20 June 2018

Humpday Happenings...
Things were definitely WET yesterday...so much for any rain "deficit" in our city now.
Today doesn't look to be near as bad, as far as conditions go.
We did beat the record for rainfall yesterday with 2 inches (previously 1.66 inches). Take that to the next trivia event.
And, we might see a scattered shower or two, but none of the downpour variety seen previously (cross your fingers).
Our Hoosierland weather will bring us partly to mostly cloudy skies (the sun is trying to make an early appearance), with temps rising to around 80 degrees, and whatever leftover humidity lingering from yesterday. Better than all that hail out in Colorado.
Now, what say we take a couple minutes to get that morning drink poured, while I see what's been going on elsewhere, hmm?
*** First off of the well-soaked lawn is our WHO SAID THAT? quote for the week:
"Immigration laws are the only laws that are discussed in terms of how to help people who break them."
You have to admit that the person saying this IS speaking the truth, and it is nothing less than sage wisdom.
So, WHO said that? The answer at the top of tomorrow's post.
Meanwhile, back at the  Stuyvesant High School in NYC...
*** Next, time for our "What the hell happens today, Bob?" feature:
JUNE 20 -
---It's National American Eagle Day
(purely American...that's nice to see.)
---It's National Hike With a Geek Day
(ground's a bit too soggy for that...and why the geek thing?)
---It's National Ice Cream Soda Day
(sounds like a black cow day all over again)
---It's National Kouign Amann Day
(butter sugar...cake...it's worth a taste)
---It's National Vanilla Milkshake Day
(that'll go good as a chaser for that ice cream soda)
*** Next up, from our Department of Chemical Infusion Confusion, we have this little deal
Okay, so you all KNOW we were headed in this direction, right? CBD-LACED BEER..
And, while you might NOT suffer the effects of a hangover, is it really something we want to embrace?
Apparently, Blue Moon brewery does.
Now, WHO will regulate the amount of CBD (THC) that goes in the beer? Yes, I know cannabis and hops are pretty much genus-cousins, but, it's the alcohol that gives beer that "kick", right?
Will our future be filled with fewer fights outside of bars, and more mellow discussions about impressionistic artists?
Somehow, I'm seriously doubting that.
*** Next, from our Department of the Overly Obvious, comes THIS:
Yep, gas prices are rising in Indiana...one of only three states to see that rise. But at least "we" have a reason - that damnable GAS TAX.
Looks like THAT boat already sailed.
I am guessing that all that new revenue will make Indiana roads SO much damn better (not), for drivers, especially those who go slow in the left lane (kudos to the trooper who pulled over a driver for doing just that).
I'm just waiting for the next refinery shutdown for maintenance to jack prices even HIGHER, because you ALL know that's due to come when we least expect it...right?
*** Next up, a jet blows a tire our at our FWIA. Here's the story:
The one thing I found interesting is that the jet in question was NOT from the 122nd ANG, but a cold war era North American F-100 Super Saber (first jet to achieve supersonic speed in LEVEL flight). That's pretty cool.
I thought I heard a jet overfly us that day, and I couldn't place the engine noise (wasn't an A-10 or an F-16).
Taken in 2012
Glad the aircraft was not a write-off. Don't get to see many of those flying these days.
(but we did see one at an air show they had here years ago).
*** Next, a really nice BIG drug bust in Columbus, OH . Here's the story:
Nice to know our "neighbor" is doing some good police work. I read that the drugs had a street values of around $3.4 MIL bucks!
And, it looks like this was a major multi-state deal. Well, you have to admit that Columbus is a good "hub" for the drug trade in this country.
Looks like a multi-agency task force can deal with such things handily.
Jesse Montelongo-Rangel, held on $20 million bond
Luis Villareal, held on $20 million bond
Juan Vela, Jr., held on $20 million bond
Antwonne Hunter, held on $20 million bond
Toinairis Hunter, held on $7.5 million bond
Davion Craig, held on $7.5 million bond
Antwone and Toinairis Hunter are both from Columbus. Vela, Villareal, and Montelongo-Rangel are from Texas, and Davion Craig is from Charlotte, North Carolina.
To all the LEOs involved...nice job, people. Good to see some nice HUGE bonds, as well.
*** Next up, and dfrom our Department of Culinary Nonsense, we bring you THIS:
Alternatives to MEAT? Are you shitting me? There IS no alternative to meat...that's why we EAT it, for God's sake.
I've NEVER been a fan of tofu (and never will be), and I don't even like turkey burgers or turkey dogs...turkey should be TURKEY, as in thanksgiving type stuff, got it?
And I won't be a supporter of various "substitutes" for meat (like we see in all those sci-fi flicks). That's just not right.
If red meat is gonna kill me, at least I'll die happy (and with a full stomach).
*** Next, time to stop by our "Kitten Corner"...
What can I get into next?
The kids got a little on the rammy-ass side yesterday, which means they spent soime time going from window to window (to see if the rain was coming down on the other side of the house...lol).
And, they've figured a way to open the coat closet bi-fold door off of the family room. Ingenious little buggers.
Don't do it...daddy's watching.
Fortunately, even all their energy wanes and they get back to what they do best...napping (or just taking it easy).
No complaints from me with any of that.
*** Next up, let's check in with "Midnight and Company"...
The furry twosome managed to become a soggy twosome yesterday, when those downpours hit.
Gotta enjoy being dry while I can.
Before that, things were going okay, with both of them sticking close by on the patio.
Midnight tried to stay dry under the patio table, but with the winds shifting, it was difficult at best.
Whiskers took to a shelter and remained there until it was time to eat.
I feel a storm coming...
That meant I had to go out, get wet and place the food under the table (where it was LESS wet), and after a time, the food was gone.
We even had a window of calm to get some hand-held treats time in, which went well.
*** Last back to the rain barrel...this whole leftist mantra about the illegal immigration children being taken from their illegal immigration parents is utter nonsense, and getting boring.
Both parents and children have broken our laws, and entered our country illegally.
And we're not mistreating the kids...hell, the camps they're kept at have been described more like "summer camp" than anything else.
Because you dragged your children across our border illegally, doesn't give any of you aliens carte` blanche to access everything and anything in our nation.
If I did the same thing in another country, I would expect no less than whatever punishment was due me for MY actions.
Same thing when it comes to refugees...our country simply CAN NOT become the world's "dumping ground" for all the displaced.
We can't afford it, we can't sustain it, and damn it, it's not helping everyone here who IS a citizen and has pursued that course in a legal manner. We have plenty of "home-grown" problems in this country right NOW that need immediate attention
To take in every and all "comers" at the drop of a hat is tantamount to an invasion, rather than any form of immigration.
We've seen what other countries are experiencing, and while we do an incredible amount of good around the world, there is only so much we can do here, and at the expense of NOT doing for our OWN people.
I know it might seem a bit callous, but this country has got to take a stand and demand that any immigration here HAS to be done "by the numbers", and within the purview of the laws already in place.
To do any less will cause repercussions we're not ready to accept...or be able to deal with.
Just a little something to think about.
Be well, make a difference to someone, and...
Stay SAFE out there, America.


CWMartin said...

Kouign Amann? I thought it said Kofi Anan at first... Shorter than I thought he was, lol!

VANILLA milkshake? That's about like decaf and near beer. Where's the chocolate?

There was a day, very long ago, that I would have saluted the weed-beers as the pinnacle of man's inventiveness. Now, not so much. So tell me, Guv'ment, just what exactly IS the difference between adding MJ or THC???

"Will our future be filled with fewer fights outside of bars, and more mellow discussions about impressionistic artists?
Somehow, I'm seriously doubting that." What it will be giving us is more cretins unable to operate cars at bar time. And more cretins not being sure what "bar time" even is. And quite possibly, more collateral damage during fights at bar time.

"Gas prices to increase with gas tax" - talk about the world's most unneccesary headline...

" Well, you have to admit that Columbus is a good "hub" for the drug trade in this country." Well, their most famous sports team does have a glorified MJ leaf for a symbol...

Toinairis... someone's been using the Afro-American Name Lotto Device again...

Damn, Bob, I'm gonna set Trump on you, with all these new and unnecesary departments. He'll cut you off!

Red meat- as a former gf's dad used to say, "Live for the moment, and the moment is raw hamburger."

"Utter nonsense, getting boring..." Perfect encapsulation of the whole thing in four words. Bravo!

Just an fyi: Due to the various changes coming from the cheapskates at blogger, I now have to actually go on my dashboard to get blog comments, as they no longer forward to my e-mail. And with Networked Blogs getting ready to go down, getting my posts to social media is a manual labor thing. They could have asked for a pittance way back when and made it work, but now they want you to spend minimum $20 a month to do what NWB used to do for free. Smartass chat operator told me, "We have to eat, too." I told him, "You can do a lot of eating on $20 a month." So if you don't see me publish your responses even later than normal, don't be surprised.

Bob G. said...

---Never made THAT connection, but it was funny.
---A GOOD vanilla shake has a lot of flavor. Chocolate IS better, though. Give 'ya that one!
---Got a feeling this is gonna lead to MORE trouble than not. Yeah, you nailed it with the "future" there.
---I know...overly OBVIOUS, wasn't it?
---Yes they do. Amazing how that all ties together.
---I can't imagine hearing them NAME their children...must crack up the hospital staff.
---All "my" departments receive NO funding whatsoever...you gotta love that, right? We do more with less.
---The Department of Encapsulation thanks you for the props...lol.
---I didn't know this about blogger...
I still get comments quite quickly
This is getting a might nuts, too.
They need to leave well enough ALONE!

Thanks for stopping by and commenting today.
(always good to get some smiles)

Stay safe (and dried out) up there, brother.