22 September 2006

The Presidential Bash...

No, I'm not referring to some $100 a plate dinner gala in D.C. I'm talking about ALL the flaming idiots that find the "need" to do nothing BUT defame, demean, and belittle our commander-in-chief.

Granted, there are ALWAYS going to be presidents that do NOT make what we "feel" are the "right" decisions, but get real here...when you're waging a war on our newest foe (terrorism), it's in EVERYBODY'S best interest to support whatever means we have at our disposal to achieve victory.

Now I could go on a real tirade about liberalism, but all I will say to that end is that there are times when you simply CANNOT reason with a group of people that want to do nothing more than slit your throat, simply because YOU are an AMERICAN.

President Bush is doing what he truly believes is in OUR best interest, as well as the interest of people wanting freedom and liberty throughout the world. But there are THOSE who still feel we can either ignore this threat (and watch it just go away)...like THAT'S going to happen, or just all sit down and talk our way into that universal Utopian peace we all dream about.

Now I have NO idea what these folks are smoking, nor do I want to join them...

As I have stated on numerous other blogs, I can't bring myself to believe what could have happened had these same people shouted the same rhetoric at Roosevelt during WW2. We'd most likely all be eating sauerbraten while watching "Uncle Adolph's Fascist Hour" on the TV. We stood as a UNITED country in WW2, and whether it's fascism, or terrorism, the fact remains that WE, as a people, need to rally for the cause, and offer our support for those fighting the battle.

I can't condone those that just sit back, and call our nation's leader every name in the book, just because they have free speech. I have news for them...that speech isn't FREE...it was BOUGHT & PAID FOR by hundreds of THOUSANDS of men and women who have served our nation, many giving their lives, just so your speech could be what you consider "free".

So if anything, every citizen OWES a lot to a lot of people in this country. So maybe it's time we started paying back what we owe to some degree.

And we can start by putting aside our feelings about a single man, and concentrating on the matter at hand, namely terrorism.

NO person is infalable, including our president, but all things be told, I fell a helluva lot better with HIM in the White House than say..Kerry or Clinton, and I'm a moderate Independant.

We all need to WANT to win this war...or suffer the consequences. And 9/11 should be a reminder that we all need a good swift kick in our complacency to get us motivated into ACTION.

That's just *MY* 2 cents on it, that's all!


Jana said...

Sometimes I want to shout "think you can do a better job? do it! but when you fail miserably, don't go blaming someone else for your failure!"

Jessica Rabbit said...

Point being, the President makes decisions based on the input of our elected congress...both Democrats and Republicans. We all had a voice, we spoke, if you didn't, shame on you, if you lost, be a good sport and support the man who won and work together to form a united front against the enemy.

We are very fortunate that we have free speach, and we can voice our opinions. And its ok to use the free speach to present another side of the story to enlighten everyone to both sides or all sides, but there is no need to tear down and destroy in the process.