08 February 2013

Friday Follies...
Heckuva week we had, wasn't it?
Could always be worse, though...
For example, the weather in the Heartland today will be seasonal (or a change) with temps reaching back into the lower-mid 30s (more melting), while back over on the EAST coast, they're bracing for a winter BLIZZARD throughout the NE, with snowfall totals expected to reach between 1-2 FEET (not inches, folks).
Wow, it's just like DEJA VU...from 1978...all over again.
Fortunately, the storm that will sock the coast will be skirting NORTH of the Midwest...all we're going to get is some rain here.
Like I say...could ALWAYS be worse.
So, let's get comfy, top off that morning cup of java, and let's see what's staring us in the face today.
*** Need your Pit Bull "fixed" (and who doesn't THESE days)?
Got this stuck on our door by some black fellow yesterday.
Whoever these people are, they will even DRIVE you and your pit to wherever to get it spayed or neutered.
And they will bring the animal back the next day.
How f$cking convenient is THAT?
But it's ONLY in OUR zipcode...gee, wonder why JUST here?
(couldn't be because everyone else owns one...could it?)
Yeah, the dog fighting ring thugs will FLOCK to get this done...LOL.
Always something out of the ordinary down here...that's for sure.
Now, if ONLY the same folks would work on "fixing" most all the "neighbors"...
THAT would be even BETTER.
*** The funeral for Ft. Wayne Bishop John D'Arcy will be at noon today, and it looks to be SRO (standing room only) at the Cathedral.
I've only been privy to several such funerals and viewings that had SUCH a large turnout, and I have to say that Catholics really pull out all the stops.
The funeral ceremonies are beautiful, and the level of reverence displayed is second to none.
Won't be a dry eye in the house...guraanteed!
The sheer number of people of ALL faiths that will attend is quiet testament to the impact the Bishop had on the community, as well as the love and dedication he had for the faith as well as every soul he touched.
*** A manhunt for an ex-policeman widens in Southern California.
Here's the story (with photos):
An ex-LAPD officer, fired back in 2005 for false informing on his training officer, posted a "manifesto" back on Monday claiming he didn't mind dying, because he died a long time ago.
And yet it took FIVE YEARS to plan all this?
Something doesn't add up (to me).
Chris Dorner just got out of the naval reserves last week.
He is considered armed and very dangerous,. as evidenced by the "blue alert" posted throughout three SW southern states (and Mexico).
Here's another story regarding this:
Dorner has already killed ONE LAPD officer and wounded two others in what is called an "ambush".
Dorner also has killed the daughter of a police captain who represented him during his disciplinary hearing, as well as her fiancee.
I swear there must be something in the damn water...or something.
There HAS to be a reason for all these people who have snapped lately.
It's like someone is "flipping a switch" and turning them all on to commit mayhem and chaos, leaving death in their wake.
It reminds me of sleeper cells being awakened to cause panic among the populace...but mostly FEAR.
And FEAR can change a lot of minds...not always in the best intended way, either.
Just seems odd that now, when we're talking about gun "control" and gun violence that such stories (and people) are surfacing...as if "on cue".
Sure, all these (apparently) mentally unstable people are USING guns, but another power is at work here...has to be.
Makes a case for some type of conspiracy theory, but I think we're past the point of mere conjecture.
There has to be some commonality in all these shooters, other than the fact they're using firearms.
Sounds to me like a replay of the Manchurian Candidate...times a lot more.
*** Now, who could have known that the children of immigrants are trending towards a LIBERAL mindset, hmm?
Well, THIS story proves the point:
Considering that 80% of the votes that "That Guy" got to become re-anointed as our Prez, were non-white and ethnic speaks volumes to the progressive agenda.
They got tons of FREE SH*T...who wouldn't vote for a person that GIVES you stuff (that the other folks who work and pay taxes have to foot the bill on)?
Well, if people had HALF the level of morality and ethics they had 100 years ago, we wouldn't even belabor this point.
People USED to pull THEMSELVES UP by THEIR OWN "bootstraps", as it were.
Nowadays, they much more "prefer" to have the boots bought by someone else, and then placed upon their government-sponsored feet by those who have to bust their asses for a living...that's the "American Way"???
Gee, would you like us to carry you, so the boots don't get worn out as well?
Oh, wait...the working class taxpayers are already doing THAT, too.
It's little wonder the Reps have their work cut our for them...how the hell do you "top" Santa Claus?
I sure hope it's not by giving MORE free stuff than the Dems already do...that would truly suck.
*** Lastly this week, when the hell are we going to start to get a handle on all the crap that's been pulling each and every one of us is every direction imaginable?
Think about it...
We, in our households, struggle to manage our OWN budgets, while the government can't even balance their own books, and don't give a rat's ass if they ever do.
They just keep printing money and keep spending it.
We hold OURSELVES personally responsible for what WE do, good or bad, while our government blames anyone and everyone ELSE for THEIR OWN faults and shortcomings.
We are ACCOUNTABLE to ourselves, our family and everyone we come into contact with. The government wouldn't know true accountability if someone came up and smacked them in the head with it.
There is a SERIOUS disconnect between the CIVIL SERVANTS and those who pay THEIR salaries (that's still US, last time I checked).
For some strange reason, we have allowed those SERVING US to RULE US...invade too many aspects of OUR lives, dictate to US what, and how, and when, and where.
Doesn't sound all that much like a democratic republic, does it?
And if we're not careful, there WILL come a day (sooner than we think) when we wake up, and such things as freedom and liberty will only be spoken of in darkened rooms with hushed voices.
Such things always start small, and grow slowly over time, until they become too large to control.
That works in some countries...with dictators, and quite well.
May God grant US the strength to never allow things like that to come to fruition in OUR nation...ever.
We can keep our country as the Founders intended, but we will have to work at it...every day.
Have yourselves a good weekend.
Be well, make a difference to someone today, and as always...
Stay SAFE out there, America.


Momma Fargo said...

Well...snapped isn't the half of all these bizarre incidents. I think we need to go back to mental health hospitals with total lockdown. I suppose it is a conspiracy theory to get rid of guns. LMAO.

Anycrazyweirdo, people are nuts out there.

Bob G. said...

Momma Fargo:
Honestly dear, I don't know WTF is going on these days...!

Didn't seem to have such things (hardly at ALL in fact) when we USED to have those ASYLUMS that people who were deranged were placed into.

Now, they're on our damn streets, walking among us, drugged up on who-knows-what so they can pass as "sane"...like some damn ticking TIME BOMB!
They miss a med call...look the hell out!
I don't put it past THIS administration (and the leftards) to devise a way to "condition" certain people and then set them off whenver they want, to induce FEAR into the public.
(pretty good way to make it happen, too)

It would make a good novel or movie, that's for sure...oh wait, they've DONE that already...MANY times over!
(uh, oh)

Hey, thanks much for rolling up today and commenting, Kiddo.
Always a pleasure.

You stay safe out there.

Diane said...

Hubby was just reading Free Republic, and noticed something about that manhunt for that idiot in LA - particularly this> http://latimesblogs.latimes.com/lanow/2013/02/manhunt-newspaper-carrier-icu-shot-by-police.html

They shot up 2 ladies in a truck, giving out street justice. LAPD strikes again (out!) Just thought you'd like to see what some cops are doing, to give the good ones bad names.

It used to be BAD to be on the dole, and people at least had some shame about it - in that they'd use it as little as possible, and work their butts off to get OFF it. Now there's multigenerational dole, and it doesn't seem to be letting up, it's rolling on heavier and heavier.

We had the AC on here yesterday for a bit to cut the humidity. Such is life in s. Texas. Heat on at night, AC during the day hah!

Send us some snow!

Bob G. said...

I think you might want to call someone in Massachusetts for the snow...here they're going to get PUH-LENTY!

As to the LAPD...yeah, I also read that someone got a might "trigger-happy" and wounded two women in a pickup that LOOKED like the suspect's.

Bad to be on the dole?
Not THESE days...it's like some perverse "badge of honor" to them.

I can count all the times I was on U/C on ONE hand...and then, not even long enough to collect much...it WAS considered shameful to get something for nothing.

But at least back in THOSE days, the U/C offices demanded tangible PROOF that you WERE looking for work, and that motivated you TO get BACK to work.

Thanks so much for taking the time to stop by and comment today.

You stay safe down there.