01 October 2012

Monday Musings...
And welcome to the "fallest" (*Bob's lexicon - pg 108) month of the year...OCTOBER.
*** It was on this very day, back in 1949, when my parents (Robert Sr. and Kathyrn) were MARRIED at Arch St. Methodist Church in Philly, and began the arduous trek in bringing ME to this world...
(and the world hasn't quite been the same since...LOL)
Although they've both been gone for some time (Dad in 1978, and Mom in 1998), I always mark this day as "special" to me, because of who they both were TO me, and that they were always there FOR me.
And they are never forgotten in that regard.
Meanwhile...back at the old reception hall...
*** Going to be a nice day here in the Heartland with temps reaching the upper 60s with a partly cloudy sky.
I know the fall foliage has been a tad EARLIER than usual this year (yes, Virginia, we CAN blame the drought for that one). And I'll wager that out here, the displays might not even last as long as in years past.
Still, it will be worth watching, no matter how fleeting, because (as a black pastor friend of mine once said) "...God don't make junk!"
With that, let's wander about and see what's been shaking, shall we?
*** Another shooting at a Ft. Wayne Legion post.
Here's the link:
Not the first time this place has had issues...back in APRIL 2011 they had another shooting at the same post.
And, as is SO damn typical down here,..."nobody done saw nuffin...!"
The man charged in the 2011 shooting still remains at large.
--Now, aside from the story of the man who shot his son in New England when the boy was mistaken for a prowler, or the story on FOX about the man caught on video, driving away from police and into the desert, only to have him shoot himself on LIVE TV, or the story from Warsaw, Indiana about a man who deliberately drove his car into an Amish buggy, killing the horse and injuring the passengers, there IS some decent news.
*** Wifey and I went out Saturday to grocery shop, and that went well, even having to detour AROUND the Fort4Fitness runners (FWPD did a good job with that, BTW)...yeah, they run down here through the ghettohood - the ONLY time of the entire year that you will see THAT MANY WHITE PEOPLE around OUR area and NONE of them being ARRESTED...LOL.
We made a planned side trip to WAL-MART where I scored our first bit of "swag" of the day - THE AVENGERS Blu-Ray-DVD- combo pack with a GRAPHIC NOVEL.
It's a Wal-Mart exclusive, too.
This is the FIRST time I paid a "retail" price for ANY DVD.
Then, we stopped at MENARDS and picked up TWO (count 'em...2) NEW task chairs for the computer room (as our old ones were ready for the landfill after well over a decade of use).
Each cost ONLY $16 (and change), and yes, they were also on sale.
And my butt is very appreciaitive.
So far...so good, eh?
Well, I had ALSO received via USPS my book that I snagged on eBay for under $20 (with shipping):
But, we weren't done yet, folks...
Later in the morning, the lovely Mrs. Bobby G. drove herself up to Glenbrook Mall to get her nails "touched up" as she put it...no biggie.
When she got home, I was watching TV (no, not the Avengers yet), and she pulled the old "I got 'ya something...hold out your hand and close your eyes..."
(uh, oh...WTH could THIS be?)
What she placed in my hands has brought me into the 21st century...at long (grudgingly) last...
She got me an LG VN150 Revere, which doesn't mean a damn thing to most everyone (or me until Saturday), so I'll just cut to the chase...A CELL PHONE..!!!
I am now the proud (?) owner of MORE technology, but at least I can make calls from damn near anywhere.
Seems Wifey upgraded HER cell phone plan and got herself a Motorola DROID 4 smart (ass) phone in the deal, and added my LG Revere clam shell phone on for cheap.
(let the robocalls and spam commence...lol)
Guess that means the next time I call the po-po (because there WILL be a next time, soon enough) they'll have to "learn" my NEW number from our house...lol.
At least I can call them in more ways than ONE now (shouting isn't all that effective...TRUST ME).
Once I figure out how to send pictures through emails to myself, I'll be all set. Don't wanna waste minutes on THAT, anyway.
And the BEST part...it's damn near IMPOSSIBLE TO BUTT-DIAL the damn thing, so no false 911 calls from ME...
You can keep your Obama Phones...I got me a BOBBY-G-PHONE!
Now...Let's review...
TWO new comfy chairs for the computer room of our "Fortress"...the ultimate hardcover BOOK on the BATMOBILE...THE AVENGERS DVD combo set (gotta make sure I have plenty of POPCORN for this baby)...a brand spanking new CELL PHONE (with camera) for moi...the 2 DVD set of the original TRON movie (forgot how cool it sounds in stereo, too) oh, and the DVD of The Incredible Hulk coming soon to a fortress near me...for $5.
(what? No kitchen sink OR partridge in a pear tree? Next week...lol)
Yeah. Works for me.
Now THAT was not a bad weekend "haul o' swag" for this old boy from Philly (now residing in part of Fort Wayne's ungentrified ghettohood, deep in the heart of Hoosierland).
Can building myself a .223 FRANKENRIFLE on an AR platform be that far away (especially with Halloween coming up)?
We can but hope, my friends.
Have yourselves a fantastic Autumn week.
Be well, make a difference to someone, and...
Stay SAFE out there.


CWMartin said...

Wait! No fights in your yard this weekend?

Bob G. said...

Hell no...remember, it's the END of the month...
The drugs are all used up, the EBT cards are waiting to be RECHARGED for the NEXT month, and I think I might be frightening the "locals" whenever I go outside and yell:
(Must be that red, white and blue trashcan lid I'm carrying)
(I wish)

And yes, I promise to review the DVD when I watch it.

Thanks for stopping by and commenting today.
You stay safe up there in Scrappy Hollow.