23 November 2012

(Black) Friday Follies...
Well, NOW, we can "officially" kick off the HOLIDAY SEASON, right?
And if you liked the weather here in the Heartland yesterday, you're simply going to find the exact OPPOSITE true today.
Temps will continue to drop throughout the day, settling in around the upper 30s, some clouds and perhaps a sprinkle to go with the breezy conditions.
Yes, a far cry from yesterday's 60s outside.
SO, let's get started with all the frivolity, shall we?
*** First up, the answer to Wednesday's WHO SAID THAT? quote:
"The terrible power of a standing army may usually be exercised by whomever can control it's leaders, as a mighty engine is set in motion by the cranking of a handle."
This is attributed to our good buddy, Sir Winston Churchill, The River War, 1899.
Meanwhile, back in the here and now...
*** Here's a story that PROVES that the prosecutorial idiots of our own County Allen, of Indiana really need to be REPLACED.
If you even get the paper, you had to "stumble" across this article, because the media buried it WAY back on like page 8 of the Metro section.
Remember those four perps that hit that Hew Haven gun shop last week, injuring both the store owner AND a customer and who also made off with close to TWENTY firearms (all have now been recovered) and then fled to Fort Wayne, where they crashed at S. Anthony Blvd and McKinnie St?
Well, the ALLEN COUNTY prosecutors filed a MOTION TO DISMISS the preliminary ROBBERY CHARGES, and one of the perps, one Brenton Ennis, 18, (at left) had also tossed his clothes in a garage at a house on Lillie St (while trying to evade the po-po).
After he turned himself in, he BONDED OUT, but was later RE-ARRESTED for a intimidation call because he was arguing with a resident of that same house on Lillie St..
Are you shitting me?
How in the name of God is THAT serving the public, except up on a platter when this thug gets tossed out on the streets (as he was earlier) to cause MORE havoc?
Don't you suits EVER learn?
Do ANY of you morons even KNOW what the hell is meant by JUSTICE?
This is about as "nothing but net" as a case can frigging GET...it's a NO-BRAINER, which SHOULD be right up your prosecuting alley, because by dismissing ANY of the charges against him, OR his "associates",you are telling everyone that you do, in fact, HAVE NO F$CKING BRAIN!
(helluva hat-rack though, isn't it?)
THIS is what is passing for JUSTICE these days?
What a crock.
Thank God the FEDS stepped in, and THEY are at least having the BALLS to prosecute these thugs for what they are - a menace to society.
Somehow, I think some serious PUNISHMENT is in order.
Moving on to lighter things...
*** Yes, we DID enjoy as good a day yesterday as the ghettohood allows, and that's actually saying something.
Most of the idiots were somewhere ELSE for a change, obviously taking advantage of the shopping (lifting) bargains.
(and I only suffered a cut on the thumb from a HOMINY can...GEEZ!)
We ate at the DINING ROOM table (per tradition) with linen and my mother's silverware. Sure, it was only the TWO of us, so that left a lot of table "vacant", but that doesn't mean we weren't denied the "presence" of those who have passed on.
And our Guardian Angels always have a spot at the table...Lord knows they EARN it (and every day, too).
I made us a turkey breast (no legs or wings) with homemade stuffing, potatoes, vegetables with brownies and pumpkin pie for dessert.
Oh, and when making the GRAVY, be VERY sparing with the cornstarch, otherwise, you wind up with something that has the consistency of turkey PUDDING...LOL.
As for what to watch on TV...James Bond marathon for me (shaken, not stirred) - no sports, thank you.
Besides, my Dad isn't here to bet me on which football teams will win, and I don't have the money to lose to him, as I always seemed to do.
Just park in front of the boob-tube...
No getting caught up in everyone else's gig.
No shopping...
No lines...
No hassles for us.
I like that
*** And that brings us to the center of today's shrubbery maze...SHOPPING.
People will invariably line up DAYS before the stores open for BLACK FRIDAY, which has actually become more like Black Thursday Night instead, just to get a shot at some "bargain".
But there is something we used to call CAVEAT EMPTOR - Let the buyer beware.
Many times, that bargain isn't that much OF a bargain, and leading economists have proven as much.
What you brave the elements, elbows, and enervating behavior for THIS week, will soon DROP in price, especially when that post-season retail season rolls around...namely INVENTORY TIME (usually by the end of February).
THAT is when prices often drop, and more substantially than anything during the HOLIDAY season.
Yet, that is only part of the reason NOT to "get in line".
I'm SURE we'll hear stories about FIGHTS breaking out (already heard about one down in Indy), and stampeding shoppers rushing into stores like Genghis Khan riding his hoards over the Steppes.
Sorry, but IF I have to go into some sort of "combat", I'd much rather be armed with a RIFLE and GRENADES than with a shopping cart and a smart phone.
I can say that from what I've seen around Ft. Wayne, the people have been relatively "mild" when these stores are opening...very sedate and none of this wholesale pushing, shoving and stupid-ass behavior we typically see.
Wifey and I don't have that many to shop FOR, so that makes things REAL easy.
Hell, drop me off at a gun store, hobby shop, Toys R Us, book store, or home improvement store, and I'm happy.
(typical male...always about more "toys" )
But bargains? I can wait.
At my age, I've had plenty of time to hone my skills (somewhat) when it comes to patience (for the most part).
Our NEEDS (should) come before our WANTS...THAT makes a lot more sense.
Sure, we can (once in a while) indulge ourselves when it comes to what we WANT, but you'd be surprised how fewer WANTS you have when you decide to take care of all your NEEDS first.
It's called PRIORITIZING (something our government could try for a change).
So, we'll forego the nonsense others will gladly be a part of. We'll just sit back and smile..or even laugh.
*** Speaking of which, with holiday shopping comes the chance of becoming a victim of crime.
That you don't want to happen, right?
I mean, when you take the time to run a race (like down in Indianapolis) on a holiday, and find that some thieves has broken into more than few VEHICLES while the runners were running, that really sucks.
It's true, and here's the story about the Drumstick Dash:
An Indiana Statey had his shield, cell phone and service pistol stolen from his vehicle as well.
So there ARE people that don't want YOU to have a good holiday.
Be aware, and take the proper precautions whenever venturing outside fir ANY activity at this time of year.
I'll be going back over things you can do to deter crime and perhaps even prevent you from becoming a victim.
*** Lastly, as we settle into the holiday season, let's not forget about those, who through one situation or another, find themselves with no home for whatever reason, those abroad serving in the military, the infirm and hospitalized..you know who I mean.
Many of us are blessed so much, with such small things that we often take for granted.
The ability to just stand up, cross a room and turn on a lamp is something SOME folks simply can't do.
Maybe they have lost the ability TO walk, or don't have power...or a home in which to turn on a lamp...whatever the case, we need to be thankful.
And this is something that should not JUST be relegated to ONE day a year, but the other 364 days.
I'm thankful each and every day I am able to rise and greet the morning.
(fortunately, it greets me BACK...lol)
We need not become so caught up in the holidays that we forget how OUR needs have been met, or how we will take care of them.
Humility is not something we, as humans gravitate to easily, because we always like to be "top dog".
But there comes a time in every life when we just HAVE to acknowledge it.
When we can humble ourselves willingly, we become a better person.
When made low, we are held up, as the Good Book states.
And I can deal with that.
Have yourselves a great weekend.
Be well, make a difference to someone today, and as always...
Stay SAFE out there, America.


John DuMond said...

Of course they're going to dismiss the robbery charge. It's not the defendant's fault, just blame it on the guns. As usual. It boggles the mind.

CWMartin said...

I'm hoping that there was some kinda deal that the locals stepped out of the way so the Feds could do the prosecuting on their dime.

Hoping. Not sure about believing.

And you missed some good football! How can you beat two close games and the Jets being humiliated?
(Yeah yeah, I know, "With Bond".)

BTW on your Time Machine comment, Bohemian Rhapsody was a good song. Till Shatner got ahold of it. You might want to caveat that emptor next time so no one starts sending you Bill's CDs. Playing that loud would get rid of your neighbor problems... but I doubt you'd survive with sanity intact.

Bob G. said...

John D.:
Yeah, it's ALWAYS the gun's fault...much the same way that CARS CAUSE DUIs...lol.

It boggles the mind what goes on between the ears of some of these "people".

Hey, thanks for stopping by today to comment.

Roll safe out there this weekend.

Bob G. said...

MY take on the FEDS (formerly being one)involvement is that the NUMBER OF GUNS that were swiped "got the attention" of the ATF, and thankfully THAT TOOK the charges being levelled against the perps OUT of the local hands.
Yes, there IS a GOD.

"With Bond"...yeah, that works...LOL.
(today as well)

Shatner might be a good STARSHIP captain (in another century), and an excellent breeder of HORSES, but I would never expose anyone to his "singing"...unless it WAS a BOOMCAR DRIVER.
And I WOULD have to question MY sanity (more than I do now) after playing THAT.
Correct you are, sir.

Thanks for stopping on by today and commenting.
Much appreciated.

Have a good weekend and stay safe up there in Scrappy-Hollow.