02 December 2011

Friday Follies
Here it is, 0700 as I start this post, and I'm still waiting for our FRIDAY edition of the "morning" paper...
(time to roll those eyes, Bob)
Okay, here goes...
(( *ROLLS EYES* ))
How's that?
I don't expect MUCH when it comes to getting the paper...I don't think ANY of us do, really.
We only want it ON the step (and not in our flower gardens or up on the roof), and we want it is a TIMELY fashion (and according to the Journal-Gazette phone line, it SHOULD be here weekdays by 0600 hrs...)
My problem is when the carrier is LATE (as in very)!
And it would seem that this is part of America's problem...the "lack of desire" when it comes to job performance.
But more about that farther down today's post, so stay with me friends.
In the meantime, we've got other things to attend to, such as THESE:
*** The answer to yesterday's WHO SAID THAT? quote.
"Those who matter don't worry, and those who worry don't matter" was spoken by Field Marshal William Slim, (favourite motto, quoted in Ronald Lewin, Slim, the Standard-Bearer -1976, P-176).
If you want to know more about a really interesting person who fought in BOTH World Wars, here's the WIKI:
It's a good read.
*** Next, in yesterday's post I had one of the two teen drug dealer's names wrong...it should be Sydney WILSON, and not Rogers...sorry about that. I have amended the post accordingly, and I do apologize for getting it incorrect. Sometimes, my eyes get ahead of my brain...lol.
*** Did you know that OUR very own Bernenke and Geitner had their fingers in the bailout pie a LOT deeper than we previously knew?
Here's a link to a GREAT article that exposes some of the corrupt behavior going on behind the scenes in our government.
Betcha didn't know WE (America) gave out over SEVEN TRILLION BUCKS to banks around the world to BAIL THEM OUT...!
(well,if you didn't know before, you certainly do NOW)
That's more than the ENTIRE deficit under G.W. Bush...!!!
And we did it in LESS than FOUR YEARS...managed to ADD to that deficit until we're now at FIFTEEN TRILLION bucks (and that doesn't EVEN include interest).
Yeah, try paying THAT off without cutting spending...ain't gonna happen.
In other words...it's IMPOSSIBLE.
(and so is putting a Cadillac up your nose, in case you were wondering)
And, we need this current president RE-elected...WHY????
I also hear that the EURO is in DEEP doo-doo, and that ain't good (for them).
There is an article found HERE:
Now, I have to provide a CAVEAT here first, as the COUNCIL ON FOREIGN RELATIONS has been tied to the whole ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT conspiracy gig (and it's got more traction that you would think these days).
But consider this:
If the EURO collapses, that means that our DOLLAR will spike in "value", and that seems pretty damn enticing...(on the surface).
It means our dollar is worth a LOT more than it currently is, but at the same time, it means that our national DEBT (calculated in DOLLARS) ALSO goes up...WAY UP in "value".
Isn't economics "fun"?
Talk about a real Catch-22, hmm?
We're damned if it does, and damned if it doesn't.
Gonna take a REALLY good business person who's a LOT more economy-savvy than anyone we currently have in D.C. to skull this clusterf$ck out.
*** And a bit (too) closer to home...there's THESE:
--This story deals (no pun intended) with a drug dealer under FEDERAL indictment:
Mark Honer, 27, of the 800 block of Nuttman Ave. will soon be a "guest" of a federal penitentiary (near you).
Enjoy your stay, Mark...you EARNED it!
-- This story is a bit disturbing, so be warned:
It's about a predator named William Valenzuela, 27, of the 2400 block of John St (Fort Wayne) and the plethora of charges against his sorry ass such as rape, attempted criminal deviate conduct, strangulation, battery, criminal recklessness, intimidation, confinement, and interference with the reporting of a crime (whew)...LONG list there, hmm?
Yes friends, they ARE out there...
I hope Billy-Boy likes his future cellmate, because he might get to know him a lot more "intimately" than he might want to.
And it's nice to know that with a bail of $156.5K, it'll be harder to post it.
He shoulda sold DRUGS or committed ARMED ROBBERY...the bail is WAY lower.
He could have been back out in no time "back at work".
No one ever said that criminals were SMART, right?
*** Lastly today, a bit more on that "lack of desire" that I mentioned at the top of the post.
Work ethics in America have fallen on hard times...no doubt about it, and if you're still one of THOSE people (like me) that takes pride in what you do, and performs to the best of your abilities...you're in the minority these days.
They had a good segment on The O'Reilly Factor last night about GOVERNMENT CONTRACT WORKERS out at lunch, boozing it up and doing drugs.
This took place in (of all places)...DETROIT, MICHIGAN...big surprise there.
Most of the workers were BLACK, as well (how do they get all the good jobs when they're all claiming they're poor and out of work anyway?).
Made me wonder.
Anyway, here's a link to the source article...excellent journalism, too.
And the video is worth the visit to the website!
Rob Wolchek does a great job of exposing this problem.
Months ago, there was a similar story about AUTO WORKERS doing drugs at lunch.
See the similarities here?
Well, they ARE all UNION employees...that says a LOT right there.
I can say that I once worked for a window manufacturer (that has since moved from Fort Wayne) that had several employees that regularly smoked pot at lunch. They used to go back by the railroad tracks (where a passing FWPD car couldn't spot them), and toke away.
Can't say that EVER went on at the window place I worked at in Columbus, OH.
(a few might come in hung over, but that was it)
And you certainly DID NOT partake in ANY similar substances when working STS for Circuit City.
The chief of Loss-Prevention was a former VA State Police LT, and he didn't take ANY crap from ANYONE.
He and I got along famously, btw...lol
And I saw him fire people ON THE SPOT.
Work ethics are what MADE this nation...and they're also what can SAVE this nation.
When people perform their job as if they were doing it FOR THEMSELVES, it MEANS something.
When you build anything as if it was going into YOUR house, you make it better. When you know that your name is attached to something, a sense of PRIDE should accompany it.
Hell, during WW2, we had people SIGN aircraft or tanks.
But when we allow union workers to smoke weed while building military vehicles or systems that go INTO those vehicles, we place our troops AT RISK, not to mention the chance of injury on the job to those stoners (and the lawsuits that follow, thanks to union intervention).
Workplaces are not inherently UNSAFE...we've seen to that.
But we need to know that the PEOPLE working there are not UNSAFE either...to the product they manufacture, or to fellow workers.
America has a great opportunity to rectify such mistakes, should she wish to take it.
And I think it can begin with all of us in the working class that make this nation move in whatever capacity we find ourselves.
You do your BEST...you do it RIGHT, and you do it AS OFTEN as possible.
THAT is what work ethics encompasses, and we need to remember that, no matter how small the task, or how great the challenge.
Have yourselves a fantastic weekend.
Be well, make a difference to someone today, and as always...
Stay safe out there,America.


ms nk rey said...

I agree with you on the work ethics going down hill in America. When I was a kid I had "no work, no eat" pounded into me. Guess that is no longer true. I am having fun with that web site. But I have a question.. how do you tell if they are still a guest of the city or county? Thanks.. keep warm.

Bob G. said...

Your folks sounded a LOT like mine...LOL!
(even if it was "chores" around the house...NO allowance UNTIL they're finished...and to Mom & Dad's satisfaction - nothing done half-assed!)

I figure if someone's arrested and they didn't bond out, they're a GUEST of SOME jail nearby...

And with a bail of OVER $156K, they DO have to front 10% to "get out".
And that comes to over $15.6K.
(not everyone has THAT kinda folding money lying around)

It's safe to conclude he's gonna be eating bologna sandwiches for some time - if this goes to trial OR his attorney pleads him guilty and goes directly to sentencing.(don't pass GO or collect $200 bucks, Bub.)

The woman has a DAMN good case against him from the article.
(unless she drops the charges)

Always a way off the hook.
Hope they lose the key to his cell (imho).

Hey, thanks for stopping on by today and comenting.
Have a great weekend.

Do stay safe & warm down there.

Momma Fargo said...

Ethics are the hot topic of discussion at our department this week as well. Seems it is an ever changing thing with the way society thinks and the way we operate. No more free cups of coffee, for sure.

Great post, Bob.

Bob G. said...

Momma Fargo:
Hey, there's always room for a free cup o' joe (at my place, anyway...lol)

I think a LOT of departments are looking MUCH deeper (and harder) into ETHICS in the workplace (on AND off the streets).

When you PD CHIEFS that are committing crimes and suffering ethics violations out the wazoo, you really DO need to step back and take a long look at things.

The LACK of ethics knows absolutely NO boundaries...
It's not tied down by gender, race, ethnicity, economic class, you name it.

And that's why can often become comfortable when violations occur...We brush it off as "a fad", and proclaim "They'll grow OUT of it"...like they're our kids going through a "phase".

Thing is, people aren't growing OUT of it...they're growing INTO it, and that needs to be checked at the door.

Hey, we ain't all angels, but by God, we CAN learn, and then teach others WHAT we learn...and above all PRACTICE what we learn (and preach).
It's not magic...just something we've forgotten about...that's all.

Thanks so much for taking time to roll on up today.

You stay SAFE out there.