22 November 2012


(and remember)
John F. Kennedy 
29 May 1917 - 22 November 1963


Ma said...

Happy Thanksgiving fellow Hoosier. It's supposed to be really nice out today, not Thanksgiving weather, but I'll take it:)

Bob G. said...

Thanks for the kind sentiments.

And even though I will ALWAYS be from the commonwealth of Pennsylvania, I am honored that you consider me a HOOSIER.

May you have a wonderful Thanksgiving complete with ALL the trimmings.

Thanks also for taking time to stop by and comment today.

You stay safe down there.

John DuMond said...

Happy Thanksgiving, Bob.

Bob G. said...

John D.:
And to you and yours, my friend.

Roll safe.
(and may ALL your teams win today)

ms nk rey said...

Happy Thanksgiving to you and Mrs. Bobby G.

Bob G. said...

And a Very Happy Thanksgiving to YOU as well, dear.

(did "Little John" get a drumstick?)

You stay safe and well down there.
God Bless.