02 October 2012

Tuesday Tidbits...
And we're starting off this morning in the Heartland with a bit of rain, and that's supposed to give way to sunny skies...sooner or later.
So, instead of standing here getting wet, let's get moving and see what the hell is going on in the REST of Bizarro World.
*** An update to the Amish-Buggy rammer from Warsaw, Indiana.
Here's the story link:
What I want to know is WHO the hell cut this guy (one Francisco Gonzalez - NO relation to "Speedy" ) loose from Parkview Hospital when he was taken there to be treated after he rammed the buggy?
Someone screwed the f$ck up...BIG time.
Now, this guy is in the wind in (or around) FORT WAYNE...and that's the last thing we need...another drunk (and felonious) Hispanic.
We got enough as it is...believe me!
I remember the LAST time that alcohol got into the blood of some other Hispanics...they tore their fence the hell down and then fought on OUR LAWN in the middle of the damn night.
Funny how police "officials" were not returning calls that were seeking explanations.
*** And speaking of the local constabulary, there's THIS from the blotter:
Seems FWPD off. Diane Rogers is at it again...
You remember her, right?
She's the officer that was arrested for misdemeanor OWI a while back (check my archives of 21 December, 2010), and is the product of the affirmative action brigade.
It's not that she's a bad person, she's just a bad officer.
(When you can't fill out reports on calls you're running, that's gotta say something.)
This time around, it's investigative negligence (guess illiteracy does count sometimes), and her FIVE-day suspension arose from previous allegations against her within the past 6-7 months.
Back on 6 March this year, Rogers received a 1 day suspension for reporting late for duty and being away without leave.
Officer Robert Ness got a 1 day suspension for being AWOL - he thought he was supposed to be off on a given day, and he was not scheduled to be...not a big deal...just a brain-fart.
Moving on...
*** More on the VFW post 8147 shooting on Winter St.
Here's the update:
The victim was one Adonis Robinson, 23, of Fort Wayne.
(nice mug shot)
And, oops, he's got a RAP SHEET...(must be a rap star) wouldn't 'ya know it?
02D04-0509-IF-012824 Robinson, Adonis D 09/13/2005
Allen Superior Court 4 IF - Infraction
02D04-0703-CM-001495 Robinson, Adonis D 03/14/2007
Allen Superior Court 4 CM - Criminal Misdemeanor
02D04-0711-IF-019006 Robinson, Adonis D 11/21/2007
Allen Superior Court 6 IF - Infraction
02D04-0803-CM-001511 Robinson, Adonis D 03/13/2008
Allen Superior Court 6 CM - Criminal Misdemeanor
02D04-0804-MC-000951 Robinson, Adonis D 04/28/2008
Allen Superior Court 4 MC - Miscellaneous Criminal
02D04-0805-FC-000123 Robinson, Adonis D 05/01/2008
Allen Superior Court 5 FC - Class C Felony
02D04-0805-FB-000077 Robinson, Adonis D 05/09/2008
Allen Superior Court 6 FB - Class B Felony
02D04-1109-IF-014264 658176 ROBINSON, ADONIS D 09/12/2011
Allen Superior Court 4 IF - Infraction
Decided 9-25-8-2(a)(1)/IFA: Operating a Motor Vehicle Without Financial Responsibility
How about that?
Priors for carrying a handgun w/o a permit?
And then he gets SHOT?
Who'da thunk it?
What I said yesterday still amazes me - this was a "large brawl", and yet police have NO witnesses, and NO suspects.
This is an all-too common happening down here, and nothing is done to dissuade such behavior.
Now, if "someone" called *911*, you would THINK that at least THAT person would have seen something...nope, sorry.
Everyone gets "selective blindness"...simply A-F$cking-Mazing!
The police are not the bad guys...really.
But, if you break the law...well, that's asking for it, isn't it?
*** Wifey and I like going to RED LOBSTER (right, CWM?), and we go there for (what else?) the SEAFOOD, as in the bounty that the oceans provide.
And when I want a good steak, I find me (what else again?) a good STEAKHOUSE...ditto for pizza, hamburgers, breakfasts...well, you get the idea.
Now, we only go out once in a while...our life and sustenance does not hinge upon our ability to get in a car and drive to someplace else and pay a lot more for something I can whip up in the kitchen for a lot less scratch, kapeesh?
(unlike the government-sponsored flotsam that live entirely on the food that others make and you pay for)
So, WTF is up with Red Lobster increasing their NON-seafood menu selections from 8% to a whopping 25% anyway?
Here's the article:
They want to "broaden their appeal"...are you f$cking sh*tting me???
The APPEAL is SEAFOOD...period...and at fairly reasonable prices...that's SEA...FOOD...!!!
How much more PLAIN can one make this?
If someone goes to a SEAFOOD place not wanting SEAFOOD, then what in the name of God are these people thinking anyway?
Who GROWS these people?
If I were running Red Lobster, I'd (if anything) add more SEAFOOD CHOICES (if that's possible), and say SCREW YOU who come here not wanting anything related to seafood.
Of course, you can ALWAYS go with the "surf and turf" combo...not bad, or perhaps a burger for the kids if they have allergies to seafood or want something else, but the STANDARD FARE of a SEAFOOD place should remain (say it with me, people...)...SEAFOOD!
When was the last time you heard that JOE'S CRAB SHACK was "noted for it's lamb chops", or was the "best place to get prime rib" in town?
This world is getting WAY, WAY outta whack...and too damn "PC" for a lot of us.
We cave to others for what reason?
And we acquiesce to some numbnut that just wants to change sh*t for change sake...(socialist libtard moron).
There are people out there who have but ONE mission in their pitiful existences...to make YOUR life a living hell.
They will sue, shout, protest, sue some more, JUST because "they" want life to be THEIR way...whatever the hell f$cked up manner that could be.
Sorry, but that is one thing NOT guaranteed in life...WHAT YOU WANT.
There are a million things you CAN have in life, and a million things you can NOT have..it's that simple (and a damn fine Start Trek: TOS quote).
When we decide to allow things to play out in THEIR OWN way for their OWN reason, we're rarely scarred for life, if even bothered at all.
When you let a steak place sell steaks (like STEAK AND SHAKE for example) run the business their way, we all make out fine.
And, if you EVER wanted anything OTHER than a cheesesteak at say GENO'S or PAT'S in Philly...they'd haul you out in the middle of Passyunk Ave., and beat you within an inch of your meaningless life...LOL.
Hey, maybe we should try the "Philly way" with Red Lobster?
Or maybe just hunt these asshats down.
Isn't it LOON SEASON anyway?
(I know it's NOT "wabbit" season...lol)
Be well, make a difference to someone, and...
Stay SAFE out there, America.

(( 1230 Hrs: FWPD is investigating a mysterious death of a man in the 2900 block of Weisser Park Ave. - on the SE side of town. Details are few, but this "might" be homicide number 24...more tomorrow. ))


CWMartin said...

I saw that about the Lobster. Parent company Darden is having a hard time figuring out why sales went down this past quarter or so at RL and their Olive Garden restaurants. The legacy of Ted Kennedy prevents them from coming up with happy meals, so they figure they must become this get it all here place. Just wait till OG starts serving egg-foo-young in a few weeks!

Fortunately for them, the American public is stupid enough to expect to get a cheeseburger at a seafood place, so they should be okay. But crabs, losters, and shrimp should still expect to die when I show up.

Bob G. said...

I had a funny feeling we were of similar minds when it comes to seafood (and the restaurants that serve it).

Here's something you RARELY see...try going into a MEXICAN restaurant and then ordering an ITALIAN SUB..or stop by a CHINESE place and try ordering some GYROS...

Thank God some businesses DO remain LOYAL to the ethnicity of the foods they serve.

And yes, many people ARE that stupid to expect what they want, rather than what's being served...pretty sad.

Yeah, whenever we show up at R/L, those LIVE buggers in that tank tend to move to the REAR of the glass...wonder why?

Hey, thanks for swinging by today and commenting.
(Made me smile some more)

Stay safe (and tofu-free) up there.

John D. said...

"SEAFOOD place should remain (say it with me, people...)...SEAFOOD!"

Hells yeah, Bob! If they don't want seafood, they can go to Olive Garden or Longhorn Steakhouse (which, just coincidentally, are owned by the same company that owns RL). RL had better not drop the Shrimp Trio from their menu, or they'll be on my crap list.

Bob G. said...

John D.:
Brother, that "triple-play" shrimp is to DIE for...seriously!

Yeah, ALL those restaurants are owned by the SAME "parent" company...go figure.

You'd THINK they got ALL the bases COVERED as it IS, right?
(welcome to the Dept of Redundancy Dept...lol)

Now, you got me hungry...

Thanks for rolling on up today and commenting.
Much appreciated.

Stay safe (and shrimp-filled) out there.

Diane said...

That hit on the Amish buggy sounds suspiciously like he did it on purpose - first he passes it, turns around, comes into their lane, hits, and then backs up & drives off. Idiots driving drunk!

As for that brawl, it was the ever-mysterious "Sumdood" that caused it! If you've never read about Sumdood,this explains it: http://ambulancedriverfiles.com/2007/05/30/sumdood-evil-criminal-mastermind/

Sumdood evidently gets around!

As for Red Lobster, I guess hubby will be happy there is less fish, more other stuff...he's not that keen on fish, while I love the stuff. But he does love their lobster bisque.

There is a local eatery here, called Pincher's Boilin' Pot, that has some great food - I just had their blackened tilapia, with etoufee over it, and cheese! amazing stuff.

Bob G. said...

Yeah, there WAS purpose behind the buggy-hit-and-run...no doubt about that.

And that SUMDOOD must have a LOT of "relatives"...in a LOT of cities!

That tilapia dish sound really good (cheese with blackened fish).

The only way I'd be on board with LESS fish in a seafood place is if they genetically engineer a CHICKEN with a KING CRAB...lots of "wings' to go around...or is that CLAWS?


Thanks so much for stopping by today and commenting.

Youi stay safe down there.