18 June 2014

Humpday Happenings...
Welcome to the middle of the week, in all it's sweltering glory.
Pretty warm around here yesterday, and today is following suit, even though the temps won't be AS high...the humidity will.
Today in the Hoosierland, we're expecting another "chance" of showers (keep the hose nearby anyway) with partly to mostly cloudy skies.
Temps will be around 90 with a possibility of rain this evening into tonight (50% chance...a tossup)
So, keep those nice COOL drinks handy, the fan or A/C at the ready (if it isn't already on, like it is around our place) and take it easy while I see what has been going on in this crazy world.
*** First out of the sweat-box today is our WHO SAID THAT? quote of the week:
"It is not what a lawyer tells me I may do; but what humanity, reason, and justice tell me what I ought to do."
So, who said that?
He was noted for being a supporter of the American Revolution, so there's your clue.
The answer will be at the top of tomorrow's post.
Meanwhile, back in the colonies...
*** You've been following this massive influx of immigrants along our southern border, right?
Well, you're not alone, and this is fast becoming a humanitarian crisis, as well as a massive burden upon this country; a burden we can ill afford at this point in time.
And we can thank the USUAL cast of "characters" in D.C. for their lack of vision, flagrant incompetence, and utter disconnection from the real issues that we face in America.
And, if you think what happens along the border to Mexico doesn't affect us in the Hoosier state...think again.
Here's a story that tells the tale:
Forty-two illegals were arrested in INDY by I.C.E., and this has been a month long OP that netted 287 male illegals and 10 female illegals from TWENTY-NINE countries.
The arrests took place in SIX Midwestern states, so they somehow manage to get up north pretty damn fast, don't they?
Of those arrested in the Indy area, TWENTY-FOUR were convicted criminals, 18 were immigration fugitives, and 7 were previously deported.
Of those busted in Indy, 38 were male and 4 were female.
Talk about a POROUS border...and the lack of intent to stop this "migration" to our country.
This ain't the Exodus from Egypt, people.
(But, it does make for a decent and prearrainged voter base for the democrats, does it not?)
Moving on...
*** And while we're on the subject of immigration (and those people with funny names from other countries), there's THIS story about a recent drug bust for synthetic marijuana.
Seems we had TWO shops that were selling "spice" , with one of those shops right across the street from the Ward Education Center, located on Warsaw st.
Well, that's not right, is it?
An informant bought spice from that location several times and reported it to police.
The person who sold the spice was ID'ed as Naser S. Farrash, 43, who told police after his arrest that he would keep the money from the spice sales out of the register.
Both Farrash and his business partner, Mohammed Eid, who also both live on the same 2000 block of River Run Trail (curious, hmm?) had their residences searched by police.
They face charges of corrupt business practices.
In a separate (but possibly related) case, an informant bought spice from an Ahmed A Nasser, 24,  or Abdulhameed A. Nasser, 25. who would sell 100 packages every 10 days, and these sales were to "keep the store open".
Both these perps were jailed on drug selling charges and both bonded out.
So...what, we now have a slew of CAMEL JOCKEYS selling spice around town?
Anyone check THEIR immigration status?
Are they fronting some radical group either HERE or overseas?
People need to know if they are being placed at risk because of middle easterners who are selling drugs in Fort Wayne.
They sure don't SEEM innocent at this point...do they?
*** And now we go from the unreal to the SURREAL with THIS story:
That's right, a man tried tossing a football filled with drugs and cellphones into a prison.
This took place outside the G. Robert Cotton Correctional Facility, in Jackson County, Michigan.
An officer at the state prison saw the man toss the football and took him into custody.
Inside the football was heroin, marijuana, tpbacco, 3 cell phones and chargers.
BTW, the football toss came up short and landed between the 2 security fences and not directly INSIDE the prison proper.
Isn't that INTENTIONAL grounding of the ball?
The man arrested faces charges of possession with (get this)...INTENT TO DELIVER...LOL.
He is also charged with smuggling and trespassing on prison property.
You cannot make this stuff the hell up.
*** Last back to the showers today... several examples of the FLAWS that we encounter with humanity.
And not one of them a good example in any way, shape or form.
It's all about GETTING money in some fashion, and not EARNING it in the traditional sense.
That seems to be an all too familiar thing in society today...GETTING something, rather than EARNING something.
Guess no one's teaching that part of human nature to people these days?
And certainly there isn't a shred of gratitude or appreciation in the wake of such behaviors.
Why are we loosing these facets of ourselves to follow such ludicrous things as what these people above have done? What real purpose is it serving, other than to point out how much better the rest of us are for NOT engaging in such activities, hmm?
Clearly, these morons that have sought the easy way out, are finding the going actually MORE DIFFICULT, because of their actions.
Is it easier to do the RIGHT thing, then?
Not really, but I will say that with a familiarity of doing the right thing a lot more often, it SEEMS easier than the pursuit of all the wrong things in life.
Think of it as learning to ride a bicycle...it's not easy straight away, but after a time, when you get "comfortable" with how to ride, it becomes second-nature...and maybe that's what doing the right thing can be all about. It's like a reflex move, rather than something we have to think about first.
Perhaps if more people made a conscious decision to follow THAT path, instead of riding the impending train-wreck called their own life to it's inevitable conclusion, we might ALL do a helluva lot better. We'll never know until it's tried, right?
Be well, make a difference to someone, and...
Stay SAFE out there, America.


John DuMond said...

I don't think the border is porous. It's a floodgate. It's wide open, and not by accident. If we really need foreign workers in this country (pretty iffy, considering how many people already here are out of work), there's a PROPER way to do that (ie, legal immigration). But apparently our own government doesn't want to obey the laws. Nice, huh?

Bob G. said...

John D.:
I stand corrected regarding our southern border and will defer to your wisdom.

You have to wonder (and with grave concern) when those who MAKE the laws cannot bother to FOLLOW them, too.
Good point.

No one in D.C. wants to saddle themselves with such "triviality" when they can skirt the issues and try to befuddle us.
("shiny key dangling time" for the low-information crowd).
Crazy sh*t..that's for sure.

Thanks for stopping by to comment today.

Roll safe & stay cool out there.

CWMartin said...

I didn't know we HAD a 2000 block on RRT... I thought it went right from 5400 to the high 1900's. The google map shows that this is the horseshoe right across from us... can't say that I'd ever seen any camels parked over there.

As for the porous border, see this week's MWN for info in that arena.

Bob G. said...

When I saw the address, I just KNEW you'd find it interesting.
Now who'da thunk those "C-Js" would be THAT close by...hmm?

And the city says you should "get to know your neighbors"...ROFLMAO.
(not for all the tea in China)

Maybe they have an "off-site" parking arrangement for the dromedaries?
I'd check w/ Jim Anderson and see if he's got anyone AWOL at the Children's Zoo.
Anyone missing a tablecloth (as headgear)?

Hey, thanks for slogging on by today and commenting.

stay safe & dry up there.