02 November 2006

They Call It "WAR" For A Reason...

The latest postings for the casualty rate in Iraq are out (from October)...we lost 100 fine soldiers in that month. And the anit-war mongers are saying how "terrible" this is.

Without question, ANY loss of life IS tragic, but so many of these bleeding hearts (no pun intended) fail to see a much BIGGER picture...

Compare the last FIVE years in Iraq with almost any FIVE years we spent in 'Nam, and the truth will be known. We have lost far FEWER men (and women) in Iraq than in Vietnam.

And let's not forget Normandy, where we lost 1465 men in ONE DAY!

We lost over 13 THOUSAND men in the Mexican War, and over 116 THOUSAND men in the "War to end ALL wars"...WW1. Over 405 THOUSAND service personnel lost their lives in WW2, and over 13 THOUSAND died during the Korean war. Vietnam cost us over 58 THOUSAND lives, and the American Civil War cost America over 400 THOUSAND of her husbands, sons, fathers, and brothers!

Now I'm certainly NOT trivializing the 2800+ men and women lost during this war....as I say, ANY loss of life is tragic, as the loved ones left behind will testify. The "perfect" war would be waged with NO loss of life at all....but sadly, we're not there YET. Not too many world leaders would wish to settle global disputes with a football, soccer, or boxing match.

What I am saying is that compared to past wars, we are doing damn well in Iraq. In NO other conflict have we suffered AS FEW losses as in Iraq. The radical SP media sees it differently. Apparently, THEIR math is different from the math all the normal people use.

And I will not waste time over John Kerry's flawed statement over education and the military...that's for other bloggers to debate. Today's combat soldier has MORE information AND technology as his or her disposal than OUR GENERALS did during the first world war! And they can apply where it will do the most good (or harm, depending on your POV).

We have won EVERY SINGLE major engagement in Iraq and the same was true in Vietnam. And people got killed...and will continue to get killed...that's what the hell WAR is all about, people! Like Patton said: "War is not about dying for your country...it's about making the OTHER poor dumb bastard die for HIS country".

Instead of trying to read things into the war in Iraq that are just not there, as the media loves to do, why can't we all just SUPPORT these men and women who think enough about OUR country, OUR freedom, and OUR flag to go and fight an enemy that thinks no more of us than a common cur in the street, and would kill every one of us as we slept, JUST BECAUSE we're AMERICANS!

Each and every one of these patriots that serve in our military in any capacity deserve, no DEMAND our alliegence and support. We need to be there for them.

To do anything less would denegrate their honor and integrity by their service and sacrifice. And what would that say about US...as a society...as Americans?

The world is watching...and some are taking notes.


Tim Zank said...

Amen Brother!

Bobett Kelley said...

B.G. you get it! Thanks for spreading the News!

Bobett said...

B.G. this is Golden Pen Award material. Sincerely, please send it into the editors at both Fort Wayne papers. I think you will be surprised. It will be published.

We need people like you with a fresh voice. Send it along to the editors of each paper here in Fort Wayne. Educate the Public and share your gift. You have nothing to lose.

God Speed & thank you for your service. Just log onto FortWayne.com editorials and do