26 February 2013

Any Which Way The Wind Blows...
That, my friends sums up today's Heartland weather.
We're supposed to get the tail-end of that large winter storm that has come up from Texas, where they got 18 inches of snow in Amarillo!
The weatherfolks are saying (in Ft. Wayne) that we may get some freezing rain (sure to cause mid-morning fun on the streets and roads) which will transition over to rain by mid-afternoon.
We might even see some snow later tonight...or maybe not.
It's all depending on how the storm tracks.
Lucky for US we have such PRECISE predictions, hmm?
Meanwhile, let's top off that morning beverage of choice, and see what's shaking elsewhere.
*** Just when you thought our "Blamer-in-Chief" couldn't get any more sinister and underhanded, there's THIS:
I usually don't go to the "huff-po" for anything, as it's SO left-leaning, it defies gravity, but this story caught my eye.
Some Obummer-donors are miffed at being somewhat "excluded" from quarterly "audiences" with the Anointed One.
They coughed up $500K for this opportunity, and apparently, the White House is denying they even participated in such a "pay-for-access" scheme.
President "That Guy" had decried this type of culture as one of the major ills OF D.C.
Organizing For Action, a "social welfare" group is making these claims against the regime.
I guess that's what happens whenever you LIE to enough people long enough...you FORGET who all you lied to and can't keep ALL those lies straight.
Just one more reason to question everything about this regime.
Moving on...
*** A stabbing at the Southbridge Apartments (oh, no)...
Here's the story link:
Now, who would EVER think that something like THIS would occur on the city's...(...all together, gang...)...SOUTHEAST SIDE?
At least it was close to the PSA (academy) where police tend to gather, so response time had to be minimal.
A 33 year old man broke into his ex's apartment and began to beat a 19 year old male there.
The suspect then grabbed a knife from the kitchen and stabbed the male several times before fleeing.
The 19 year old was transported to hospital in serious condition with multiple stab wounds, and the 20 year old woman there was also treated for a wound to her hand.
The suspect WAS later arrested and hauled down to the lockup.
Guess things are that boring around 11AM that some moron has to "liven" things up.
Any bets as to the ethnicity of the participants?
(give 'ya three, and the first two don't count)
*** And another shooting on the SOUTHEAST SIDE...
Here's THIS link:
The address was 2720 Plaza Drive, and the time was around 1020 hrs.
A man answering his front door was greeted by a black man who pushed his way into the house,and then shot the other man in the upper chest and shoulder before fleeing. Multiple shell casings were found inside the doorway.
Police were knocking on doors in the area themselves looking for witnesses.
As one might expect, an incident like this leaves some neighbors concerned.
Well, if they were THAT concerned they'd either ARM THEMSELVES or petition the city officials who can DO SOMETHING to stop this type of violent crime...like the police chief, mayor, or especially, their CITY COUNCILMAN (Glynn Hines).
Just a thought...
The house where the shooting took place is well kept, which would lead one to believe the person there gives a damn AND according to the victim's nephew, the man keeps to himself.
A woman was also in the house at the time of the shooting, and police are looking to her as a key witness.
What cracks me up is the WANE video, the woman behind the wheel of her minivan is smiling over this...SMILING!
Not much REAL concern displayed...like it's all some big joke (what he be did).
The possible motive may have been robbery, but nothing was missing from the house.
The suspect is still at large, and I would consider him (black) armed AND dangerous (which was not mentioned in the video).
*** Drug testing for Indiana welfare recipients...
Here's the story:
Well, it's about f$cking TIME, people!
I mean when you see outright FRAUD committed by many of these people (who are using street pharms on a regular basis as they do nothing for a living) you have to wonder WHY anyone would FUND these so-called "po-folk"
You have to take drug tests for employment in many case, and that's just to WORK for a living...so why NOT drug test for those baby-mamas and baby-daddys sitting on their asses on YOUR dime?
Of course if they are found to be doing drugs, they will be placed on a "treatment plan", which will ALSO be funded by taxpayers, so we rob Peter to pay Paul on this one...lesser of two evils, I suppose.
Still, it beats those in Texas getting $7K per month in food stamps...that story is at The BLAZE (talk about fraud there, hmm?)
*** If ANYONE can pull this off...it's Bill Shatner.
Here's the story:
Yes, fellow Trekkers, Captain Kirk to the rescue...AGAIN!
(that never gets old, does it?)
The (former) planet Pluto has 2 moons, which to me, qualifies it AS a planet, for obvious reasons, and an online vote was taken to NAME them.
Well, Shatner provided his OWN entry and it won hands down...the name is VULCAN.
I would normally say "interesting", but that is a word applied to what is expected...here I think "FASCINATING" would suffice.
(yes, that is a paraphrased Spock quote from TOS)
Close to 175K votes were cast, and VULCAN came out on top.
Vulcan is typically related to volcanoes and lava, and Pluto is anything BUT...
The complete tally of the votes can be found HERE:
CERBERUS came in at #2, but we already have an ASTEROID named that. STYX came in 3rd, and I'm sure Dennis DeYoung is loving THAT...
(Rockin' the Paradise with some Grand Illusion, Mr Roboto?)
Yeah, we can do that...lol.
*** Lastly today...more crime, and seemingly no end in sight that would make us think it's going to abate any time soon.
And our very own king Henry makes a sojourn to D.C. to provide a "wish list" of sorts about what he'd like to see funded for our fair city, such as high-speed rail and downtown improvements.
How's about we try and IMPROVE the SOUTHEAST SIDE, you mook?
Would be really nice to be able to take a walk...or take a drive to a store...or even open your front door...WITHOUT the possibility of being SHOT by some roaming thug...wouldn't it, your majesty?
Bet you don't have such things happen in YOUR part of "the realm", do you?
Well, WE do down here, and I know I'm getting damn sick and tired of ALL of it.
From the chronic boomcars that the police can never seem to find to ticket (it's called active patrols), to scads of litter tossed daily by uncaring and disrespectful primates (the ZOO CAGES are cleaner by far), to people with all day to party for no reason, other than they are getting government sponsorship...all of this needs to end now.
Our society can be SO much better if government does the job it was designed for, and that doesn't include denying people of a 2 liter soda with their pizzas (thanks Nanny Doomberg, you f$cking PUTZ!).
We need to speak up and keep speaking up to that point....we ALL need to be held accountable.
Not some of us, or a few of us...but EVERY ONE OF US.
And that is ONE aspect of humanity where equality should be practiced on a daily basis, right?
Take care with the weather out there, wherever it might find you.
Be well, make a difference to someone, and...
Stay SAFE out there, America.


John DuMond said...

Shatner only got into the moon-naming business because he heard it was a good way to pick up chicks.

BTW, I agree that Pluto never should have been "demoted."

Bob G. said...

John D.:
Isn't Shatner married again?
(I know...doesn't stop one from LOOKING...lol)

And Pluto will ALWAYS be a planet in MY book too...as well as being Mickey's DOG!

Hey, thanks for stopping by today and commenting.

Stay safe out there.

Momma Fargo said...

I got nothing to say about the President. I knew when he was re-elected, he would change for the worse. He scares me.

Bob G. said...

Momma Fargo:
Kinda makes 'ya wish we HAD SHATNER as President...lol.

But I will say this pretender-in-chief is taking us down a VERY dark path.
Sith Lords notwithstanding!

And anyone that can't or won't see it is fooling themselves.

We could easily go in one of two bad directions...hope I'm wrong there, too.

Thanks for roling up today and commenting.

Stay safe out there.
(and NO 2 liter sodas if you're in NYC...lol)