24 September 2006


In this installment, I'll be discussing that annoying thing called LITTER.

As of today, I have gotten 25 items from my lawn, EIGHT of them being some sort of alcoholic container, be it a can or a bottle. Now this is a lot better than the 75 things I picked up several years ago, but it still needs some "work".

Back in Philly, we hardly EVER had litter on our streets (and especially NOT on our pavements or lawns, however small they might be)...and I suppose that can be attributed to the fact that not only did people GIVE A DAMN back then, but we had so many families on a single block. Everyone took care of their OWN trash, and called anyone else on it that DIDN'T. That was pretty much that. Oh, we were mostly WHITE middle-class WORKING people too.

Here in Fort Wayne...completely OPPOSITE. Having a mere 10 houses on the street does NOT guarantee that the amount of lawn trash will be relative (meaning LESS)...not by a longshot! I have to say that most ALL of the lawn trash we see here is caused by people just passing by, whether it's in a car OR on foot. After all, it's not THEIR property, so what the f$ck, right? Anywhere ELSE is the place to drop it from their primate paws. I'd LOVE to see what their house or apartment looks like!

Seeing people toss beer bottles from cars doesn't give me the "warm n fuzzy" I should be feeling regarding the FWPD officers who SHOULD be patrolling and keeping this from happening. That's simply becasue they're just not around. And even if they are, it's by accident (like another call in the area). And the last time I checked, open containers of any booze in cars is cause enough to get pulled over, and ESPECIALLY if it's the DRIVER doing the tossing....it USED to be called D.U.I.

I've had everything from a broken camcorder to a "black-porn" movie case and even a resin chair tossed on the side lawn (the lawn that faces north...aka the ghetto). I used to just pick them all up, but anymore, I just toss them back ACROSS the street onto whatever property suits my fancy. Since it didn't come from anyone who is WHITE...YES...I'm making a "race" statement, so get OVER it. Basically, keep your "culture" to yourselves, and leave me the f$ck alone, morons!

After having had a gun pulled on me for asking a black youth to remove the paper plate and half-eaten food he dumped on MY property, I've gotten a LOT wiser. I figure if that's the way "they" want to play the game...fine by me. I mean I don't drive or walk around and dump $hit on THEIR lawns or curbs. I'm just the "don't bother me and I won't bother you" mentality kinda guy.

But "they" don't want that...oh, no. They live for confrontation...it's like another drug to them. Used to have one schoolgirl (high school) that (every damn day) waited until she got to MY property to drop her soda can on the say to school. I caught her one day, told her not to do it, and she KEPT on doing it. After I got all racial and confrontational with her, taking pictures of her littering, and threatening to have the police WAIT for her to come by...she just "went away"...never saw her again. Better for me, but litter HELL for someone else now, I suppose.

I even have a sign in my window (facing the area most "trashed") with a picture of the PA litterbug that says: "Only IDIOTS are litterbugs.....don't be an IDIOT". WRONG!

Well, I can tell you that I now KNOW that most of these moolies can't READ...or they'd figure the sign out. But that's OK, because I even have another sign that says: "RESPECT - Give It to Get It". And you'd ALSO think that with all the disrespect these people CLAIM...that THIS message they would take to heart...WRONG AGAIN!

Oh, there ARE decent black people that don't do the "litter gig", but NONE of them LIVE AROUND HERE, that's for SURE! Yet these intards are breeding the NEXT generation of litterbugs right under our noses...! And other races are catching on, much to MY chagrin. I feel I shouldn't HAVE to be this way with these morons,.....but what else can you do (but move away and GIVE the area over to THEM). You fight back the best you can, as often AS you can.

We have proven time and again that we ARE a disposable society. Disposable diapers, disposable lighters, disposable handywipes, disposable bottles and cans (funny thing...we DO have a recycling policy in the city, although it's NOT really enforced), and even with the cost of health care...DISPOSABLE PEOPLE now. Where does it end?

Like I've said SOOOO many times in SOOOO many posts here and elsewhere...it all comes down to ONE simple phrase...

P E R S O N A L ~ R E S P O N S I B I L I T Y ....!!!!!

People that obviously have NO self-respect cannot and will not hold themselves accountable for ANY actions on their behalf. And that's one damn sad fact. People that have NO guilt, NO ethics, NO sense of civility cannot be expected to even ATTEMPT to act civilized. Take the way so many people walk down the middle of a street, when they're only a foot or two from a PERFECTLY GOOD SIDEWALK!

Easier for ME to act like them...an ANIMAL, than for them to act in a civil manner. But I refuse to devolve into that. I, like any NORMAL person seeks to become BETTER than they were the day before....we used to call it "God's work in progress" back in the old church days.

To instill some sense of normal behavior BACK into ALL these "aboriginies" (of every race)should be one of our society's PRIMARY concerns....

And that is an achieveable goal...IF we decide to do it, that is.

If not....well, just get used to another "broken window"...like we don't have ENOUGH already (it's too damn drafty), hmm?

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Jana said...

some of the "hillbillies" and/or "rednecks" near where my parents and other relatives live are the same way.

Their yards have tons of garbage on them, along with the several hunting dogs that they own.

Stinks to high-Heaven too.

I'm waiting for the day that one of them toss some litter onto my family's property. It's gonna be ugly...