11 February 2013

Monday Musings...
It's a WINDY morning that greets us here in the Heartland of America, and I can't help but make the connection between wind and blowhards, like those we see in politics. But, I promise NOT to go there...today, anyway.
If you're looking for the high temp tthis day, go outside right NOW, because it's only going to get colder as the day passes. The wind will make it seem colder than it acutally is.
We might even wind up with some rain/snow action later tonight, but no accumulation is forecast. Hey, at least it makes the car wash places happy...LOL.
Meanwhile, let's take a peek into all the stuff that's been going on right under our noses, shall we?
*** Did anyone notice that Internet Explorer (our version is 8) went "offline" last night?
We sure did.
Both computers would freeze whenever we tried to open it.
This morning, whatever problem arose, cured itself...how weird is that?
Gotta love technology....keep the docs in business, what with all the elevated blood pressures all over the place...LOL.
*** Pope Benedict is slated to RESIGN at the end of this month.
The 85-year old pontiff cites his weakened strength for his decision.
This will mark the first time in around SIX HUNDRED YEARS that a Pope will be selected based on a resignation, rather than choosing one due to the death of the previous Pope.
Pope Gregory XII was the last Pope to do so (1406-1415), in order to end the Western Schism, which had reached the point where there were 3 claimants to the papal throne.
And that's your history lesson for today.
*** Could it be the 4th homicide in Fort Wayne?
A death investigation on an 18 year old male found near the corners of Emily and Pontiac streets last night will give us the answer.
The police got the call for the body around 0200 hrs this morning.
A weapon was found nearby and collected as evidence, but it could not be determined if it belonged to the victim, or someone else.
There were no reports of a signal 113 (shots fired) in that area.
(anyone want to bet he might have been dumped there?)
Officials could not determine how the victim died, or how long he had been there.
Police are speaking to people in the area to see if they can provide any information regarding this death.
*** FWPD search for missing girl.
Here's the story:
Dashanique Upchurch left her house in the 3100 block of S. Hanna St., around 1300 hrs, and has not been seen since.
A full description of her can be found at the link, along with the clothes she was wearing at the time she went missing.
Considering we have close to FIFTY known sex offenders (black and white) in the area that includes her house, it might be a good idea for the PD to contact each and every one of those to, if nothing else, eliminate the obvious.
(( Editor's Update - As of 1100 hrs. today, the girl and her 13-yr old brother have been found, according to police.))
*** The ex-LAPD officer is still on the loose in California.
No new information has surfaced, other than the fact that law-enforcement recovered two hunting rifles, a handgun and ammo in the burned out pickup truck that was found near the Big Bear Mountain area.
An auto supply store across the street from a PD station in another town found a helmet and loaded magazines in their dumpster which police believe belonged to the suspect, as surveillance video shows a man fitting his description tossing items into that dumpster, and the truck he was driving matches the one police found in the mountains.
*** Every day, we see evidence of a DECLINE in our society, and it's becoming easier to spot, isn't it?
Sure, we might have the latest technology in out primate hands, or glued to our ear, but that still doesn't make us a BETTER people...not with the levels of violence we read about, or the amount of killing we see, or even the types of music we fill our heads with, and certainly not with the clothing we're putting on our backs and asses.
Take something as "innocent" as our dress codes, and I don't necessarily mean those found JUST in the classroom.
We, as Americans have become one sloppy-ass bunch of people.
Now, I wouldn't expect to see us ALL in suits and ties, dresses and skirts to go to the grocery, but there NEEDS to be some modicum of neatness to the way we dress ourselves these days.
There is formal, there is casual, and there is just plain DOG-ASS SLOPPY.
It really makes you wonder when a FWCS high school starts having a "PAJAMA MONDAY" (this refers only to the bottoms - those flannel pants we see everyone wearing damn near everywhere).
I started to wonder when I began seeing some TEACHERS dress as casually as the students. And that was a few decades ago.
Hell, I won't even go drop mail in the mailbox in my sweatpants...that's for around the house (or perhaps in the yard).
But damn near everyone else wears "sleepwear" outside...to the stores, malls, schools...every damn place you're NOT supposed to, and we call this "civilized"? I call it slovenly.
My Dad always said that: "If you DRESS like a slob, that's what people will see you as"...and he was right (again).
This is NOT just a socio-economic phenomena either.
ALL levels of income pass this crap off as perfectly "normal".
I remember a time when JEANS were not worn to school...period. There was no excuse NOT to present yourself as a proper young "gentleman or lady" as the case may be. And when you look good, you FEEL better about yourself.
We didn't need stroking from all the pundits when it came to self-esteem...we generated our OWN.
These days...anything goes.
(and most all of it looks like sh*t, too!)
Our Hispanic neighbors NEVER wear "shoes" in the conventional sense...they ALWAYS wear flip-flops.
There was ONE exception - the recent snowfall that left enough snow on the ground that wearing flip-flops got your feet WET...and COLD.
THEN, they wore closed footwear.
I see kids wearing anything BUT normal footwear to school, and people shopping have NO idea how to dress themselves when it comes to footwear either.
It takes REALLY sloppy conditions to "force" folks to act normally.
Like I said...we can't all dress in a John Ford suit like James Bond does, nor wear a gown from Ralph Lauren to hop out to Walgreen's or CVS, but by God, we can figure out HOW to dress like a normal person.
When it's 50 degrees out, you DON'T wear a fur-lined hooded ANYTHING (unless you are planning to rob that credit union), and when it's 10 degrees, you DON'T wear satin basketball shorts and athletic shoes either.
...And some things you just don't wear AT ALL...!
Cripes, we have people that can't find the FRONT of their damn head with a baseball hat...the brim is ALL over the place.
And other women with muffin-tops overlooking their bare-midriff look...pathetic.
It used to be so simple...to dress properly, that is.
When it was warm, you dressed light (and casual)...no pajama bottoms ever!
Your shirt met your pants
When it was cold, you again dressed properly...and again, NO pajama bottoms. We even knew what GLOVES and HATS were for.
When it rained, you did one of three things:
1) Wore rain gear and galoshes or boots.
2) Carried an umbrella.
3) Stayed the hell INDOORS.
I used to think we really needed SCHOOL dress codes these days, but I have to amend that...we need dress codes for damn near everyone...everywhere.
Remember that sign in store windows that went: "No shirt, no shoes, no service"?
Well, we might need to change that up a bit to mean NO flip flops, and NO saggy pants (which is a whole other aspect to this and worth a few posts all by it's lonesome).
Sagging pants and flip flops MIGHT work well, if you're a prison bitch in the state pen, but it has NO place on our streets and in our stores or schools.
We're seeing the result of at least ONE generation that has grown up with absolutely NO value system when it comes to how one presents themselves to society.
They have never been taken out to a store to have clothes bought for them in the manner we used to have to endure.
You can be stylish and frugal...AND still look good.  That doesn't mean caving to every whim of all the fashion fads that come down the pike.
We're moving AWAY from individualism when it comes to dress...and becoming more like communist China used to be...all we need are those quilted pajamas and slip-ons with a little red star to complete the ensemble.
Yet, we speak to INDIVIDUALISM...how can we manage that while looking the way everyone else does?
I'm sorry, but if dressing properly for whatever the venue, or weather condition makes me (and others that feel the same) the "outcast", then so be it.
At least I will be the BEST damn looking outcast in the bunch...and if it rains or snows, I'll still be looking better than most...and be a helluva lot DRIER.
Remember, style is what YOU choose that presents to the world a person that others do not look upon as a slob...or worse.
And you don't have to say a word to make that happen.
It speaks to our individuality, to our freedom to choose for ourselves, and not to be led around by fads or gimmicks.
Do have yourselves a nicely-dressed week.
Be well, make a difference to someone, and...
Stay SAFE out there, America.


Momma Fargo said...

Well...the weather. At least it isn't like New England, eh? yikes. I don't really know how to take the California dude. He makes me angry and I am ashamed he was even worthy of being a cop at one time. I know departments aren't perfect and obviously he got fired for a reason, but then the Navy got him for several years? What the hell is wrong with people? We created a trained killer. I have some CA and Nevada cop friends and they are on hightened alert and feel very uneasy as sitting ducks. I guess anyone could be doing the same, but it's one of our own. Very disgusted with that man.

Bob G. said...

Momma Fargo:
Yeah, it was the SECOND WORST storm to hit the EC...not as bad as 1978.
(been there - lived through that)

as to the ex-LEO gunman?
You have EVERY right to be downright ANGRY...not just disgusted.

And the LAPD needs to not be so "trigger-happy" when they shoot at a pickup that LOOKED the same as the gunman's...and wounded a female paper carrier and her daughter onboard...
(MAJOR oops there)

That brain-fart created a TON of paperwork and legal hassles out-the-ass for the department.
Make no mistake about it.

Yeah, the SCARY thing to this gumnman is that we DO "create" them, and when their brains go "bye-bye" we also have to deal with it.

I think ALL of us (shield or no shield) really need to be on a "higher alert" THESE days...with all the loons we have running loose.
Doesn't matter if you're in a parking lot, on a city street taking a walk (which is fast becoming something we don't do as much anymore), or answering your front door.

We need to PAY ATTENTION...and be ready if "something wicked this way comes".

Thanks for rolling up today and commenting.

You stay safe out there, dear.