23 August 2012

The Worst Birthday Ever...?
And it only took SIXTY years to produce.
Looks like I managed to put the SICK in SIXTY...who knew?
(that was a stretch)
Seriously, whatever it is I happened to catch looks to be leaving, but I will confess that the last 48-72 hours were nothing short of worse than lousy.
(and that's the good part)
Finally shook the chills, and the fever is WAY down (Low-grade), and liquids are not a problem to stomach (no dehydration, thank God).
I'll probably have something light to eat today as well.
The funny thing is that I was going over and over what all I ate, what I drank, who I came in contact with, and so on...
I knew I hadn't been bitten or scratched by any living thing, be it insect, animal or plant.
(no bird, swine or either side of the Nile flu or virus)
The really weird thing is how it came on me SO DAMN FAST...like within hours.
Walking about isn't going to win me any medals for endurance or stamina, but I still CAN get about.
...Just take it easy.
Now, you have to know that I'm one of the world's worst patients, so I tend to get in my own way whenever I get ill.
And I also have cut back my "duties" about the house (fever and chills don't mix well there)
...Rest is the best medicine.
The useless feeling you have when recuperating is boredom at it's worst (to me, anyway).
But, as Mom used to say...you have to take it slow and work yourself back up to speed.
And I know that particularly in THIS case, she was definitely RIGHT.
I just wish my PATIENCE would listen to her.

Be well, make a difference to someone, and...
Stay safe out there, America.


Momma Fargo said...

Happy Birthday, Bob G.!!!!!

Hope you recover fast, I know it's no fun being sick and especially on such a spectacular birthday year. Get well.

CWMartin said...

Mrs. Bobby G works at a school. She is like a general carrier of everything.

Bob G. said...

Momma Fargo:
Spectacular...now that's ONE word I would have NEVER though of to describe THIS birthday...ROFL!
(I have a few others, but I dare not reprint them HERE)

Geez, if this is what SIXTY means, WTH is SEVENTY going to have waiting for me?

I'd like to say I'm "bouncing" back, but it's more like a lazy unmanaged lolling about at this point...lol.

Thanks for the well wishes, dear.

You roll safe out there.

Bob G. said...

If Wifey were a month into the school year, I might agree with 'ya...but nothing comes along THIS fast with THIS intensity, and certainly NOT from 2 days into the school year.
You need some sort of incubation period.

Usually, Wifey catches something, and then brings it home and TRIES to give it to me...and I usually brush it off.

This "whatwever it is" just took a shine to yours truly.
And it's origin remains unknown.

Fortunately, even it didn't want to hang around me when I'm sick...

I know I sure as hell don't..LOL!

You stay safe (and germ-free) up there!

ms nk rey said...

Happy Birthday Bobby G! It sucks to be sick on your special day. I hope you can enjoy it anyoldhow.

Bob G. said...

Thanks much...
I'm making the "long journey back", as it were...LOL.
(rough journey, too)
Look out world, I'm a comin'!


Slamdunk said...

Happy birthday Bob.

Maybe you can spend sometime in the yard and give some of the local delinquents your germs. That will be more punishment than they get from the justice system.

Bob G. said...


If you mean the PRISON yard...that's not on my short list OR bucket list...LOL.

(there are advantages to have NEVER been arrested or been through the penal system in ANY way, shape, or form...trust me)

If you refer to the GARDEN (back yard), the ONLY delinquents would be of the rabbit or squirrel persuasion, and they're probably IMMUNE anyway...

I "could" always mark my territory, though...ROFLMAO!

Thanks for stopping by and commenting.

Stay safe out there.