got spooked by the sound of the truck OR the mower.
They stayed on the patio the whole time, and waited until I was was finished.
No one missed a meal and they were there until after it got dark.
*** Last back to the garage...Sunday is Father's Day
And American Greeting had to pull one of it's cards because of some (perceived) "racial insensitivity". (here we go again...PCBS)
Looks like an okay card to me.
The words BABY DADDY were on the card, and, in typical leftard form, it ruffled some feathers in their camp.
Those slighted said it portrayed a negative image. Really?
Well, if you (and your love interest, wife, girlfriend, whatever) have a BABY and you donated the sperm, then, by definition, you ARE the DADDY to that BABY...see how that works? Logic CAN be a real bitch.
Every father is indeed a "baby-daddy", but in  recent years, the term has been co-opted to mean pretty much a deadbeat father, not in any marital relationship and just "spreading his seed" from woman to woman, with NO responsibility or personal accountability.
Technically, that could also be termed as a "bastard-maker".
You see, being a REAL father infers that you are there for your child (or children), take the time to teach them the good points in life, and keep them from doing the bad things. It means being watchful of your son or daughter, and being protective of them as they mature.
Being a father is being a child's first "hero", and a mentor, and someone who that child can look up to (and not be vacant from their lives).
Being a father is being a helpmate to "mom", and a teacher to the kids. It's working in tandem with mom to ensure a child is trained up in the way they SHOULD Be...not as the world wants them to be, and that means having them learn about a higher authority.
If, when they grow up, they choose another path, that's on them.
But, as a father, you are the one who is responsible in helping to mold that child to be a good, decent, productive individual.
My father was like that, and even though he's been gone over 40 years no, I still miss being able to sit down and ask him some questions, or just chat a while about things.
Sure, maybe being a father seems old-fashioned in today's world, but then again, I think the world (and our country) could use a good healthy dose of "old-fashioned" to bring us back to a better sense of morality and reason.
It's just a (old-fashioned) thought.
Do have yourselves a good weekend.
Be well, make a difference to someone today, and as always...
Stay SAFE out there, America.


CWMartin said...

So they finally figured out we don't need 150 covers on our side, and Mila and I got kicked out at NOON.

I always broke flip-flops early on...

Oh, fudge!

Picky veggies- you n me both..

Don't know if I know Stewarts...

Good questions to ask on the milk article...

Suicides are up in most demographics. A result of the liberal lifestyle, like everything else that denies God.

Catpocolypse now, starring Bobby G, directed by Cecil B DiMartin, in theatres this fall...

I saw the card thing, I thought it was a Target deal. Then Laurie told me they were getting bugged about setting up a LGBTQEFHIJ section in their stores. I told her, "They let the dog out, let it bite 'em." Bastard maker- rough, but to the point. If the shoe fits.

Next on the Bobby G Amazing Prayer Chain, please place KC. He's having stomach issues again, and the Doc suspects Crohn's...

Bob G. said...

---Hey, don't blame me that you got the afternoon off. I didn't specify that in ANY prayer (but glad you got some time to wind down).
---I don't like breaking any toes when something heavy falls on an uncovered foot (it does happen).
---Stewart's wasn't big on the EAST coast, but we DID have a SNAPPLE root beer soda...it was CLEAR, too!
How's that for being novel? Don't even know if they still make it, but it was good.
---I think THOSE questions should be at least considered...
---It's odd you say that...the denial of GOD seems to want to lead to a DENIAL OF LIFE.
Weird hot that comes together.
Blame Liberals - (sung to the tune of South Park's Blame Canada...lol)
---ROFLMAO...yeah, I finally get a BRANDO part...!
(cats in Nam river patrol boats...move on over, Cameron...we got us a DiMartin in the house now!)
---Let the dog bite 'em...well said.
Sorry, my "diplomacy" was showing with that rough remark...heh. That's what the grownups used to call a child born out of wedlock when I was a kid.
---Consider the addition to the list...ADDED.
I had a buddy named Paul (from England) that had Crohn's...good days and bad days...and the bad ones SUCKED. The good ones were fine...it's one of those crazy-ass up and down cycle deals.
From our lips to HIS ears...you know the drill, right?

Hey, thanks for keeping this blog going this week. Much appreciated.

Have yourselves a good weekend and stay safe (and well-hydrated on any walks with the "Scrappster") up there, brother.

catererin said...

Flip flops are AWESOME! so comfortable, they are cheap, have so many pairs in so many colors! can't believe you hate em so much! owned flip flops my whole life, plan to until I die. they are perfect for the lake! but I hate chocolate so much, hate the taste of it, the smell and the look of it. Father's Day is great, they had an extra blessing at Mass this morning for all dads, just like that did for moms on mother's day weekend. unfortunately my mom passed away in April 2014... awesome, hot day at the lake!

Bob G. said...

---I suppose flip-flops are fine...just NEVER drop anything on your feet while wearing them. Real easy to bust a toe (or two).
---I DO have a pair of really nice leather sandals...and they cover most of my feet.
---You HATE chocolate??/
OMG, I would have never guessed that.
You have to like VANILLA then...right?
---Yeah, I miss doing things for my dad on Father's Day. Sorry to hear that your mom passed. But you still have dad, and that makes it even more important. He's got TWO jobs to do.
---Yeah, hot is good when there's LOTS of water around (to stay cool, as long as you don't get SUNBURNED in the process)...ouch!

Thanks so much for stopping by to comment.

Have yourself a good week and stay safe out there.