01 December 2011

Welcome to December...
Last month of the year of our Lord 2011, which means we've but a mere TWENTY-FOUR days of shopping left until Christmas.
Okay, so NOW we can officially get right with the holidays.
We've got remnants of snow on the ground, it's COLD outside this morning, lots of "atmosphere" to get into the holiday spirit (and into that bottle of holiday spirits, as well).
With that said, let's see what this final month of this year has got going on...
*** First up this week's (day late) WHO SAID THAT?
Here's the quote:
"Those who matter don't worry, and those who worry don't matter."
(answer tomorrow)
*** Indiana wants to consider DRUG TESTING for welfare recipients...how about THAT?
(about damn time)
Naturally, the ACLU wants "in" on this, citing unconstitutionality under the FOURTH Amendment.
(( *ROLLS EYES* ))
Now, I might be a bit behind the times here (I don't think so) but, isn't it WRONG to "pay" drug users to NOT work...or to BE that drug-user (or dealer) INSTEAD of working a real job? Where does it say that Indiana taxpayers have to "front" drug use for free food?
Our 4th Amendment reads as follows:
"The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated, and no Warrants shall issue, but upon probable cause, supported by Oath or affirmation, and particularly describing the place to be searched, and the persons or things to be seized."
And here's the WIKI on it:
It always seems to come down to that "unreasonable" gig, doesn't it?
Well, we're ALL unique people, and in that I would have to concede that ONE person's REASONABLE is another person's UNREASONABLE...it's that simple. But what protects the GREATER GOOD for the GREATER NUMBER?
THAT is the question that should be asked.
Do we protect one person who may be committing a crime, or do we protect everyone else from that person?
A piss-test for drugs is NOT "unreasonable" by any standard...most anyone has to take one for a job, and government workers are REQUIRED to pass one in order to hire on or remain at their position.
In this instance, the ACLU should shut the hell up, build a bridge and get over it.
*** Talk about a "speedy trial"...
This story makes me shake my head at the judicial system.
And another 45-year stint in "the BIG house" for another murderer...only took TWELVE YEARS to get it done, too.
I guess we should be "thankful" for the speed that the justice system displayed.
(well, the perp WAS in jail in AZ for robbery charges...typical)
Nice to know the two teens that were killed (16-year old Richard Rogers and 14-year old Sydney Wilson) were "only" selling crack cocaine out of the BACK DOOR of their house, located at 3501 Smith St in Fort Wayne.
Sure glad we don't have that MUCH of a DRUG problem in THIS city...
*** But we DO have a artery-clogging problem, according to a new survey.
Fort Wayne is #2 (right behind DETROIT...LMAO) when it comes to fattening food intake.
Here's the link:
The GOOD news is that we're still a "happy" community.
Now, what was that Dean Wormer said in ANIMAL HOUSE?
"Fat, drunk and stupid is NO way to go through life, son"
(yeah, that's what he said)
But remember, we ARE "happy"...(yeah, right)
*** But, speaking of DRUGS...
Did you hear about the BIG drug bust down along our BORDER?
(what, another one?)
Here's the link:
This deal was really sophisticated...lighting, ventilation, and electric conveyances (rail lines) to move the pot across the border (at least they were "going green", eh?)
You could drive a golf cart through the tunnels...(and they probably did).
In all, over FIFTY-TWO TONS of MJ were confiscated...could be the BIGGEST drug seizure in U.S. history.
That's gonna piss off a few potheads around the country..damn shame.
*** Here's more proof we don't have that much of a drug problem in Fort Wayne:
Now, it seems that two men, both on the (...all together, gang...) SOUTHEAST side of Fort Wayne have gotten themselves on the wrong side of the law...and in a pretty decent way.
Police, acting on a tip, went to a house at 3018 Lillie St and charged one Terrence L. Fuqua, 41 with dealing cocaine, dealing marijuana, possession of drug paraphernalia and being a violent felon in possession of a firearm.
Imagine that.
Then police went to a house at 4409 Winston Drive and charged one James A. Holman, 46, with dealing and possession of cocaine, felony possession of marijuana and being a violent felon in possession of a firearm.
Police found about 16 grams of crack cocaine, 111 grams of powder cocaine, 185 grams of marijuana, prescription drugs, several digital scales, a handgun and about $4,000 in cash at the Lillie St. address and pot, small amounts of crack cocaine, prescription drugs and a handgun at the Winston Drive address. Good tips.
Now, if you people have some time, I can point you at a few OTHER houses.
(or, you can just park and bust all the noise violators...lol)
Either way, I can provide "job-security" for local law-enforcement, as if you really need MORE down here.
*** Lastly today, two quick things...
-- First, a new show last night on the Military Channel called TRIGGERS (hosted by Wil Willis, former USAF para-jumper).
He covered the history of sidearms, culminating in the century old Colt M1911 .45 ACP pistol, proving that not only did it make Alvin York a Congressional Medal winner in WW1, but is STILL the best sidearm when it comes to accuracy AND stopping power.
It's even better than the 9mm Beretta (standard sidearm of our military since 1985), and (imho), we should have never left the .45.
Some special operators STILL use it, and I would have to say that if you NEED to put an enemy DOWN, the .45 ACP is the way to go...period.
(And that's why I own a .45, even if it's a Taurus. It has 10+1 capacity!)
-- Next, if your cats act a might "antsy", and you don't see ANY ants, look for a mouse...as I did yesterday.
Found a tiny field mouse that had somehow gotten into the family room (through an open door no doubt)
I managed to corral it and then place my hand down on him, stunning him. He then was removed back outside. After thoroughly washing my hands (I take precautions), I later went back outside to look for where I had dropped him, and found nothing, so my guess is that he went back to HIS home (and had one helluva story to tell the folks as to why he was missing.....ah, those children).
Lesson to be learned here?

Always check the door threshold for uninvited "guests"...and always believe your pets, no matter HOW weird they might act.

They ARE trying to tell you something.

I think there's must be a lesson for us all in there...somewhere.
Be well, make a difference to someone, and...
Stay safe out there, America.


CWMartin said...

Dean Wormer... what a putz! I have a comic book where Baron Zemo says he rooted for him, after first denying that he saw the movie, then fessing up.

Bob G. said...

Funny...I would have thought that MODOC would have been a "fan" of Dean Wormer and NOT Baron Zemo...interetsing.

But you have to admit that the quote I used DOES fit Fort Wayne, considering it's the most cholesterol-laden, the fattest and the dumbest city, according to all those "surveys".

Fortunately, people like US always swim "against the current" in studies such as these, right?

Thanks for stopping by and commenting...always good to see a mention from the glory days of comic books.

Stay safe up there.