28 September 2012

Friday Follies...
Welcome to the last weekend for the month of September...can Halloween be far behind?
(funny, in this part of the ghettohood, seems like EVERY day is Halloween in some way or another...lol)
Today's weather is much like yesterday's, with a bit more sun - temps to hover around 70 degrees.
Now, just sit back, pour another cup of your favorite beverage, and let's get rolling into whatever is going on.
*** First up, the city of Ft. Wayne is always looking for ways to save money. (really? Coulda fooled me, Bob)
Seriously, with recent budget talks with City Council, the city wants to RAISE property taxes in order to keep the budget from bleeding red ink (that'll happen soon enough here...you watch).
But, we never really hear about how they could SAVE money, instead of just asking for more, right?
Like, how's about turning OFF the damn street lamps AFTER THE SUN COMES THE HELL UP?
I mean, the power to run those lights WELL after sun up or well BEFORE sundown has GOT to be costing someone some serious scratch somewhere, right?
I'm pretty frugal when it comes to utilities, and that means we DO NOT leave every damn light on after we go to sleep (like a lot of the government-sponsored renters tend to do).
And our bill reflects whatever savings quite well.
Another thing...Asplundh Tree Service came through the area a couple times within the last week or so. 
The worker proceeded to make mounds of SAWDUST when he spent the better part of 15 minutes to grind up the STUMP of several trees that the city had previously removed.
(and those trees were nowhere near being dead).
Go figure.
A few months prior, the city came along and PLANTED some NEW TREES along the curb strips in our area...for what reason, I have absolutely NO freaking clue (we really didn't need new trees that I could see)...but I have a few ideas, based on (my) past employment with the FEDERAL government.
Someone has to justify the budget, so they make up "busy work".
Anyway, this Asplundh worker rolls off this tracked machine and proceeds to grind up the stumps along the curb strip, creating mounds of sawdust (that were later also removed, costing more money, no doubt).
Now, if the city wants to JUSTIFY having tree guys in the area, how about TAKING DOWN the TWO DEAD TREES we have?
Oh wait, can't DO that, because they're on "private property".
Forget the fact that one tree has already shed some major branches (read secondary trunks) and almost tagged a car or two, or that the OTHER tree has caused the sidewalk across the street to be raised up several INCHES, creating an impediment to anyone walking there (they COULD FALL THE HELL DOWN - lawsuit anyone?).
THAT tree is ON the damn curb strip, but no, the city IGNORES that baby, and instead cuts down GOOD trees (and not infested ASH trees, either).
If this wasn't so damn convoluted, it might be a "WTF???" moment...
*** Do any of you have a cell phone that you GOT FOR FREE?
Well why the hell not?
The Obama regime has been GIVING them away!
(along with 250 FREE minutes - helluva plan, right?)...and here's the site:
(of course you have to "qualify" for one first - that means lie damn well)
And then there is this little "gem" which extols the virtues of being "ghetto":
This took place in CLEVELAND, at a Mitt Romney rally (of all places).
I dunno, she's REALLY got ME convinced on WHO to vote for NOW...LOL!
People forget that the program was ORIGINALLY started under the Bush administration...why doesn't Obama "blame" BUSH for THIS???
And why do the people praise OBAMA for something BUSH started?
Curiouser and curiouser, isn't it?
(but it's free, so f$ck it, right?)
*** Anyone hear about what the Arab League wants to do now?
(and no, it's not become part of the NATIONAL LEAGUE - they can't "play ball" to beat their camels as it is...ROFL).
They want to criminalize BLASPHEMY...around the world!
BUT, they only want it for ISLAM...
Okay, now THIS is a "WTF???" moment...!
Here's the story link:
If this doesn't take the falafel, I dunno know what does.
The major problem with these ISLAMISTS is that they need to chill the f$ck out.
EVERY religious figure has been lampooned or been made fun of over time...no exceptions (well maybe now for Mohammed).
They need to step back and remember how the JOKER put it in The Dark Knight:
That's the problem with most countries in the Middle East...not a bit of laughter anywhere...they DO need to "lighten the hell up", hmm?
And to think some of the BEST comedians (male AND female) of ALL time are (or were) JEWISH.
The Islamists need to follow suit there.
Or perhaps, if they don't knock off their radical crap, maybe we and our allies should LIGHT THEM UP.
*** Lastly today, why do we have so damn many assistance programs these days?
Think about it...well over several HUNDRED all paid for by John & Jane TAXPAYER.
It makes you wonder HOW we managed to survive as a people...as a nation BEFORE such programs were enacted, doesn't it?
I mean, even the BIBLE states that :
 The POOR will always be with you".
Kinda sounds like THE FORCE, right?
There's no getting around this...we will always have some people who, for one reason or another will wind up on the POOR side of the balance sheet.
And prior to these assistance programs, they were taken care of, primarily by RELIGIOUS organizations and VOLUNTEER groups.
Or, people found SOME way to pull THEMSELVES up and climb OUT of poverty.
The main factor was that although poverty can often rob people of their dignity, there are others who will inspire the poor to work THROUGH it and get back to life and what it has to offer.
Now, tell me how ALL these programs today instill ANY level of DIGNITY back into the poor?
In short, it DOESN'T...but it does something more insidious than being poverty-stricken...
It creates DEPENDENCY...like a drug addict on heroin.
And the GOVERNMENT is using YOUR money to be the "dealer".
Isn't it nice to be an accessory to such a heinous crime against America?
(that's pretty much what it is, and you have no say in the matter).
Over the last several decades, the government has created an entire sub-culture based on "free stuff"...an entitlement mentality.
And how the hell is that inspiring anyone on the dole to get the hell OFF and become productive in and to society here?
It's not.
Rather, it's creating a new class of slaves in this nation...slaves to government handouts.
All that's missing are the physical shackles.
And (imho), that's simply WRONG...for ANYONE to endure.
Thing is, many folks don't even know it...or care about it...just give them more free stuff, and they couldn't give a rat's ass about anything or anyone.
It's little wonder we have such rampant FRAUD committed within the welfare system (and that extends into every single assistance program we have created).
Think of it as government corruption begetting societal corruption, after a fashion.
That's a pretty big "bed" to be sharing, isn't it?
What needs to be done is to go back to things as they were regarding welfare.
People need to figure out how to DO FOR THEMSELVES (again), as regular folks have done all this time.
If that means formal teaching...works for me.
People on the dole that are "gaming the system" need to LEARN how to sew, to cook, to clean, to TAKE CARE of what they have and who they're raising. That alone will go far to lessen the problems we have on the streets and in our schools.
Time to stop handing OUT the fish, and teaching people to learn HOW TO FISH!
Just as I always say that PEOPLE are the problem in this country...the solution also lies with WE, THE PEOPLE.
And unless we want to continue this misguided journey down a path away from democracy and liberty for everyone, we'd best get busy doing what we have to to turn this boat around and sail WITH the wind, instead of against it.
This nation has pulled off greater feats over it's short history, and with less effort.
Perhaps it's time to once again stick to what has always worked BEST for this country...embracing it's ideals and the spirit that we all have within us.
Have yourselves a great weekend, and I'll see you NEXT month.
Be well, make a difference to someone today, and as always...
Stay SAFE out there, America.


CWMartin said...

The Obama-phone lady takes me back to recent posts and comments in which the concept of a voter's test is needed. Question #2: True or false:the reason you are voting for one guy is that the other guy "sucks". True answers= immediate disqualification. (BTW, Question #1 appeared over on Pastor Jeff's blog: True or False: I believe what politicians say w/o research. True answer = immediate disqualification).

John D. said...

I tried to post a minute ago, but Blogger ate my comment. I apologize if it reappears and you get a double post.

That Obama Phone woman sounds like Dumb Donald from FAT ALBERT AND THE COSBY KIDS. Listen here for comparison:


All she needs is the sweater and the pink stocking cap for the full effect. But I'm sure she get those at taxpayer expense if Obama wins.

Bob G. said...

John Stossel recently had a show devoted entirely to "voter stupidity", for lack of a better term.
I was trying hard NOT to laugh (but I did anyway...lol)

And it PROVES emphatically that SOME folks are STONE IGNORANT when it comes to knowing the BASICS as far as the country they LIVE in...it's amazing to see how LITTLE some people know, and how cavalier they feel about it.

Stossel might be onto something when he states that some sort of "qualification test" should be enacted, because IMMIGRANTS getting "off the boat" and taking citizenship tests wind up knowning MORE than people that have had GENERATIONS living here.

Hey, thanks for stopping by today and commenting.

Have a good weekend.
Stay safe up there

Bob G. said...

John D.:
OMG...I didn't even think about him until you mentioend it...LOL!

Yeah, she MUST be Dumb Donald's "mama".
(funny link, too)

Then again, I don't recall ANY of the COSBY KIDS touting the fact that they were getting government FREEBIES...nothing ever said about that anywhere in "Cosby-Lore".

Guess they REFUSED to label THEMSELVES a "victim"...in those days, and thought it better to HELP ONESELF than to let everyone ELSE do it.

Thanks a lot for rolling on up today and commenting here.

Have a good weekend and stay safe out there.

Mrs. Crankipants said...

I suppose I could be swayed to vote for Obama - but he'd have to buy me an iPhone 5 with unlimited minutes.

That woman is a fine example of a human parasite. Clearly, she's keen on getting handouts and she thinks Obama is the one to give them to her. I don't understand why we feel that everybody in this country deserves a cell phone.

Mrs. C

Bob G. said...

Mrs C.:
Hey there...so nice to have you stop by.

Somehow, I wouldn't want to find myself beholding to someone like Obama...for anything.

A Parasite...great way of describing her.
Her kind just live to take (from everyone)...nothing else.

No one in this nation "deserves" a cell phone, but if you want to find a way to EARN ONE (yes, that means chores for the teens about the house)...that works for me.

Hell, I don't even have a cell phone (yet).
And I certainly don't feel I deserve one (especially for free)because so many others already have them.

Every single non-working person in MY part of the ghettohood DOES have one, though (drug dealers have several for obvious reasons).

You see them roam the streets to all hours, cell plastered to their head, or they're shouting into it as they stroll along.
They don't NEED it, but they HAVE it.
PATHETIC..simply pathetic.

Thanks so much for taking time to drop by today and comment.
Always a pleasure.

You stay safe out there.