01 June 2012

Friday Follies...

Welcome to JUNE...wow, damn near HALFWAY through this year...ALREADY!
Where the hell does the time GO, and why can''t we manage to hang on to SOME of it along the way?
Anyway, we DID get some rain (about 1/4 inch), but it's something, which is always better than NOTHING.
Sure made the air outside smell GREAT last night, too...almost made me think I was living somewhere OTHER than the ghettohood...(almost).
*** First up today...some "new" plumbing added to our "Fortress".
Korte (who does it all, as the ads say) arrived early for the job, and the technician (named John) was an OUTSTANDING gentleman, who knew his craft (and being a former tech, I know good work when I see it being done), as he set about fixing our broken stopper assembly.
As I figured, the WHOLE chunk of pipe had to be swapped out, but there was another "snag"...the chrome ring (drain) in the base of the sink was of an older model (sounds like ME...lol) and the thread patterns were slightly off, so John had to change THAT out as well (that would have had me grinding to an abrupt halt).
When he disconnected the pipe, he found the threads were fairly rusted away, so he decided to swap out the trap (J-pipe) with PVC and pressure fittings (at no additional cost to us)!
Trip charges are higher then when I was riding the roads...went up from $29.95 to $79.95, but it's because of the GAS prices...I can relate.
And Korte might not be the LEAST expensive people servicing the area...BUT, they DO guarantee the work and it's done right the FIRST time.
(now THAT reminds me of my younger days in the field)
And I have to mirror the sentiments of cafe owner Rick Blane (Humphrey Bogart) as he stated at the end of CASABLANCA:
"...Louie, I think this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship."
Moving on...
*** This is the kind of story that tends to make me nauseous.
Here's the link:
You have a retiree, fixed income and some savings in the back...and some jerkoffs come along and SCAM the poor guy (trying to make him REALLY poor in the process).
Now, I know that as you get older, money becomes a bigger issue, and not so you can hit the comic store once a month, or blow some cash at the hobby or record shops...it becomes an exercise in frugality and sometimes, of financial survival.
Hell, I'm damn near 60 now, and my SSI is still viable and waiting for me to hit the "magic number age", but it makes me wonder if I had that money IN POCKET, instead of giving it over to the government to "hold" (read spend the hell out of) until I could collect it...how much MORE could I have rolled THAT money up into through WISE INVESTMENTS?
You can't worry about such "what if's", but you CAN plan for your senior years, and that's what THIS man in the story had done.
Yet, along come these three predators, but thanks to some sharp "eyes on" from his bank. The scam was uncovered and thwarted.
Still, this 81-year old was bilked out of over $200K of savings...and THAT is one healthy chuck of retirement gone.
As far as the perps being able to fully compensate the man and return any of the money...good luck with that.
They blew it on "wild living" as one said...
And these jerks apparently had NO conscience when it came to this senior's life, such as the direction in which it was headed.
I'm sorry, but there comes a time when punishment needs to fit the crime, and this is the perfect case.
And it should make all of us wonder about OUR finances...and to that I have only TWO WORDS:
Never take anything that applies to your finances and savings at face value, and if it looks too good to be true...it probably IS.
If answers to YOUR questions are not forthcoming by ANYONE who wants to separate you from your money for whatever reason, don't hesitate to take a page from the old Reagan-era drug handbook - JUST SAY NO!
*** Remember that FORTY PERCENT water rate increase that Fort Wayne wanted to ram down all our throats?
Well, there might be a solution on the horizon...and it's a damn good one.
Here's the story:
Rick Stevenson, Wayne Township trustee came up with a plan to use some of the city's "light-lease" money windfall to PAY DOWN that water rate hike...astounding!
Anyone wanna make THIS guy the next MAYOR of the city???
Imagine that...taking ELECTRIC utility money to pay for the WATER utility hike...now THAT is creative thinking!
(and damn savvy)
At a public meeting held last evening, seven people spoke out AGAINST the 40% increase (like that will matter to these mooks).
Hell, they could have SEVENTY people speaking out...politicians will do what's in THEIR best interest...the city comes second (contrary to popular belief), and WE all come a lot farther down the food-chain (because we pay their salaries and they're the civil "servants" ).
It's a highly convoluted socio-political and economic equation to skull out, that's for sure.
*** Lastly today, WANE (Ft. Wayne, channel 15) has a program airing tomorrow (Saturday) evening at 7PM - ( Focus 15: Color Blind? ) which is supposed to ponder that very question in the wake of the Trayvon Martin shooting, and how such things might apply to our fair city.
I highly advise you tune in if you're in the viewing area.
This week on the 6PM news, they had snippets from the program, and I can tell you that there WILL be (puh-lenty of) fodder for THIS blog come Monday.
The people they are interviewing are supposed to represent city and community "leaders"...
(( ~AHEM~ ))
Question: What about the average person - the person LIVING among all this?
Who is speaking for ANY of them here?
Answer: obviously NO ONE.
I will have my critique on this program...rest assured, and we'll take everyone to task that needs to be.
Watching the snippets has already made me realize that these "leaders" don't understand the dynamics that go into their OWN community as well as the law-enforcement impact they should have versus what they DO have.
Oh, Bobby's gonna have a field-day with this...make no mistake about that.
And that's only because I get to see the problems "up close and personal"...every damn day, in an area that has devolved markedly over the last decade and has been in decline since the beginning of the Helmke administration..with nothing done throughout all that time.
I LIVE here...and that's something these city leaders neither DO...nor wish to do, and that places blinders on their silly little primate faces.
Those of you that have followed this blog for some time will no doubt come to a better realization of what DOES go on down here on the...(...all together, gang...)...SOUTHEAST SIDE of Ft. Wayne, because I have pointed out all the failings of the city regarding this area since the inception of this blog almost SIX years ago.
And I have no intention of backing down or backing off...the TRUTH needs to be put out there...so everyone can see it.
Some would think that means I have a chip on my shoulder...
Nah...not really.
These days, it''s more like a California REDWOOD.
Scientia est potentia...yes friends, Knowledge is STILL power.
Let that be your guide this weekend.
Have a wonderful 72 hours, and we'll see you back here on Monday.
Be well, make a difference to someone today, and as always...
Stay SAFE out there, America.


Momma Fargo said...

Bob G.

Glad you got the plumbing fixed. We all need to work on our plumbing as we get older. LOL.

Interesting about WANE. Might be worth watching to see what happens. Possible a train wreck of issues, maybe not.

Great post!

Bob G. said...

Momma Fargo:
Considering our "Fortress" was built in 1945, and "I" was built in 1952, I usually take my cues for repairs FROM the house...LOL.

And yes, I always make sure MY plumbing works as designed...!
(replacement parts are gettin' a might SCARCE)

Thw WANE show was okay, but Monday's post goes into what I was EXPECTINMG to see & hear, versus what was said and seen...big difference.

Hon, a train wreck would actually be an IMPROVEMENT...more like the whole station collapsed taking all the trains with it...!

Sometimes, you have to do what might be unpopular to a few...in order to protect ALL.

My Mom used to say:
"It takes BITTER to drive BITTER".

We can certainly hope.

Hey, thanks for rolling on up today and commenting.
Much appreciated.

You stay safe out there.